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From: Grant Prokop
On: December 06, 2019 @05:29 am
Hi Carlene. I have loved your music from the first time I saw your video "I fell in love" and then "Every little thing". I was blown away when you did the acoustic version of "Wild wood flower" Your guitar skills are great! Just to let you know you have a huge fan up here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! Keep up the great work! Cheers!
From: Barbara Sather
On: November 28, 2019 @05:56 pm
Happy thanksgiving Carlene with love from Barbara & Bill Sather, Orfordville, WI. We have loved your music for ever! Enjoyed seeing you at the Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, WI this year. You are one of the great talents and so down to earth. Appreciated our time visiting with you after your show.
From: merv zaleschuk
On: November 14, 2019 @11:37 am
im a 76 yr old Canadian snowbird wintering in Mesa az. . love the Carter Family. especially you. heard mother Mabelle on radio since I was about 14 yrs old could not get enough of the music ..was and still am hooked on their songs. coming to see you in mesa. ..cannot wait to hear and see you. best of luck and god bless.. merv
From: Keith Seaboyer
On: November 01, 2019 @09:45 pm
Carlene Thank you for a wonderful "Live On Air" interview with Chuck Hendrie at CHON-FM radio in Whitehorse Yukon. Your interview has been broadcasted to the Yukon, Alaska, northern BC and Western NWT. Your many FANS really enjoyed hearing your comments. Thank You again for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Yours Truly Keith Seaboyer, CHON-FM Radio Whitehorse Yukon Canada
From: ££ Dan
On: October 27, 2019 @12:31 pm
Hi Carlene! I never dreamed that Winding Stream could be more perfect than your recording of it on Little Acts of Treason. I was wrong. I love the low register you sang in on the chorus of the song on Across Generations. My grandma would have loved it too! The whole album is incredible! Thank you for sharing your family’s music with us!
From: Richard Leger
On: October 14, 2019 @07:37 pm
Just wacht tv show en direct de l univers(in Montreal) and was so happy see you There,thanks so much and put montreal on your schedule tour,you will be suprise are montreal is country , again thanatos you Richard Leger Boisbriand Quebec Canada
From: Mary Ford
On: October 11, 2019 @07:03 pm
I saw you at least once (or 2) in concert and I have one of your cassette tapes. I admire your dedication to the real music and I will listen until my tape runs out.
From: Dan
On: September 26, 2019 @06:03 pm
Hi Carlene! Just wanted to drop you a note to wish you a very happy birthday! I just finished Episode 8 of the Country Music series by Ken Burns and you were awesome! I loved how it ended...the very last picture was of your grandma...because it all goes back to her, Sara, and AP!!! Speaking of grandma’s, I lost mine last year. And we had a song, your version of The Winding Stream. She just loved it and so do I. I’m coming to see you at your show in Grove City, PA (front row, center!!!) in February and it would mean the world if you might work it in to your show. If not, I do understand. And I hope it’s not inappropriate to make a request of you on your birthday! Can’t wait to see what the next year brings us from your guitar and autoharp! Happy birthday, CC!!! And many more! Your biggest fan in the universe, Dan
From: Shawn
On: September 26, 2019 @08:45 am
Happy Birthday Carlene !!!
From: Ken Roufosse
On: July 29, 2019 @08:04 am
Great work over the years Carlene.
From: Kevin Parsons
On: July 18, 2019 @11:30 pm
My goodness when are you coming to Calgary Canada the history behind your voice and sound is great, fantastic just wow wow
From: Johannah Bradley
On: July 08, 2019 @05:42 am
Met you while you were with Mellencamp: I danced with Karen Brooks. You are wanted in Atlanta. Please?
From: Ted Mankin
On: May 23, 2019 @10:13 am
Still a fan. Hope to see you in DC sometime
From: Larry Harmon
On: May 22, 2019 @10:34 am
I really like old country, maybe because I'm old. I listened to the wildwood flower session on YouTube. Now I can't get enough. It's the best Carter family session I have ever heard. Carlene adds so much to the sisters. She looked like she was really having fun. Larry Harmon
From: Michael Len Williams
On: April 15, 2019 @03:20 pm
Great show in Memphis on 04/13/19 !
From: Jean-Luc
On: February 19, 2019 @11:22 am
hello carlene! it is thanks to the country dance that I practice for several years and dancing on choreographies adapted to your songs that I met you. Since my small town near Paris, I am regularly your news by internet and I see that you have made a good career and that it does not stop. I wish you a lot of happiness to sing again for us !!!! Congratulations to you
From: Ruth Mosher
On: December 24, 2018 @06:42 pm
Hi Carlene: Wishing You, Joe and Families a very Merry Christmas and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!! And, Merry Christmas to all the Carters and all the Smith Families. All the Best!
From: Dan Pounds
On: September 26, 2018 @10:30 am
Have a happy, happy birthday CC!!!
From: Jan Ivar Larsen
On: September 26, 2018 @09:23 am
Happy Birthday from Jan Ivar in Norwsy.Oslo
From: Jan Ivar Larsen
On: September 26, 2018 @09:16 am
Happy Birthday to you.Have a nice day. Best Regards from Jan in Oslo.Norway.
From: Pribnow Family
On: September 01, 2018 @10:25 am
My family really enjoyed your shows at the Minnesota State Fair! I was really happy that you sang "My Dixie Darlin". I have been listening to your "I Fell In Love" tape ever since I got back home and have been singing along with you:) Please come back to Minnesota! Love, Leah
From: Sabrina Ramseyer
On: June 25, 2018 @07:09 am
Liebe Carlene Wir waren zum dritten Mal in Interlaken am Trucker Festival. Letztes Jahr war dein Konzert schon der absolute Hammer und in diesem Jahr sogar noch viel unterhaltsamer. Ich stand ganz vorne und konnte dich und deine Band genießen und mitsingen. Danke dass du in unsere schöne Schweiz gekommen bist und hoffentlich bis bald. Liebe Grüsse Sabrina :)
From: Linda Mesi
On: June 23, 2018 @06:26 pm
Carlene, I sure hope you come to Buffalo, NY soon. Our family saw you at the Earlville Opera House and my husband Joe and I saw you at Kleinhans Music Hall and at Shea’s Buffalo when you were with John Mellencamp(hubby gave you roses). Have a great tour and wonderful summer!
From: Ken & Darlene Nelson
On: June 23, 2018 @05:24 pm
Hi Carlene! We have loved and enjoyed your music for years! We will be seeing your show at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair. Our band, Darlene And The Boys will be performing the same date of (1) of your shows on Thursday, August 23. We'll be on the other end of the huge fair grounds, but we're gonna do our best to scoot over and catch as much as your show as we can! We're planning to visit the fair the next day and catch your show again! God Bless! Ken & Darlene Nelson
From: Joe Siracusa
On: June 17, 2018 @05:34 pm
Hi Carlene. I first heard about you when I used to watch CMT in the 90's and I got hooked to new country. We have had the pleasure of seeing you a few years ago in Oxford and we enjoyed the show. We are looking forward to seeing you in London this coming Tuesday. I met my wife at dancing about 13 years ago and your song "Every Little Thing" is still one of our favourite together with "Sway" and "On days like these" and we still have a dance or two in the kitchen. See you on Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing you again.
From: Bruno Bühlmann
On: June 12, 2018 @02:06 pm
Dear Carlene wish you all the best for your trip to switzerland. take it easy. you are simply the best. nobody plays the guitar in this state on the art as you. i love you, welcome to Interlaken we still waiting ....... see you Darling. Bruno Buehlmann
From: JohnR
On: May 15, 2018 @04:20 pm
I have loved Carlene since Musical Shapes, an LP I just about wore out when it was new. I moved on and didn't keep up with her, then recently rediscovered all the delightful music she's done before and since that album. I'd heard "Do It In a Heartbeat" back in the day, but didn't realize it was Carlene singing it! Now, I just acquired a copy of Blue Nun, and I can't fathom why it wasn't promoted more. It's a wonderful album, full of incredible musicianship. The copy I have needs remastering, to make her vocal track louder, but otherwise it's an album I can't stop listening to. I'm hoping to get C'est C Bon and see how that sounds. I watched one music video from it on YouTube, which was typical '80s pop stuff, but not too bad. I haven't heard a single track of Carlene that I don't like (even Ring of Fire isn't that bad in retrospect :D ). Carlene, I adore you and your music, keep singing!
