Little Acts of Treason

by Carlene Carter

Released August 8, 1995
Giant Records
Released August 8, 1995
Giant Records
"The real stunner here is 'Change,' a ballad she wrote that is an introspective look at Carter's life, demonstrating her maturity as a songwriter and as a singer of deeply felt emotions." RANDY WEST, PEOPLE MAGAZINE
1. Hurricane (Carlene Carter / Al Anderson)
2. Love Like This (Mary Ann Kennedy / Pam Rose / Pat Bunch)
3. Little Acts Of Treason (Carlene Carter)
4. He Will Be Mine (Carlene Carter / Al Anderson)
5. Come Here You (Carlene Carter)*
6. Change (Carlene Carter)*
7. The Lucky Ones (Carlene Carter)*
8. All Night Long (Carlene Carter / Al Anderson)
9. You'll Be The One (Carlene Carter)*
10. Loose Talk (Duet with Carl Smith) (Freddie Hart / Ann Lucas)
11. Go Wild (Carlene Carter / Al Anderson)*
12. The Winding Stream (A.P. Carter)**
13. Come Here You (Reprise) (Carlene Carter)*

Produced by Carlene Carter and James Stroud.
*Produced by Carlene Carter.
**Produced by Howie Epstein and Carlene Carter.
Carlene Carter - vocals, electric guitar, autoharp, keyboards, percussion, bongos, marxophone, glockenspiel.
Al Anderson - electric and acoustic guitar, background vocals.
Jim Hanson - bass, fretless bass, background vocals.
Glenn Worf - slap bass, bass.
Vince Santoro - drums, percussion, background vocals.
John Hobbs - piano, Wurlizer electric piano, organ.
Dann Huff - electric guitar.
Paul Franklin - pedal steel, steel guitar, lap steel.
Phil Parlapiano - accordion, keyboards, mandolin, harmonium.
Larry Byrom - acoustic guitar.
Danny Jacob - acoustic guitar.
Eddie Bayers - drums.
Matt Rollings - piano.
Joe Spivey - mandolin.
John Jorgenson - acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, slide guitar, sitar.
Sheila E. - percussion.
Mickey Raffael - harmonica.
Scott Joss - fiddle.
Benmont Tench - piano, organ.
Carl Smith - duet lead vocal.
Albert Lee - acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin.
Mark O'Connor - fiddle.
Roy Husky Jr. - upright bass.
Howie Epstein - acoustic guitar, background vocals.
Background vocals - Barbara Santoro, Tiffany A. Lowe, Curtis Young, Jana King, Michael Black, Jim Lauderdale, Lucky Carrigan, Jamie Lefler, John Jackson Routh, Dingo, June Carter Cash, Helen Carter, Anita Carter, Johnny Cash, and more.
Photography - Randee St. Nicholas.

Carlene Carter gives us more of that joyous vocal abandon evident on previous outings--growling, yodeling and yelping her way to a song's finish line. But the real stunner here is "Change," a ballad she wrote that is an introspective look at Carter's life, demonstrating her maturity as a songwriter and as a singer of deeply felt emotions.

This one overflows with her gutsy, relentless intensity, not only in her original material but throughout its 13 flawless, totally focused performances running a wide gamut of emotions. Carlene the producer gave Carlene the artist ample space, none of it wasted. The simple sentiments of Carter's own "You'll Be The One" prove that today's love songs don't need syrupy metaphor and flowery, greeting card sentiments. Not only does "Little Acts Of Treason" reaffirm Carter's individuality, it's an unforgettable experience for all listeners.

Why this commanding songstress is not at the top of every female vocalist category is beyond me. A dynamic voice and matching stage presence like this doesn't come around so often. Carlene Carter certainly comes to the forefront of sheer dazzling entertainment with her latest album. She coproduced the disc, and it's obvious that Carter's worldly musical influence is present throughout every cut.

In a rare example of fame catching up to a performer ahead of her time, Carter made a resounding comeback in the 1990s with two geat albums, "I Fell In Love" and "Little Love Letters," both of which yielded hit singles and videos for pretty much what she'd been doing all along. Over the years, Carter has evolved into an extraordinarily compelling singer, with a sexual magnetism that leaves most blow-dried sex kittens looking like neutered pets. Her vocal presence is commanding, and when she fields a number tailor-made for her rowdy charisma--as on the five-alarm opener "Hurricane"--she's a force of nature. "Little Acts Of Treason" may prove to be a temporary holding pattern in Carlene Carter's strange, tortuous career--but a holding pattern in her book is a career-high achievement in virtually anyone else's.
JIM RIDLEY, NEW COUNTRY (September 1995)

While so many of the cookie-cutter "young country" stars on Nashville's assembly line seem to have been literally "born yesterday," it's encouraging that a bona fide third-generation country blueblood like Carlene Carter can still crack radio playlists. On her latest, "Little Acts Of Treason" (****), she extends her Carter Family heritage all the way from its Clinch Mountain home to the Hollywood Hills, where she now resides.
JEREMY TEPPER, PULSE! (September 1995)

(****1/2) On "Change," Carlene ups the emotional ante as she digs deep inside to find the strength she needs to change her life before she's finally run out of precious time. The writing and the band are both tight from first track to last, and Carlene really crawls inside these songs, singing with the kind of emotional authority and honest vulnerability--or, if the occasion calls for it, sheer joy--that elevates just another song to something that demands a closer listen. One of Carlene's very best records.

BEST OF THE MONTH. Many women have arrived in country music of late, but Carlene Carter remains the genre's only true female rebel. Given Nashville's current dependence on formula, Carter may never become the big star her talent (and even her birthright) would suggest. But it's to her credit that she's chosen to stay true to her own brand of music, while others pass her on the charts. Like the rest of her famous family, Carter is an American original.

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