The Carter Family Across Generations track listing:

Farther On (Traditional)

My Clinch Mountain Home (A.P. Carter)

Gold Watch and Chain (A.P. Carter)

Worried Man Blues (A.P. Carter)

Winding Stream (A.P. Carter)

I Never Will Marry (A.P. Carter)

Amber Tresses (A.P. Carter)

Maybelle (Danny Carter Jones, David Carter Jones)

Diamonds In The Rough (A.P. Carter)

Don’t Forget This Song (A.P. Carter)

Foggy Mountain Top (A.P. Carter)

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (A.P. Carter)

Maybelle’s New Tune (Maybelle Carter)


Link to order/hear: The Carter Family - Across Generations



Mairi Ann Cullen November 01, 2019 @02:35 pm

This album is a treasure. It brought me to tears - because of "the music - and the love" (as John Carter Cash and Carlene Carter say on the video clip). I have never before heard the depth and richness of Sara Carter's voice as it sounds on this record. It is just so beautiful and moving to hear five generations of family voices sing together in harmony. To hear family members alive now sing with their forebears sadly now gone is a technically astonishing thing - but more impotantly it makes wonderful music. This is a landmark recording. John Carter and Carlene - you have discharged your mother's wishes and brought this music alive and kicking to another generation. God bless you all for the music and the love you have created and passed on.

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