From: Eddie
On: April 25, 2018 @11:53 am
Hi Carlene I admire your creativity and artisanship. You probably do not need my ideas...but... Someday...someday....please consider doing an album of songs written or co-written by the Carter Sisters & Maybelle. They had some fantastic songs. Their talents as writers have been overlooked so badly. You could easily do a whole album of Helen's songs. Thanks
From: David A. Weaver
On: April 01, 2018 @11:38 am
I've loved your music for 40 years now. Happy 40th! Favorite albums are "Musical Shapes" and "Hindsight:20/20" Keep on folk-rocking Country Style! Your Fan, David Weaver ("Big D")
From: Shawn Nadel
On: January 22, 2018 @07:55 pm
Hi Carlene ! Had the good fortune of seeing you last July (7/7/ 2017) on the Sad Clowns & Hillbillies tour with Emmylou & John Mellencamp. Had a really good time, and enjoyed the show. Was raining like crazy about 1-2 hours before you opened. When it stopped (luckily), there was the most beautiful rainbow I've seen in years. I'm 59, and hadn't seen a rainbow for about 40 years ! I knew this was a good omen, as did everyone else in the parking area who was so lucky to have been there. Loved your set, and Emmylou's also. Especially loved when you came onstage to play with Emmylou !!! Anyhow, hope all is well with you & yours. Love, Shawn
From: joe compton
On: January 17, 2018 @12:19 pm
Love your music Carlene. Your Aunt Anita has been my favorite singer since 1971 and your Mom is my favorite entertainer, ever. I'm 65 so I've heard them a few years. Love to hear you and your cousin Lorrie still. joe
From: Yvonne & Alex Wenk, Switzerland
On: January 16, 2018 @03:31 am
We are looking forward to see and hear you in Interlaken in June ! Yeeaaahhhhh!
From: Claire Keaveney
On: October 31, 2017 @01:27 pm
Love you, Carlene. Have loved you since Musical Shapes.
From: Brian Dolan
On: September 25, 2017 @07:04 am
Wishing you a Happy Birthday on September 26. You and I were born on September 26, 1955. Been a big fan for decades. Have a wonderful day of birth celebration, my friend!
From: Mark Lee
On: September 22, 2017 @08:17 am
Thank you for coming to Birmingham/Hoover this week. I attended last nights show at the Hoover Library and had a great time. Loved the story telling!!! And the music!!!
From: Randall Cogar
On: September 04, 2017 @08:16 pm
I saw you last night at the Canfield Fair.Totally fell in love with you.
From: Marit Breistøl
On: August 10, 2017 @06:20 pm
Hey! I recently saw Emmylou Harris in Oslo, Norway, such a great performance. Not many of the audience was my age (27), but I grew up listening to you guys and I love your music. You're on the very top of my "music- bucket list", and it would be amazing if you came to Europe some time. Fingers crossed! Anyway, thank you so much for your contribution to the music world. It means a lot! /Marit
From: Chris Lewis
On: August 05, 2017 @07:04 pm
Thank you for an awesome show at the WI State Fair with John Mellencamp! Great bluegrass music and you have a beautiful voice! Please return to WI soon!
From: Scott cripps
On: July 18, 2017 @04:12 pm
Just thought I'd pass on my thanks. As a hobby guitarist, I've been in a rut lately (though with Elvis week approaching, I've been hitting his classics hard), and, after listening to your music, I feel refreshed and invigorated. Much respect and love to an awesome musician that inspires awesome musicians. Flat out, you are one cool chick! We have an awesome Americana honky rink in Buffalo (Sportsmen's Tavern). You're way past your honky think days, but you would be so welcome (ask Jim Lauderdale, Albert Lee, Rosie Flores, Junior Brown or Marty Stuart). Keep soon' what you do. God Bless & all y'all Scott
From: Kathy Roberto
On: June 15, 2017 @11:56 am
Got to see you again the last two nights in Saratoga. You really brought so much positive energy to the show. Just love seeing you. Thank you
From: Robert Gaskin
On: June 05, 2017 @10:16 pm
Carlene: I have always enjoyed your voice and your songs. I hope you come to the Atlanta area as there are many venues that would work perfectly for you. Let me know - Robert 678 978 4625
From: Dan Pounds
On: April 25, 2017 @09:03 pm
Hi Carlene! I just streamed "Sad Clowns and Hillbillies" on NPR's website because I couldn't wait until Friday! I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but I love it! I saw you perform "Damascus Road" at the Carter Family Fold, and I really liked it, but hearing the album track, now I get it. And I've listened to Sugar Hill Mountain on youtube many times, as that's the only place I could find it...but what you and Mellencamp did with it was so cool! I'm so happy that you are getting great reviews for the album. You sound awesome and the songwriting is, I think, some of the best you have done. Lyrically textured and fInely composed. To me, the album sounds like it is set in the Depression era...and two friends, a clown and a hillbilly are having adventures riding the rails, jumping from train to train and town to town. (At least that's how I see it in my mind's eye). Bravo! Wishing you lots of platinum records, rave reviews, and Grammys!
From: Anders Garton
On: April 21, 2017 @04:58 pm
This must be the best ever: Carlene Carter en live - Every Little Thing
From: Anders Garton
On: April 21, 2017 @04:45 pm
Just love your songs :-) Started to love your music when I bougth this CD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZCzddptTJI&spfreload=10
From: stellan adolphson
On: April 08, 2017 @11:50 am
I enjoyed your shows an the outlaw country cruise. The guitarr pull show with lucinda, joe and steve was the best show that journey..Thanks for the shows and the autograph Love stellan
From: Rick Sparks
On: March 24, 2017 @08:15 pm
Hi Carlene, I saw you in concert in the early 90's, I think it was in Louisville, KY, it was a great show and I had all your records at the time. I had some of the same struggles as I have read you did so I understand somewhat, I'm glad you made it out alive. Rick.
From: Robert Pfund
On: March 11, 2017 @03:34 pm
I love your music! Great to see you on the road and still making music, looking forward to the new CD.
From: kevin
On: February 22, 2017 @08:23 am
Ive still and will ever have your album 1978
From: kevin
On: February 22, 2017 @08:22 am
absolutallty fabuosally good music
From: Pete
On: February 21, 2017 @03:58 pm
Big fan since the 80's. Always thought you and your mother were extremely beautiful woman. Watched a documentary on Netflix about the Carter family. Glad to see you on the show. Had to look you up on this crazy new interweb we have today. Glad to read all about your life. Bring back some good memories. Love you. Pete
From: Bill Chipman
On: February 11, 2017 @12:56 pm
Carlene, We would love to see you at Kessler Theater in Dallas some time. I can promise a full house.
From: Dave Sharek
On: January 25, 2017 @03:11 pm
Hi Carlene, Many moons ago, (20 -30 years), you were a guest in a televised concert with Prairie Oyster. I've been trying to find it an the internet with no results. As I recall, it was a very uplifting show. In one set, you commented to Russell, that you brought your string - "G" String, LOL! If there's a possibility in you and/or your team could locate the show and let me know how I can obtain it, I would greatly appreciate it! Best of Luck & success to you! Dave
From: Rick Bronder
On: January 16, 2017 @04:38 pm
How can I get the lyrics to Ms. Carter's 1978 song "Who Needs Words"? I would be eternally grateful....
From: Paul Manley
On: November 23, 2016 @02:42 pm
Hi Carlene, I'm from Davenport Iowa. Although I never got to see the Johnny Cash show I was a big fan of your moms and the Carter family.When I was in high school I remember my parents leaving the house to see Johnny Cash at the Masonic Temple where the country stars played at the time.We used to watch the Johnny Cash show on ABC and I would look forward to your aunt Anita sing. She was absolutely gorgeous and her voice was amazing! About once a year my wife and I will come to Nashville and see the Opry.Then we would drive to Hendersonville to visit your familys graves.Last time we were there we met Johnny's sister Reba's daughter putting flowers on her moms grave. She was very nice and we had a nice visit. Take care, Paul Manley
From: Tammy
On: November 21, 2016 @03:41 pm
OMG. I lost Musical Shapes somewhere during 6 moves and 2 states. When I tried to find it -- $173.00 a little steep even for a big fan. Thank you for getting it on iTunes.
From: Jimmy
On: October 22, 2016 @09:50 am
Hello, I hope to see your music. When are you coming to sweden? Hope you are doing fine! Best Regards Jimmy Olsson
From: Howard Payne Knight, Msgt USAF Ret
On: September 02, 2016 @12:41 am
Hello, Im a fairley new fan. Im drawn to Carlene's music by her energy and raw spirit. Im a big fan and musician of Rock A Billy, Carlelne captures what its all about. Thanks for making me feel good! Thats what its all about!
From: Jeff
On: August 02, 2016 @08:15 pm
Big rock and roll fan here, but, for some odd reason I have been listening to your music over and over "don't tell my friends ". Your music is refreshing,upbeat,just awesome sound, and your videos are super I can't think of the word.......energizing, every time I watch your videos, it makes me smile. I am 46 years old, I do not will not change my way of how I think of music---never mind, you just did!!!!!!
From: Frederick Melton
On: July 17, 2016 @01:56 pm
I saw your show last night at the Blue Ridge Music Center, near Galax,Va. I was overwhelmed with your talent. I was already a fan of yours, but now a hugh fan. I saw Rosanne there 2 years ago. Thanks for a great night of music.
