Songwriter and Guest Credits

by Carlene Carter

Released 1974 through 2014
Released 1974 through 2014
Below are many other recordings that have included songs either written by Carlene or with her as a guest vocalist or musician.
Johnny Cash "The Junkie And The Juicehead (Minus Me)" LP (Columbia Records 1974) with "Friendly Gates" vocal - Carlene Routh.

June Carter Cash "Appalachian Pride" LP (Columbia Records 1975) with "Another Broken Hearted Girl" written by June Carter Cash / Carlene Smith Routh.

Emmylou Harris "Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town" LP (Warner Bros. Records 1978) with "Easy From Now On" single written by Susanna Clark, Carlene Routh.

Tracy Nelson "Homemade Songs" LP (Flying Fish Records 1978) with "Friends Of A Kind" Lyric & Music: Carlene Carter Routh. Vocals: Tracy Nelson, Carlene Carter.

Lee Clayton "Naked Child" LP (Capitol Records 1979) with Carlene Carter - vocals.

The Doobie Brothers "One Step Closer" LP (Warner Bros. Records 1980) with "One Step Closer" single written by Keith Knudsen, John McFee, Carlene Carter.

Joe Ely "Live Shots" LP (MCA Records 1980) with "Honky Tonkin'" vocal - Joe Ely, Carlene Carter.

Sean Tyla "Just Popped Out" & "Redneck In Babylon" LPs (Polydor Records 1980 & Zilch Records 1981) with Carlene Carter - vocals.

Dave Edmunds "Twangin..." LP (Swan Song Records 1981) with "(I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me" written by Nick Lowe / Carlene Carter / Dave Edmunds.

Suzy Bogguss "Suzy" LP (Old Shack Recording 1981) with "Easy From Now On" written by Susanna Clark / Carlene Carter.

Nick Lowe "Nick The Knife" LP (Columbia Records 1982) with "My Heart Hurts" and "Too Many Teardrops" written by Nick Lowe / Carlene Carter.

Paul Carrack "Suburban Voodoo" LP (Epic Records 1982) with "Don't Give My Heart A Break" written by Carlene Carter / Nick Lowe / Paul Carrack.

Howard Werth, "6ix Of 1ne And... 1/2 A Dozen Of The Other" LP (1982) with Carlene Carter - background vocals.

Nick Lowe "The Abominable Showman" LP (Columbia Records 1983) with "We Want Action" written by Nick Lowe / Carlene Carter. "Time Wounds All Heels" written by Nick Lowe / Carlene Carter / Simon Climie. Carlene Carter - Harmonies and Harmonics on "Time Wounds All Heels."

Robert Ellis Orrall "Special Pain" EP (RCA Records 1983) with "I Couldn't Say No" single duet with Carlene Carter.

"Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit" LP (Columbia Records 1984) with "Love Like A Glove" written by Carlene Carter / James Eller.

Robert Ellis Orrall "Contain Yourself" LP (RCA Records 1984) with Carlene Carter - vocal.

Leo Sayer "Have You Ever Been In Love" LP (Warner Bros. Records 1984) with "Wounded Heart" written by Simon Climie / Carter Carter.

The Go-Go's "Talk Show" LP (IRS Records, 1984) with "I'm The Only One" written by Valentine / Harvey / Carter.

CCCP "Let's Spend The Night Together" LP (released in Norway on Plateselskapetas 1986). CCCP: Claudia Scott / Carlene Carter / Casino Steel / John Payne.

"Johnny Cash Is Coming To Town" LP (Mercury Records 1987). Singers - June Carter Cash And The Carter Family: June Carter Cash, Helen Carter, Anita Carter, Carlene Carter.

The Carter Family "Wildwood Flower" Cassette (House of Cash Records, and Mercury Records 1988). June, Helen, Anita, and Carlene (Playing Their Own Instruments).

Paul Carrack "The Carrack Collection" CD (Chrysalis Records 1988) with "Do Me Lover" vocals: Carlene Carter and Paul Carrack.

