I Fell In Love

by Carlene Carter

Released August 13, 1990
Reprise Records
Released August 13, 1990
Reprise Records
"The Best of '90. A world-beater album sung by a woman whose voice, with its leathery delicacy, can handle tunes of hard traveling and wrong-turn loving with equal finesse. If country music is still a man's game, Carter is effortlessly bending the rules." TIME
1. I Fell In Love (Carlene Carter / Howie Epstein / Benmont Tench / Perry Lamek)
2. Come On Back (Carlene Carter)
3. The Sweetest Thing (Carlene Carter / Robert Ellis Orrall)
4. My Dixie Darlin' (A.P. Carter)
5. Goodnight Dallas (Carlene Carter)
6. One Love (Carlene Carter / Howie Epstein / Perry Lamek)
7. The Leavin' Side (Carlene Carter / Keith Christopher / Tom Gray)
8. Guardian Angel (Carlene Carter / James Eller)
9. Me And The Wildwood Rose (Carlene Carter)
10. You Are The One (Leon Payne)
11. Easy From Now On (Carlene Carter / Susanna Clark)

Produced by Howie Epstein.
Carlene Carter - vocals.
Ed Greene - drums, percussion.
Albert Lee - lead guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, piano, background vocals.
John Ciambotti - bass, upright bass.
Howie Epstein - acoustic guitar, banjo, background vocals.
Benmont Tench - piano, organ.
Eddie Baytos - accordion.
Bob Metzger - lead guitar, dobro.
Jay Dee Maness - pedal steel guitar, pedal steel.
James Burton - acoustic guitar, acoustic lead guitar, dobro.
Frank Reckard - acoustic guitar.
Phil Parlapiano - accordian.
Lee Thornburg - trumpet.
Phil Kensey - saxophone.
Barry Goldberg - additional piano.
Steve Fishell - Weissenborn slide.
David Lindley - fiddle, banjo.
Doug Atwell - fiddle.
Background vocals - Dave Edmunds, Jim Lauderdale, Levon Helm, Jim Photoglo, Kevin Welch, Keith Knudsen, Vince Melamed, June Carter Cash, Nicolette Larson, Robert Ellis Orrall, Kiki Dee.
Photography - Gerry Wenner.

On this comeback album, Carter, at 34, sounds like a combination of the young Dolly Parton and the even younger Brenda Lee, and incorporates both the rural authenticity of her heritage and the smart progression of contemporary country rock. A soulful interpreter and a stunning songwriter, Carter was ahead of her time a decade ago. This album should allow everyone else to catch up with her. Grade: A

It's hard to fathom why this beautiful and gifted artist is unknown to most country audiences. But, that situation will soon be remedied if her new album, "I Fell In Love," receives the chance it deserves.

Of course it doesn't hurt to have all-pros like Albert Lee, Levon Helm and Dave Edmunds lending inspired support. But they're just the band. I Fell In Love is a Carlene Carter album - the one she's always had in her. The circle remains unbroken.

Country without sentiment, autobiography without tears. Carter's first album in seven years is not only a welcome return but also a reminder that she's one of the best down-home singer-songwriters around. Nothing could be finer.
TIME (December 3, 1990)

Carlene Carter has always been a renegade. But her musical pedigree--like her talent--is undeniable. "I Fell In Love" makes you wonder how Carlene Carter managed to remain an obscure cult figure for so long. Her new album leaves you feeling that, at long last, she may be ready for the mainstream. And--even more importantly--the mainstream may finally be ready for her.

THE BEST OF '90. A world-beater album sung by a woman whose voice, with its leathery delicacy, can handle tunes of hard traveling and wrong-turn loving with equal finesse. If country music is still a man's game, Carter is effortlessly bending the rules.
TIME (December 31, 1990)

PEOPLE PICKS & PANS - BEST OF SONG 1990. If all country singers had roots so deep, they'd have to open a branch of the Grand Ole Opry in Beijing. But Carter can rock, too, as this nouvelle C&W album shows.

RECORD OF THE YEAR AWARDS. Alternately delights, surprises, and reaffirms an independent musical stance.
STEREO REVIEW (February 1991)

She is one of our time's most effective and powerful songwriters.

Her roots are in The Carter Family, but her songs are singular; she's country's tight connection to the past and future. Carter is a kind of roots rebel and hard to pin down, but last year's "I Fell In Love" was her breakthrough hit--Sylvia Plath at the honky-tonk.
JAY COCKS, TIME (March 30, 1992)

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