From: Dan Pounds
On: July 11, 2016 @09:49 pm
Hi Carlene! So, ever since I learned about the Carter Family Fold, in 11th grade when I wrote an A+ research paper on the Carter Family, I promised myself that if you ever performed there, I would go. So, 20 years later, I am going wild and coming to see your show for my first solo road trip! May even venture over to Galax on Saturday for your other show! If you are taking song requests, I would love to hear your version of The Winding Stream, of course only if you are up for it. Wishing you sellout crowds and safe travels, Carter Girl! Dan P. Pittsburgh PA
From: Maurice Mokuruk
On: July 05, 2016 @07:53 pm
Love your music keep it comming.
From: Esther
On: June 26, 2016 @10:29 am
i see you at Interlaken (Switzerland). You are great, You have e new great Fan
From: Winter Stephans
On: June 07, 2016 @06:18 pm
Just bought tickets for City Winery 9-18. Haven't seen Carlene since "I Fell In Love". Can't wait
From: Craig Copperthite
On: May 17, 2016 @03:47 am
Just saw the video "cruel to be kind" and you were and are so beautiful! Grew up on Carter and Cash music on road trips. Xoxo
From: Loni Duncan
On: April 24, 2016 @03:17 pm
Love you Carlene and it'd be great if you'd come to the Midwest and give a concert. I'd like you to be the headliner, rather than an opening act. More music that way. :)
From: Brianna Hojnacki
On: April 18, 2016 @05:41 pm
I love you Carlene! I'm only 16 but I'm a big fan! I had a dream two nights ago that I was in the front row and you came over to me and you smiled at me. Then you bent down and asked me for my name, and then you signed something for me and you spelled my name wrong! So we laughed but then I woke up! Too bad it was a dream- I would LOVE to meet you. Please tour with John Mellencamp again. PLEASE! You are the BEST opening act I ever saw. I don't even want you to be an opening act. You deserve to headline right there with John. You are AWESOME Carlene! :)
From: Tony Lane
On: April 15, 2016 @09:13 am
HI Carlene, My name is Tony Lane Jr. my condolences for your Uncles passing. My Dad is Tony Lane (Steel Player). He recorded with your Mom in 1950 on some of her songs. My Dad is from Mobile as well. He met Don back in the late 1940’s. When your Uncle Don got drafted he recommended to George Morgan who he was playing with at that time for my Dad to come play with him. My Dad came to Nashville and played and toured with George and was on the staff band at the Grand Ole Opry during that time he recorded some songs with George Morgan, Red Foley/Evelyn Knight, Ken Marvin and June Carter. I have found and located some of them. My Dad came back to Mobile and played on the Alabama Jubilee TV Show. He also worked and played at Curtis Gordan’s at the Radio Ranch (The Dixie Barn Dance) meeting and playing behind many soon to be great artist. Dad recorded with your Mom in Springfield Missouri. I have found a clip when my Dad was on The George Morgan Show 12/01/1950 (Friday Night Show at the Ryman) digicountrymusichalloffame.org. My Dad is still living. I have sent Lorrie Morgan PR Rep a email as well. He 89 and is still living and can still play awesome. This is a great opportunity for someone to recognize this old picker. Mom just passed they were married for over 50 years. I am trying to give him something to look forward to by finding out as much as I can and locate as much as I can for him. This is something he has not ask me to do, but when I find something and show it to him he gets very excited. He is fairly healthy, but has some issues. I would lile very much if there is any information you might have for the 1950 are any return correspondence. Tony Lane Jr.
From: Kim Renfro
On: April 14, 2016 @09:50 pm
I saw you in Springfield, mo, just wondered where you got the shirt you wore. It looked amazing on stage, and if it is not an exclusive, I would love to know, I love sparkles.
From: Sarahbeth
On: April 14, 2016 @09:13 am
My friends and I saw you last weekend in Lawrence, KS. Thank you for singing some of the old folk songs. It brought happy tears to my eyes because through your songs I could hear my grandma singing.
From: liz huber
On: April 11, 2016 @08:41 pm
Just saw you in Springfield Illinois and we just loved your voice and your vibe. You seem like someone we would love to hang with. All the best...... Tim and Liz Huber Rosamond, Il
From: Neil Watson
On: March 16, 2016 @11:21 am
Hello Carlene, Please come back to England. I saw you first on an English TVprogramme way back called 'Pop Quiz' when I was about 20. I love your music and your captivating smile would light up 'The Sage' (a venue in Gateshead, North East England). Just a cheeky little suggestion. Best wishes, Neil
From: Eric Wilson
On: March 06, 2016 @06:33 pm
I FELL IN LOVE.........years ago with God Bless you and keep you and your voice well!
From: Doug Elwin
On: March 03, 2016 @08:52 am
Hi Carlene ! have you written any books about your life ?
From: Steve Kearney
On: February 08, 2016 @04:21 pm
Hey Carlene, Steve Kearney HHS Class of '73. Living in San Diego now. I don't know how often you make it to San Diego but, I would love to come see you when you return to SoCal to perform. Let's get coffee. You have made all of us (Commandos) proud. Much more success to you and best wishes!
From: Lynn Dempsey
On: January 28, 2016 @09:28 pm
Looking forward to seeing you in Huntington, WV on the 13th
From: Sam Austin
On: January 14, 2016 @12:32 pm
Carlene, although I love all your success in your wonderful music....my all time favorite You is in the cruel to be kind video, you are so hott in that video. You are thee one who every guy wished he could be with. The way you carry yourself, your manorizems, and those eyes and smile. Whow....just wanted to share that with you and if your ever in the Dallas area would love to have a meet and greet with you. Great Success to you!
From: Eva
On: December 31, 2015 @06:14 pm
Happy New Year 2016, dear Carlene! :-)
From: Barb D.
On: December 31, 2015 @05:15 pm
Hi Carlene, I wish you much peace, love, happiness and of course more great CC music for 2016. I still consider your October 2014 concert in NJ one of the best days of my life! You signed my autoharp and I am still grinning when I think of it. Keep being yourself and keep loving life!
From: Kelsie Frey
On: December 30, 2015 @04:31 pm
I have always wanted to see one of your concerts
From: Rhiannon Smith
On: December 25, 2015 @03:39 am
Merry Christmas Carlene I am a massive fan of yours I love to sing and dance and I enjoy listening to your music and I enjoy listening to John Mellencamp and Jewel music too :)
From: David Jinder
On: December 22, 2015 @08:30 am
Happy Christmas Carlene! Welcome back to Sweden.
From: Dave Rose
On: December 18, 2015 @06:58 pm
Carlene, You and your family are truly an inspiration to me. I am a musician, and I play bass in a classic rock band, but more important, we do a little 3 piece act at nursing homes. We volunteer at 16 of them, playing 1 or 2 a week. We do several of the old Carter Family songs, which go over real big, and sometimes brings tears to their eyes. I saw your rendition of Troublesome Waters from farm aid, and it blew me away. I am in the process of learning it now. Your family has touched so many lives and will continue to do so for many years to come. I love the remakes you do of the Carter Family songs, and I will continue searching for songs we can do. God Bless you, and you will forever have a place in my heart.
From: Mats
On: December 01, 2015 @01:26 pm
When you come to sweden and play ? I se you when you play in Stockholm " Lida country festival" it was awesome.. Take care Mats
From: Mona Vanderwaal
On: November 20, 2015 @09:38 pm
Hi Carlene, My husband and I met you at the concert in Memphis. We really enjoyed the show. Love your voice, music and your sweet personality. You signed my husband's guitar outside the stage door. We really appreciated it. Wish we could have gotten a picture signed with you. You make your mamma and dad proud. Thanks again, Doug and Mona
From: Juan
On: October 17, 2015 @09:43 pm
Querida Carlene: Que alegría saber que estas bien. Hace mucho que te sigo y guardo todos tus albunes. Sin saberlo, has sido mi mejor compañera de alegrías y tristezas. Un gran recuerdo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina. Juan.
From: stephen
On: October 17, 2015 @03:49 am
love your music and sweet voice .
From: Laret Jean-Pierre
On: September 26, 2015 @02:58 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the great CARLENE CARTER, from a Belgian fan....
From: kenneth carlsson
On: August 12, 2015 @07:07 pm
Hello! My name is Kenneth and my english are not so good sorry.,but i love coutry music.
From: Amanda beller
On: July 31, 2015 @09:29 pm
So grateful to get to see you at the concert in Omaha!!! Between us, the tickets were a gift to my husband, but I'm making out like a banshee getting to see you!! (Don't tell!) haha Thanks for the fantastic meaningful songs! Love, Xoxox Amanda :-)
From: corey
On: July 27, 2015 @02:09 am
great set tonight in sacramento! you signed my copy of the pre-release version of 'stronger' and told me a story about recording "it's no wonder (why i love him)." hope you come this way again soon!
