Across Generations

by The Carter Family

Released October 18, 2019
Reviver Legacy Records
Released October 18, 2019
Reviver Legacy Records
"It's a wonderful blessing to have the technology today to have so many people that have passed on, on this record, and we get to sing with them. As a child I was told 'Now when we're all passed away, you have to carry this on.' And that's what we've done." CC
1. Farther On (Traditional)
2. My Clinch Mountain Home (A.P. Carter)
3. Gold Watch and Chain (A.P. Carter)
4. Worried Man Blues (A.P. Carter)
5. Winding Stream (A.P. Carter)
6. I Never Will Marry (A.P. Carter)
7. Amber Tresses (A.P. Carter)
8. Maybelle (Danny Carter Jones, David Carter Jones)
9. Diamonds In The Rough (A.P. Carter)
10. Don't Forget This Song (A.P. Carter)
11. Foggy Mountain Top (A.P. Carter)
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (A.P. Carter)
13. Maybelle's New Tune (Maybelle Carter)

Carter Family members heard on Across Generations:
Sara Carter (first generation)
Anita Carter (second generation)
Helen Carter (second generation)
June Carter Cash (second generation)
Johnny Cash (second generation*)
Lorrie Carter Bennett (third generation)
Ana Cristina Cash (third generation*)
John Carter Cash (third generation)
Carlene Carter (third generation)
Lisa Carter Dickerson (third generation)
Rita Forrester (third generation)
Benita Carter Jones (third generation)
Dale Jett (third generation)
Danny Carter Jones (third generation)
David Carter Jones (third generation)
Kevin Carter Jones (third generation)
Connie Carter Keller (third generation)
Joseph Cash (fourth generation)
Tyler Forrester (fourth generation)
Tucker Jett (fourth generation)
Casey Dickerson Garrett (fourth generation)
Tiffany Anastasia Lowe (fourth generation)
AnnaBelle Cash (fourth generation)
Grace June Cash (fourth generation)
Jack Ezra Cash (fourth generation)
Dewanna Wolfe Cross (fourth generation)
Dania Wolfe Strong (fourth generation)
Adrianna Cross (fifth generation)
Lux Darling (fifth generation)
Jacob Strong (fifth generation)
Shyanna Strong (fifth generation)
Flo Wolfe (third generation)
*related by marriage

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