Johnny Cash "Water From The Wells Of Home" LP (Mercury Records 1988) with Carlene Carter: vocals.

Southern Pacific "County Line" CD (Warner Bros. Records 1989) with "Time's Up" single, Lead Vocals: John McFee and Carlene Carter.

The Smithereens "Blow Up" CD (Capitol Records 1991) with Carlene Carter: vocal on "Get A Hold Of My Heart."

"The Christmas Album - A Gift of Life" (Children's Records 1992) with "A 55 Telecaster Under My Tree" performed and written by John Jorgenson and Carlene Carter.

Mighty Sam McClain "Give It Up To Love" CD (AudioQuest Music 1993) with "Too Proud" written by Carlene Carter.

Mark Collie "Unleashed" CD (MCA Records 1994) with Carlene Carter - vocal on "Ring Of Fire."

"Maverick... The Soundtrack" CD (Atlantic Records 1994) with "Something Already Gone" single performed by Carlene Carter. Written by Carlene Carter / Al Anderson. Produced by James Stroud and Carlene Carter.

Dawn Sears "Nothin' But Good" CD (Decca Records 1994) with "Uh Oh (Here Comes Love)" written by Robert Ellis Orrall / Carlene Carter / Howie Epstein.

"A Giant Country Christmas Volume 1" CD (Giant Records - August 30, 1994) with "Rockin' Little Christmas" performed by Carlene Carter. Written by Carlene Carter / Al Anderson.

John Prine "Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings" CD (Oh Boy Records 1995) with Carlene Carter - autoharp and percussion on "He Forgot That It Was Sunday."

Terri Clark "Fearless" CD (Mercury Records 2000) with "Easy From Now On" written by Carlene Carter and Susanna Clark.

"Nike Golf Ball Go Far Super Soft" (TV Commercial 2002) with "Rockabilly" - Carlene Carter and Dave Edmunds.

"Lonesome, On'ry And Mean - A Tribute To Waylon Jennings" CD (Dualtone Music Group 2003) with "I've Always Been Crazy" performed by Carlene Carter.

June Carter Cash "Wildwood Flower" CD (Dualtone Music Group 2003) with Carlene Carter - background vocals on "Keep On The Sunny Side," "Kneeling Drunkard's Plea," "Temptation," and "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone."

The Chieftains "Further Down The Old Plank Road" CD (RCA Records 2003) with "Bandit Of Love" / "The Cheatin' Waltz" featuring Carlene Carter.

June Carter Cash "Keep On the Sunny Side: Her Life in Music" CD (Sony BMG Music Entertainment 2005) with "Another Broken Hearted Girl" written by June Carter Cash / Carlene Carter.

"Johnny Cash - The Legend" CD (Sony/Legacy Records 2005) with "It Takes One To Know Me" written by and vocal Carlene Carter.

Volatile Baby "Traveling Light" CD (SilverMeteor Records 2006) with Carlene Carter: vocals on "50 Miles Of Elbow Room."

Miranda Lambert "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" CD (Sony Records 2007) with "Easy From Now On" written by Carlene Carter and Susanna Clark.

"Anchored In Love: A Tribute To June Carter Cash" CD (Dualtone Music Group 2007) with "Jackson" duet by Carlene Carter and Ronnie Dunn.

"Peter C. Johnson 1978-1981" CD (Hi-N-Dry 2008) with "Statue of Liberty" vocal - Carlene Carter.

Martin Belmont "The Guest List" CD (Phantom Sound & Vision 2009) with "Tall Lover Man" Martin Belmont, Carlene Carter.

"Bellamy Brothers and Friends: Across The Sea" CD (Universal Music Switzerland 2013) with "Butterfly" (Carlene Carter / Florian Ast) and "Kiss Me Now" (Carlene Carter).

Johnny Cash "Out Among The Stars" CD (Legacy 2014) with Carlene Carter vocal on "Baby Ride Easy."

DWNTWN "Racing Time" album (Jullian Records 2017) with "As The Sparrow Goes" featuring Carlene Carter.

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