From: Michael Holmes
On: July 24, 2015 @05:18 pm
Carlene, Saw you last night in Fresno opening for John Mellencamp. I've never been much of a country music fan but I must admit you were fantastic. Your set was filled with a wide variety of country music, many of them touching, and they had a lot to offer for even strictly rock n roll fans. The stories you told between songs of you and your family were interesting and touching. I know nothing about you but you impressed me as a kind and genuine person and I wish you all the best.
From: Franco Linza
On: July 19, 2015 @08:24 pm
Seen you at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Sat July 18th back up to John Mellencamp. I enjoyed your set, the voice is awesome. Thanks
From: Mike Benefield
On: July 13, 2015 @11:16 pm
I was just listening to "I fell in love" and "Every little thing." Really good stuff. Thank You. Mike
From: Gary Miller
On: July 12, 2015 @10:21 pm
Just listened to "To Change Your Heart" ... beautiful song!!!
From: Berta
On: July 12, 2015 @10:00 pm
signed my shirt U R country/folk royalty! you kicked ass Carlene
From: BJ Nelissen
On: July 12, 2015 @11:00 am
Awesome album, incredible performance! You have triumphed over much and remain grounded and dignified. Your humility is a treasure and an example to all. The Nelissen Family Regina, Saskatchewan
From: Amber Maciver
On: July 11, 2015 @05:59 pm
I have loved your music since I was 4my mom played your music when she could not get me to sleep she would dance around the floor love to see you hear in Miramichi NewBrunswick Canada love from me Amber realy big fans love you a lot
From: frank regier
On: July 07, 2015 @02:34 pm
hi carlene I love your music and the new album is really good I love it. it brings back memoies of hearing june and johnny in sasaktoon when they travel with billy graham . keep up the great work I am a huge fan and thanks for making this album please keep making more music I love to hear more.
From: rick scrima
On: June 25, 2015 @05:14 pm
i love you
From: Brent
On: June 17, 2015 @11:58 am
Carlene, Your performance on June 12 in Baltimore opening for John Mellencamp was phenomenal! My wife and I and our three little ones really enjoyed your set. We were in the 2nd row and the kids could see just how amazing your guitar picking was, while at the same time singing so beautifully. You may have been alone on stage but the entire crowd was right there with you that night. The kids went looking for their "hug" after John was done performing and then we realized we missed the chance. We would love to see you perform again sometime in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area again. Please don't forget about your fans out here.
From: Heather Sutton
On: June 14, 2015 @12:51 pm
Wow! Your set with Mellencamp last night was the highlight of my concerts this year. there is nothing like "live" music and you are the proof. You are beautiful inside and out,and it shows. Thank you for your gift. LOVED Change! Have fun in my hometown Philly! Eat at Paesanos's at the Italian Market-it's my bro's place:) tell them Heather Mcandrews sent you:) I grew up in WVA listening to adults sing your music. I am blessed.
From: Scott Hobbs
On: June 14, 2015 @09:54 am
Waiting on the "Carter Girl" to arrive back here in Virginia (Roanoke) for your concert with JM on Wednesday. I went to school in Hiltons VA and remember our class riding the train from there up Poor Valley to the Carter Fold. Like so many things, the train is long gone but the Carter legacy and tradition lives on through your beautiful vocals. Your "Carter Girl" CD is awesome and anyone who claims to like or be a fan of country music should own it.
From: dave semrad
On: June 03, 2015 @07:51 am
Saw you last night in Madison, WI and was very impressed. having never heard you before, I had no idea of the strength of your beautiful voice!!!! Nice!!
From: Dan
On: May 13, 2015 @07:47 pm
Hi Carlene! Among my favorite memories ever is meeting you at Tin Angel in Philadelphia in 2007 and now having met you again last night in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Your set was incredible and your songs with Mellencamp were outstanding! And you were so sweet to sign my three albums and two poster flats, and to then take a pic with me after your fan line was all through. I hope I didnt make you late to get ready to come back to the stage! It really was like sitting in your living room while you entertained with your guitar. I truly hope you enjoyed the Benedum and Pittsburgh; we sure enjoyed you! "Come On Back" soon. And, like our license plates used to say, in me, "You've Got a Friend" in Pennsylvania! Best wishes! Dan Xox
From: Dana
On: May 13, 2015 @08:24 am
Saw you last night with Mellencamp in Pittsburgh, PA. I honestly didn't know what to expect. You were FANTASTIC! Thanks for a great show!
From: Clarence Withers
On: May 11, 2015 @10:47 pm
I LOVE and have WORN OUT, your first CD and I love your music - your parents & grandparents must be really proud of you. Best wishes always !
From: Dan from Pittsburgh PA
On: May 11, 2015 @09:40 pm
Hi Carlene! I'm so excited to see you tomorrow night when Carlene Carter's Plain Spoken Tour with special guest John Melloncamp
From: Yvonne
On: May 02, 2015 @08:36 am
Saw you last night in Toronto (May 1st) ! What an amazing performance. Thank you.
From: Eddie
On: April 21, 2015 @03:06 pm
We MUST, MUST, MUST get Anita, Maybelle, Helen & June (as a group) into the Hall of Fame. They are so deserving of this honor. There is not enough space in this tiny block to even begin to list their contributions to country music. I tried working on this issue (getting them into the CMHoF) a few years ago through the Carter Family Fan Club. Do you have any ideas of how we could hlep this most deserving group get nominated/inducted? Eddie
From: Jason Colquhoun
On: April 04, 2015 @10:50 pm
Hi Carlene, Just thought I'd drop you a line and thank you for all the great music over the years. Back in the early 2000's I was fortunate to work as an assistant for a great photographer in NY named Martin Schoeller, and in early 2003 we travelled down to your Mom's and Johnny's house to photograph him for Rolling Stone. It was such a peaceful place to visit, and your Mom and John made us feel so welcome. We sat and had tea with her while she did Johns make-up for the photos, and she was such a fun lady, so full of life...it was my single most memorable moment in my old assisting days, a gift. What a lucky gal you were to have such a wonderful woman for a Mom. John signed some albums for us all and he and I talked about John Prine...had a laugh or two. I wish you all the best, Jason Colquhoun, California
From: Tonny Oude Elferink
On: April 04, 2015 @07:40 am
Dear Carlene. from Enschede Netherlands I do like your songs World of Miracles and The Sweetest Thing as favorites!!!!! Go on and succes
From: Ron Neighbors
On: March 25, 2015 @11:37 am
Just saw you in Columbia, S.C. at the Township. We really enjoyed your show. Safe travels and hope you come back again.
From: Rob Smith
On: March 25, 2015 @11:14 am
Hi Ms. Cater: I saw you last night in Columbia SC at the John Mellencamp Plain spoken tour and was truly amazed at your performance. Having grown up listing to Country music it was so refreshing to have heard a true artist. Best wishes Rob
From: Tammy
On: March 23, 2015 @02:46 pm
What a beautiful voice! My husband and I attended the show in Orlando last night. Listening to you sing and share stories about your family touched our hearts. No dry eyes here... My only regret was not getting the opportunity to meet you. You spoke about going through marriages and how you and your husband have been together now for ten years. Sometimes you have to wait for the right one. I did too! We are blessed.
From: Jerry Moschella
On: March 23, 2015 @11:54 am
I very much enjoyed your show in Clearwater last week and meeting you. I am the guy that is the same age! Thanks again.
From: Sean P. O'Donnell
On: March 15, 2015 @08:15 am
You rocked the Birmingham Concert Hall, Thanks for recharging my battery with your wonderful stories, music, photos, and autographs.
From: Perry
On: March 09, 2015 @08:05 am
Really enjoyed you performance at Bass Concert Hall last night (3/8). Was great to hear that Good old Country sound that you just don't get in country music anymore. Thanks for a great night with John Mellencamp. Ya'll sounded great
From: Karoletha Stone
On: March 07, 2015 @11:14 pm
I just heard Carlene Carter in Dallas. WOW!! A brilliant show. She is wonderful!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful music and your heritage. I can't wait to hear you again!
From: Brenda Purcell
On: February 22, 2015 @03:08 pm
From Brenda Purcell - Hey Carlene - don't know if you actually read these posts, but I'm sure you remember when we were kids hanging out with Pat Parker and rockin our pink pom poms at the roller skating rink behind McDonalds. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Fox Theater on March 13. I'll be in the 8th row center. Look for me -- I'm hoping I can catch you to say hello. Congrats on your success! I'm proud of you!
From: mike compell
On: February 19, 2015 @06:32 am
Saw you last nite at Chgo Theatre with Mellencamp WOW!
From: Ricky Wright
On: February 15, 2015 @10:28 am
Hey Carlene, Ricky Wright class of 72 Hendersonville High. Living in DesMoines now. Coming to see you in Iowa tonight Just wanted to say hi. Go Commandos:)
From: Joe
On: February 02, 2015 @08:33 pm
Caught your show in Columbus Friday evening. Such wonderful harmonies with your husband. A pure, beautiful voice. Tears of joy for most of the show. Thanks for sharing your gift.
From: Howard Pelton
On: January 28, 2015 @12:36 pm
You came to Castle AFB in California in 1990 and you were at the base exchange promoting your album "I fell in love." I purchased the album and you autographed it for me and you did a performance at Castle Park. I was there and the show was great.
From: Laura R.
On: January 27, 2015 @07:13 pm
To say the least, I absolutely loved your show in Louisville last week. Your beautiful songs are so touching and heartfelt. The stories you tell are so honest and pure, and you have the voice of an angel. I was equally excited to meet you after the show when you signed my cd and picture. My hands didn't stop shaking until the next day. Looking forward to seeing the show again next week in Bloomington.
From: John E Miller
On: January 21, 2015 @09:57 pm
Just went to your show in South Bend, loved it, great music, you need to come to this area more often. A fan of yours!!!!!
From: grosir sprei
On: January 15, 2015 @08:30 am
Hi CC ..... I loved and enjoyyour music...
From: Kenneth Hood
On: January 09, 2015 @06:50 pm
Sorry I ment to say Bell Auditorium.
From: Kenneth Hood
On: January 09, 2015 @06:44 pm
I love your music and I heard you are coming to the James Brown Civic Center. Me and my wife will be there. Do you have a fan club I can join. I would love to see you after the concert and get a pic and your autograph. My favorite songs are Every little thing and I fell in love. Cant wait to see you.
From: samantha
On: January 09, 2015 @12:39 pm
Awsome voice cant belive im only just getting to know your songs
From: mark yono
On: January 07, 2015 @08:56 am
Happy holidays.
From: Walter Brinkman
On: January 03, 2015 @04:17 am
Wish you all the best for 2015 !
From: Barb D.
On: January 01, 2015 @08:13 am
I just set my groove for 2015 by playing Carter Girl as the first music I listen to on this New Year's Day!
From: david harvey
On: December 29, 2014 @04:34 pm
Hi Carlene! I just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! I have been lucky enough to meet you a few times when you visited Memphis in 2008. I live past Nashville in Cookeville now. On the way to Bristol ;). You are the nicest, most wonderful woman. It was very special and dear to me to see you perform live then. I am so looking forward to seeing you open for Mellencamp next month!! I am so proud of you for continuing to play and perform! I know you will keep going. I love you. David
From: Bonnie K
On: December 25, 2014 @01:34 pm
Hi Carlene, Merry Christmas to you and your family! I love your new cd and was thrilled to be able to buy a signed copy. I'm sooo looking forward to you coming to Winnipeg in July with John Mellencamp! I saw you many years ago at the Dauphin Countryfest and have always hoped you would return there again someday. It's still going strong after 25 years! Anyway, hope you are well and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year!
From: mandy johnson
On: December 25, 2014 @01:38 am
From: Douglas Potter
On: December 24, 2014 @10:40 pm
Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.
From: Tom Richardson
On: December 24, 2014 @07:27 pm
Merry Christmas, Carlene! I enjoyed finally seeing you live and getting a chance to talk with you after the show in Natick, MA.
From: rick harrs
On: December 17, 2014 @12:32 am
Hey Carlene gad to c u r doing well I am in calf now alone she left me u would believe the shit a..a..would love to hear from u just say hi
From: Dan in Pittsburgh PA
On: December 15, 2014 @07:40 pm
Hi CC and fans... Since about 1995 or so "A 55 Telecaster Under My Tree" has been one of my favorite Chistmas jams. Some of the lyrics, though, are hard to make out. After literally 19 years, about 5 minutes ago with some help from Google, I made out the line "I've been jammin with Eric 'For Your Love'..." referring to Eric Clapton's song with the Yardbirds. Then we've got, "I got a Malibu blue danelectro guitar and a silver tone amp from Sears..." Hours upon hours of the last 19 or 20 Christmases have been spent trying to decipher the next line! I've searched, I've looked for karaoke versions, I think I may have even posted on this guestbook trying to get a clue! It's been the great mystery of my life (so, I'm a little dramatic...). Please help out a dude! So, fans, it really is a great song and you should look for it on amazon or iTunes to rock out your Christmas playlists. And if you do get it and figure out that line, please, please, please drop me a message! Thanks and Merry Christmas CC! Happy 2015 and see ya at your show in Pittsburgh! Love, Dan Xox
From: Barb D.
On: November 27, 2014 @07:58 am
Happy Thanksgiving to all - Carlene, Joe, Brad and all CC fans! In this crazy world we still have so much to be thankful for.
From: Richard B.
On: November 12, 2014 @05:04 pm
Jim, that's the guitar that Carlene had Danny Ferrington build for her (then) husband Nick Lowe as a surprise gift. It's an acoustic, but shaped like a Gibson Explorer electric. You can't see it in the video, but Carlene had Ferrington put "No. 1" on the headstock, and Nick's name across the 15th fret. Later on, Carlene ordered a red one for herself. It has "No. 2" on the headstock, hearts for fret markers, "Carlene" at the 15th fret and a "CC" inlay on the front. She's holding it on the cover of the "Pre-release" version of the "Stronger" CD. There's also a good photo of it here: http://mediakits.concordmusicgroup.com/p/carter-girl/photos.html
From: Jim
On: November 10, 2014 @04:09 pm
Just saw a BBC TV programme which featured Carlene and Dave Edmunds singing "Baby Ride Easy".Great song but what was the guitar that Carlene was playing?.I've never seen such a great looking guitar.Any help would be appreciated!
From: Todd
On: November 09, 2014 @04:37 pm
Hi, Carlene...I loved your music in the 90's and I saw you perform once at Taylorville, IL. So beautiful and I always liked the way you dressed - unafraid to be sexy and feminine. God bless you...Todd
From: Andrew Batty
On: November 04, 2014 @12:11 pm
Just been listening to the new Carter Girl album via Spotify. It's now the next album on my list for buying. This is the one album of the year that should convince true country fans that the music ain't dieing and will be here to stay for many years to come. Regards Andy
From: james mackin
On: October 28, 2014 @02:42 pm
Had every album she put out... No digital downloads for blue none or two sides WTF
From: Dan in Pittsburgh PA
On: October 27, 2014 @08:54 pm
Hi CC! So excited to let you know that for my birthday next week my Mom is treating my dad and me to your show with John Melloncamp on May 12 at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh! It is a beautiful theater; I bet you will love playing it! Can't wait to see you live again! And I'm bringing lots of stuff for autographs, so get your Sharpie ready!!!!
From: Barb D.
On: October 23, 2014 @06:40 pm
Celebrating the life of Maybelle Carter. Her light shines on through you, Carlene. You do her proud!
From: Gene Hurwitz
On: October 20, 2014 @02:11 pm
Fabulous performance by Carlene and Joe at New Hope Winery. I also enjoyed the unexpected opportunity to chat with them before the show. I sent a few pictures as well.
From: Barb D.
On: October 18, 2014 @05:52 pm
Saw Carlene last night in NJ - the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life! Anyone out there who has not yet been to a CC concert - go see her! You will witness the purest sound and most creative singer/songwriter out there. You will also hear some great stories. Joe was great too. I still can't believe how incredible the show was. THANKS CARLENE!!!
From: Tom & Mary
On: October 15, 2014 @02:02 pm
We look forward to seeing you in Orono Maine next month. Your Great.
From: todd kaplan
On: October 09, 2014 @09:41 pm
it's been way to long girl. can't wait to see you in KC. please give me a call when you hit town, i'd love to catch up with you......... I"m mark's brother!!!!
From: Joyce Painter
On: October 04, 2014 @05:28 pm
Happy Belated Birthday Carlene! It was so good to see you in Bristol in August as part of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum grand opening! Growing up in Bristol, I have such fond memories of seeing your Grandmother Maybelle, June, Johnny, and little John Carter in a parade down State Street. They also performed at a yearly festival that was held at Steele Creek Park in May. My family and I also enjoy going to the Carter Fold from time to time. Your family is true musical royalty to the music loving people of this area! Safe travels on the road, and may God richly bless you and yours in the future.
From: Marvin Del Chiaro
On: October 04, 2014 @01:36 am
A belated Happy Birthday, Carlene; my birthday wishes may be a bit delayed but nevertheless most sincere. Thanks for appearing in Central and Northern California, giving us a double opportunity to enjoy your music and meet you. You're the greatest!
From: Carol Austin
On: October 03, 2014 @08:29 pm
Happy Belated Birthday Wishes. Enjoying Carter Girl every day. Hope Atlanta will appear on your schedule in the future. Enjoy the updates and pictures.
From: patrick pedlock
On: September 29, 2014 @01:21 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene, Have been following you ever since you began your career. Your music has touched my life in so many ways. Look forward to your future endeavors. Carter Girl is a masterpiece!!! Your are a beautiful human being from the inside out!!! Loved your mom and her music and Johnny's music. You deserve life's best.( Can't wait to see you in concert on of these days) . God Bless, Patrick
From: Susanne H.
On: September 28, 2014 @12:28 pm
I spent MY birthday with you last night at the City Winery. You were flat out AWESOME and I am a new fan. I hope you'll come back again and I will bring my whole tribe to listen to you. Happy Birthday to you.
From: James Clark
On: September 26, 2014 @05:02 pm
Happy Birthday to a young lady that I have followed for years.
From: bill
On: September 26, 2014 @02:39 pm
happy birthday carlene enjoy your day. love your music, new and old.looking.forward to your show at infinity hall norfork ct.oct.12,2014.
From: corey
On: September 26, 2014 @12:14 pm
Happy Birthday, Carlene! Come back to Sacramento - it's been quite a while!
From: Eva
On: September 26, 2014 @12:11 pm
Happy Birthday, Carlene !!!!!! Have a beautiful day. :-)
From: Ruth Mosher
On: September 26, 2014 @11:34 am
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Carlene!! Have a wonderful day. I love your new CD and I hope it is doing very well for you. Take care and all the very best always!!
From: Katlyn Dickerson
On: September 26, 2014 @11:21 am
Happy Birthday to one of my biggest role models ever! I hope you have an amazing day! I hope your birthday is as special as you are to your fans!! Happy Birthday! You and your music has changed my life. I listen to you everyday and your family. I admire you so much. Hope you have a great day!
From: Lasse Asplund
On: September 26, 2014 @10:32 am
Happy birthday Carlene!!!!! from Lasse and Astrid in Sweden.
From: Anne-Grethe Andersen
On: September 26, 2014 @10:05 am
Dear Carlene. Happy Birthday . from a fan from Denmark
From: Gerald Miller
On: September 26, 2014 @09:11 am
Happy BIRTHDAY, doll. Wish you would come closer to Topeka, have been in wanting to see in concert for a long time. Have requested our local country legends station to have you and Dwight Yoakam for their fan appreciation concert. No luck yet, but I'll keep trying. Have a good one and many more!!!
From: Dan from Pittsburgh, PA
On: September 26, 2014 @08:59 am
Happy Birthday CC! I know I'm a complete stranger, but knowing your story as you've spoken about in the media, you've inspired me to get through a lot of difficulties that I've been experiencing, especially in the last year. Your music from your entire career has made my little corner of the world a brighter place, and I truly hope that you have the greatest birthday ever. Hoping to see you at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh in May, 2015! I hope you take today to celebrate you - a rockin' lady who has truly made a difference in someone's life with her gift of music. Keep on the Sunnyside and Keep on Rockin', Carter Girl! And, thank you. Dan XOXOX
From: Brigitte Cordes
On: September 26, 2014 @08:06 am
Happy birthday being a 1955 girl myself! My best wishes and I am looking forward for a lot of music still to come! I had lost track of your career and when I read an article in the German weekly magazine Spiegel about Carter girl it really hit me! I bought it right on the spot and redecovered all the "old" stuff! Thank you for being with us. Brigitte
From: Dorinda Coates
On: September 26, 2014 @07:58 am
Hi! Hope you have a very Happy Birthday! Love seeing all your pictures you post on Facebook. Hope you get back to the Bristol, Tn area soon!
From: Barb D.
On: September 26, 2014 @07:50 am
For your birthday, I wish I could put all the joy your music has given me in a box and send it right on back to you! Here we go going! Happy birthday!
From: Barbara
On: September 26, 2014 @06:19 am
Happy Birthday Carlene!! I wish you a super day!!
From: glenda thornton
On: September 26, 2014 @06:08 am
Happy Birthday' and many more to come, from, Glenda Thornton
On: September 07, 2014 @04:06 pm
I lived on the road that is now called the A.P.Carter Highway in the late 1940's and early 1950's. We attended Church in Maces Springs and school at Hiltons. A.P. visited our home two or three times. Once he came to buy corn and another time to deliver a 45 rpm recording made during the Carter Family Reunion. I love the memories you bring up on your postings and I look forward to visiting the Carter Fold.
From: Mike Bellafaire
On: August 29, 2014 @08:25 am
Carlene, Thanks for the wonderful show at the Birchmere last night. Your voice is as beautiful as ever! You and hubby Joe sing great harmony. I really enjoyed it!. Hope you will come back to Virginia soon. Best wishes, Mike
From: leslie anderson
On: August 27, 2014 @03:42 pm
I am a lifetime fan , I have everything you've ever done , I simply love your music and the simply amazing talent that you have , im now 74 years old and I live in Orkney Scotland , and I just had to say hi, ive wanted to for a long time and now I have , God bless you Carlene , you make an old man very happy
From: Joan Elliott
On: July 25, 2014 @08:43 am
Dear Carlene, I have your CD Carter Girl - it is fabulous! Your voice is rich and beautiful. I have followed you from the beginnings and want to say .... bless you! Joan
From: Chris Lansdowne
On: July 25, 2014 @12:22 am
Love your music. Any chance of a UK tour so I can experience it live? Hope new album is great success.
From: Ginny McIlmoyle
On: July 24, 2014 @07:33 pm
I just want to say that when I started singing late in life, my favorite singer then was Carlene Carter and Im happy to say her music is timeless. I love it as much today as I did 20 years ago. You inspire beyond words. Blessings Ginny M :)
From: Keith Wayne MacGregor
On: July 24, 2014 @07:05 pm
Love to you as always! Good luck at Farm Aid September 13 in Raleigh, NC! :-)
From: Yaya Bravo
On: July 23, 2014 @11:06 pm
What can I say? I have been a fan for many many years. Your voice transcends such beauty in REAL Country music. I took my girls to see you when they were two and three years old. I had just lost my mother and you were playing in Morgan Hill, CA. I picked up my oldest daughter Julianna and had her say "We love you Carlene Carter" you looked at her and said, "Aw honey I love you too" My girls are now 25 & 24 (I will not give my age Ha! Ha!) I have Never forgotten this moment. The song Me and the Wildwood Rose is part of our family song, we lost our sister in 2008 and it has been a difficult road to recovery since her tragic death. That song brings so many memories when she and I first discovered your music. I wish you nothing but love and happiness and thank you for giving us a part of yourself through your wonderful music. Forever a fan, Yaya Bravo Please come back to CA I would love to take my girls to see you again! :)
From: Kevin Payne
On: July 23, 2014 @08:54 pm
Luv You Carlene!
From: Charlie Brown
On: July 23, 2014 @07:39 pm
I'd love it if you would come hear : Harvester Performance Center 450 Franklin Street Rocky Mount, VA 24151 540-GUITARS (484-8277) info@harvester-music.com
From: Charlie Brown
On: July 23, 2014 @07:27 pm
Thanks for continuing the Carter tradition of great music
From: Barb D.
On: July 23, 2014 @05:43 pm
Hey Carlene, I am super excited to be seeing you Oct. 17th in Whippany, NJ.....October can't get here soon enough for me!
From: Beth Culver
On: July 21, 2014 @05:07 pm
It was a pleasure meeting you this past week-end in Minot .Although I didn't get to see you perform. I did get to hear some of your show. I'd love to see you perform if your ever close to Savannah, Ga. Beth( J.M. Wardrobe)
From: Jerry Sharrett from Maces Springs VA
On: July 21, 2014 @03:06 pm
Hi cousin. My grandfather, Elisha Carter, and your moms grandfather, Robert Carter were brothers...and my grandmother, Martha Bay's, and your moms grandmother,Mollie Bays were sisters. That makes us double cousins. Jerry
From: Jay Bartlett
On: June 10, 2014 @06:01 am
Glad shes back and happy.
From: Ken
On: June 05, 2014 @06:53 am
Hi Carlene, I listen to some of your songs every day; its those I found on youtube. Get any chance seeing you one day in Berlin, Germany? Love Ken
From: Dan in Pittsburgh, PA
On: June 05, 2014 @06:48 am
Hey CC! I wanted to let you know that yesterday, in my American Cultures classes, we had Carter Family Sing-A-Long Day, to learn about the 1920s. We watched a short video about the Carter Family, talked about how and why your family's music has passed from generation to generation, and I showed and demonstrated an autoharp! Even showed them my wicked (yeah, right) guitar playing skills - though no Carter Scratch yet; I'm not that good, just self-taught. I hooked them with "When I'm Gone," since they know the movie Pitch Perfect, and we sang the Carter Family version. Then we sang "Circle Be" and Keep On The Sunny Side." Then, we compared and the Carter Family's version of "Foggy Mountain Top" (yodels and all) to your version from Musical Shapes. And of course, I plugged "Carter Girl" for ya! We had a blast! Good luck on your upcoming tour and know that your musical heritage is being passed on to the next generation - at least in my school! XOXOX Dan in Pittsburgh, PA
From: Jason Loeks
On: June 03, 2014 @01:19 pm
I saw you a couple years ago in Nicasio CA. To my surprise, my friends Sean and Paul were playing in your band that night. Great Show! I hope to catch you while your out touring again! I also really enjoyed your interview with Elizabeth on outlaw country. Keep up the great work! Best!
From: albert.taylor
On: May 27, 2014 @12:01 am
you are the best you know what would be nice to have a nice photo of you I love your music I am coming up to my 70year old never miss a show of yours I live in ontario canada take care Al taylor
From: Clarke Morris
On: May 25, 2014 @06:34 pm
I have been a fan since you first started singing. Was wondering how I go about getting an autographed photo? 745 L St SE Ephrata, Wa. 98823 Also, if and when might you be coming to North Central Washington. Would make my day to see you perform in person.
From: Aleicia Rangel
On: May 17, 2014 @10:12 am
Love the new album. Very impressed.
From: Mitch King
On: May 17, 2014 @02:16 am
just love all of your music .i do a four hour stint at our local community radio every saturday from 2pm till 6pm and your music features .love world of miracles.keep up the good work,maybe i will see you in New Zealand sometime,love ya ,,Mitch
From: Billeter Gabriela
On: May 10, 2014 @04:12 pm
Carlene Carter god bless you
From: Billeter Gabriela
On: May 10, 2014 @04:10 pm
Liebe Carlene Carter Habe deine neue CD gekauft tolle Lieder du bist eine tolle Frau dein Lächeln erinnert an June Carter Cash deine Mami mach weiter so tolle Musik ich liebe es ! Dein Lächeln hast du von deinem Mami und deine Liebe zur Musik ebenfalls. Liebe Carlene von ganzem Herzen einen wunderschönen Muttertag und ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit mit deiner Family. Die besten Grüsse aus der Schweiz Gabriela
From: brad anderson
On: May 03, 2014 @08:42 pm
It's one thing to make a beautiful album like this one, it's quite another to work through troublesome waters and come up with this stunning collection the Carter clan past, present and future will be touch and move by! Wow. Brad
From: Mandy from Switzerland
On: April 30, 2014 @06:36 pm
Love your Music, Great Songs ! Wish you all the best. Greatings from Switzerland
From: lawton clark
On: April 25, 2014 @03:53 am
Dear Carlene, I have just received your new cd carter girl its fantastic,when will you be coming to England,i have been a great fan of the family seeing the carter family on stage with johnny and i think you were with them in croydon have signed photos of all.Saw johnnys ever last show in london.A sad lost mum and dad,they are greatly missed. Looking forward to seeing you in England at some time.Again a fantistic cd Lots of love Lawton xxxx
From: Mar J in IL
On: April 24, 2014 @12:38 pm
Please thank Carlene for leaving some signed copies of Carter Girl behind at the Opry House's gift shop! They snail mailed me one!!! <3 I have it spinning right now and Love it so much!!! She did a fantastic job on it and I love these song selections.
From: Ron W
On: April 22, 2014 @09:24 am
Wow! Love your music as always Carlene. 'Love Me and the Wildwood Rose, still gets me verklempt! Great sound on this record, good job, will look forward to seeing you on stage somewhere soon.
From: Jual Jaket Kulit
On: April 19, 2014 @07:30 am
Thank you for a great show at SoHo-Santa Barbara-Great Songs/performances and Stories..Hope the new album on Rounder is a resounding success..All the Best..
From: Dave Broschayt
On: April 19, 2014 @06:24 am
Awesome SXM interview & show w/ Elizabeth Cook! Music is fantastic. Never a big fan of Carlene's early music but this...this is off the chart. AND she is HOTTER than ever, her voice, to me is so much more "seasoned" & sexier now. Still one of the most genuine people in or out of the record business. CD will not disappoint for sure.
From: Cora Weiand
On: April 18, 2014 @01:01 am
I just received Carlene's new CD. Amazing album. Carlene sounds so much like here mama. Is there any possibility of getting my CD autographed?
From: Fred Keil
On: April 16, 2014 @11:02 pm
So love your music and your family Carlene, love reading stories about your Mommy and her sister's and your Grandma, and your Grandpa..... Mother Maybelle, and Eckh Carter, and your Uncle A.P. and Aunt Sarah Carter, you are our American Country Girl, and I can't wait to see the movie The Winding Stream by Beth Harrington!
From: Craig Carringer
On: April 15, 2014 @01:31 pm
listened to you & our girl Miss Lizzy on Outlaw. IT WAS GREAT , Good Luck on your new album.
From: John B.
On: April 13, 2014 @04:12 pm
Carter Girl is No. 3 in the U.K. country charts: http://www.officialcharts.com/country-charts/
From: Barb D.
On: April 09, 2014 @07:37 am
Just got my AUTOGRAPHED Carter Girl yesterday and already listened to it about a zillion times. Unbelievable - the best music out there, this is music for my soul...thank you, Carlene!
From: beverly mitchell
On: April 08, 2014 @09:18 pm
carlene , is awesome , a long time friend we grew up in hendersonille , tn. i love her music and she is keeping a legacy of her family living on . her talent is unbelievable. it makes me so proud and so blessed to know her i love you carlene, love beverly mitchell
From: Dan in Pittsburgh, PA
On: April 08, 2014 @02:10 pm
Clear the mantle over the fireplace, CC...cuz if you aren't bringing home Grammys next year, something is dreadfully wrong. Carter Girl is simply beautiful, no other word for it. Congratulations and Happy Release Day!
From: Brad Anderson
On: April 03, 2014 @01:13 pm
I just pre-ordered Carlene's new album. I can hardly wait to here it. I wish Carlene all the success in the world with its release. I am sure it will be very well recieved. Brad
From: Eric Moren
On: April 03, 2014 @12:30 am
Hope to see you at The Grammys Museum soon!! I thought I had already bought the new album online...but noshow....Guess I'll have to re-order this seemingly 'Instant Classic'! So Rare and So Wonderful! Eric
From: Dan in Pittsburgh, PA
On: April 01, 2014 @09:30 pm
PS...would love to see you perform at the Carter Family Fold - a place I have yet to visit. Seems so fitting for you to play those great songs where it all began...just a thought!!! Xox
From: Dan in Pittsburgh PA
On: April 01, 2014 @09:17 pm
Hi ya Carter Girl! So it is almost 10:00 and still in the 60's here, and "I'm Wastin' Time With You" strumming your jams on my guitar and Autoharp on my balcony, hoping the neighbors don't call the cops! But hey, they're working people too, right? ;-) Just counting down the days until your album comes in the mail...one more autographed album for the CC shrine. Haha. Anyway, your mom, aunts and grandma must be smiling down from above knowing that their music is being passed on to a whole new generation. Your songs and theirs have carried me through some very dark times, and you will never know how grateful I am to you (and them) for chasing away the blues with your harmonies and for really being the soundtrack to my life for over 20 years now! "I Fell in Love" with your music around 1993 - Little Love Letters. On another note, I'm a teacher, and soon we are going to be learning about the 1920s in my American Cultures class. I'm thinking one of the Friday's in late April / early May will be Carter Family Sing Along Day! Let me know if you wanna swing by my classroom...you on guitar, me on the 'harp! We can teach the kids how to jam 20's style, like Mother Maybelle, Sara, and AP! Wishing you all the success in the world with your new album. Your biggest fan in the universe, Dan Xox
From: Anna Campbell
On: March 29, 2014 @06:38 pm
It's Anna again from Santa Barbara. My home phone is 966-6610 and my cell is 252-1625. I'd sure like to hear from you!
From: Anna CAmpbell
On: March 29, 2014 @06:35 pm
Hi again from Santa Barbara! Hey, Carlene, we're putting together the music for Art Along the Creek and we would love to treat you and Joe to lunch at the Maverick or whatever is your favorite place and just give you an idea of our show. We do it on a shoestring but with lots of love and we always have great music and a great vibe! The Honeysuckle Possums are playing. You can google them-- bet you'd like their music! I've just pre-ordered Carter Girl ---it will be out by then and you can bring and sell a bunch of CDs. The whole name of the show is "Art Along the Creek: Restoring Land, Restoring Lives." It's a joyful outdoor free art and music festival on the far side of Mission Creek across from Rocky Nook Park. The show benefits the creek habitat restoration project of Mountain House, a residential program of Phoenix House for folks in recovery from mental illness and often addiction. It's the same weekend as I Madonnari at the MIssion so the crowd is good. Why don't you let us treat you to lunch? The most you have to lose is an hour or so of your time and you have to eat anyway!
From: Anna CAmpbell
On: March 26, 2014 @03:17 pm
LOVED your show at SOHO! Looking forward to your new CD and would love for you to play at Art Along the Creek! It's a free outdoor music/art festival along MIssion Creek in Santa Barbara Memorial Day Weekend May 25 and 26 benefitting natural habitat restoration of Mission Creek. Let's talk 966-6610.
From: tom slocum
On: March 24, 2014 @07:19 pm
Thank you for a great show at SoHo-Santa Barbara-Great Songs/performances and Stories..Hope the new album on Rounder is a resounding success..All the Best..
From: albert taylor
On: March 22, 2014 @12:09 am
I knoe that you are the best and I love your songs take care Al Taylor
From: Donnie baskette
On: March 13, 2014 @12:45 am
Carlene I just wanted to say that I sure am waiting on the new cd. Just wanted to see how you are and is it going to be any new 2XL t-shirts with the new cd. Wish you much success with the cd. May God be with you & the family to keep you all safe. Don't know if it's okay to say but I just finished seeing your sis Rosanne at the university of richmond last night. I am thrilled to death because she signed my hat and three pictures. Well thanks for time of listening to me. A fan & friend donnie baskette
From: aaron mckee
On: March 05, 2014 @11:14 pm
hi canene you look your mom
From: Suzi Chhristopher
On: March 04, 2014 @01:35 am
I would LOVE to know how you are doing these days. It's been years!! Hope Tiff is doing well also. Please contact me if this ever makes it to you through your worker bees:)) Love, Suzi
From: Barb D.
On: March 01, 2014 @03:50 pm
I just pre-ordered CARTER GIRL and I just can't wait for April to get here!! It is going to be so great!!!! Thanks Carlene!!!
From: John Scuito
On: February 14, 2014 @08:55 pm
Love your music and charm not only do you look like your legendary mother you also have her talent and charisma may God bless you and all of the Carter family still here and in GLory. John
From: Dan, again
On: February 10, 2014 @11:07 pm
Awesome jam, CC! I love it, and you sound great! Can't wait for the rest of the album!!!! Dan in Pittsburgh PA
From: Dan
On: February 10, 2014 @06:49 pm
Counting down the hours til "Little Black Train" on iTunes!!!! Can't wait to hear your voice again! It better be there at midnight 'cuz I'm staying up! :-) Wishing you lots of gold and platinum records, Carter Girl!!! Luv ya! Dan in Pittsburgh PA XOXOX
From: Eric Moren
On: January 15, 2014 @10:52 pm
and Btw...you're probably the only person on Earth who could give Tina Turner (past, present or future) a real run for her money. LLRnR and CWND.
From: Eric Moren
On: January 15, 2014 @10:10 pm
Dear Ms. Carter- I'm a new (proud) resident of Ventura, CA, and a lifetime music fanatic. Recently, I was honored to purchase a few 45s and WoW! Your 1980 Ring of Fire is a True Gem of music, a modernized version of your wonderful family's legacy and my new fav. record for 2014! I had the utmost pleasure in researching you on Youtube and to see you interviewing your fam.- singing with some GREAT backing muscians...LOVE your FULL "Rockinist Chick" Sound! and your Awesome personable/honest/ REAL interview in 2009 sealed the deal...I'm now a LIFELONG Charlene Carter Fan. No tellin' what lies ahead for all of humanity...but 1 thing's fo'sho'....we gotta Keep On Rockin'! Thanks, Blessings 4 you and The Carter/Cash Family....Eric Moren
From: Grayson Wentworth
On: January 08, 2014 @03:18 pm
Wish I had been able to see you in concert. Bet they were rockin, shows! Kinda hard up here in central Maine.
From: joyce
On: January 06, 2014 @12:06 pm
Carlene you are just awesome.Everytime i see you and Emmylou do WILDWOOD ROSE I bawl my eyes out. .
From: Eva
On: December 31, 2013 @06:39 pm
Hi Carlene, happy New Year 2014 ! :-)
From: Balint József Lajos
On: December 09, 2013 @03:42 am
I'm a big fan of the artist to grow, but unfortunately I would like it here in our small country in Europe not available on the CD, the big one.
From: Mike W.
On: November 29, 2013 @06:18 pm
Hope you'll be coming here to NYC again soon. We're absolutely starving here for some real music. Love, Mike
From: Wayne Carter
On: November 17, 2013 @04:39 pm
Carlene, Enjoy your music very much. Your Cuz Wayne Carter
From: Matthew Hatfield
On: November 01, 2013 @05:10 pm
Carlene, you really are a great singer. I honestly could listen to your songs all day. I wish you were on your way through Louisville, Kentucky soon. I know it would be one of the best concerts ever. Good luck, God bless, and thank you for sharing such wonderful music with us. Matthew
From: Brad Anderson
On: October 15, 2013 @02:42 pm
Carlene, looking forward to your new cd. It sounds like it will be tremendous. I hope that you reach a whole new generation of fans with your music. I think you will. Brad
From: Chris WIlliams
On: October 09, 2013 @07:54 pm
Hoping for a Nashville appearance!
From: Michael Doty
On: October 08, 2013 @11:18 am
A couple weeks late, but happy birthday! Very much enjoy your music and look forward to the new album in 2014.
On: October 05, 2013 @06:29 pm
From: Debra
On: October 03, 2013 @06:11 pm
Im Debra happy b-day
From: Lloyd
On: October 03, 2013 @06:08 pm
I love your songs and a big fane of yours my mom & I would love to meet you she had b-day and I wish that she could meet you we are in nd.
From: Tony
On: October 02, 2013 @02:16 pm
Belated birthday wishes Carlene. Loved you and your music for many years but have never got to see you in concert. Would love to know if you're touring the UK again in the future
From: Kaz
On: September 29, 2013 @04:03 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene!Kaz from Poland.
From: Paul Okarma
On: September 29, 2013 @09:10 am
Happy birthday, Carlene! You made it back to MA, and we had to miss your show because of an out-of-state vacation. Bummer!
From: Günter Keller
On: September 28, 2013 @04:30 am
Hello Carlene Carter! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You!!! I wish you all the best. Always sunshine in your life. Bye, Günter from Germany.
From: Michael
On: September 27, 2013 @07:51 pm
Happy Birthday young lady. I always have, and always will love your music. Hope you had a Great Birthday. Take Care & God Bless.
From: Suzy Flory
On: September 27, 2013 @10:51 am
Happy Birthday, Carlene... Those of us who love your music and admire your strength wish you all the best in the coming year! Suzy Flory
From: Dorothy
On: September 27, 2013 @08:27 am
Carlene, Happy Birthday to the most awesome country singer that you are. You are just as beautiful as your mother as well as look just like her and that is something to be proud of. I love you and your music and you keep on doing what you do best...singing and bringing joy to all your fans.
From: Dennis Herbert
On: September 26, 2013 @11:27 pm
Dear Carlene, Happy Birthday. Thank you for all of the joy you have spread in our lives! Love from Dennis and Fred
From: Jeffrey
On: September 26, 2013 @07:47 pm
Hope you have a great birthday!
From: FaithTobin
On: September 26, 2013 @06:59 pm
Dear Carlene happy birthday to ya.luv,Faith
From: Royce
On: September 26, 2013 @06:00 pm
Have a great b-day and many more
From: Bob Reichers WJZF Radio Maine
On: September 26, 2013 @05:12 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! wishing you all the best-- looking forward to the new CD -- cant wait to fill the airwaves with it up here in Maine-- by the way, when the heck are y'all coming back up to Portland Maine ??
From: Lasse Asplund
On: September 26, 2013 @03:18 pm
Happy birthday Carlene !!!!
From: Maureen
On: September 26, 2013 @02:43 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene. So sorry I couldn't get to Fall River to hear you sing. Hope you'll come back to the Ironhorse (Northampton, MA) soon!!!!!!!!
From: Carla
On: September 26, 2013 @02:42 pm
Carlene, There are people to whom God has given special gifts. You are one of these people. Your voice is your gift from God. You can enchant and captivate people from many places. I wish you the best that life can give to you today and always! Hugs and Happy Birthday! Carla
From: Christine Curtis
On: September 26, 2013 @02:29 pm
Wishing you a Happy Birthday...love your singing...hope you have a great day!!
From: Birgit
On: September 26, 2013 @02:05 pm
Hi Carlene, I wish you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! Sending you lots of LOVE....Enjoy your special day.... Can't wait for the CD and hopefully Interlaken next year..xoxo
From: dana
On: September 26, 2013 @01:29 pm
The first time I ever saw you was backstage at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, circa 1982 or so. I was hanging with Tom Petty's crew and you walked in and by God you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in person. I am a woman and I am saying this. It was shocking how you sucked the attention from everyone in the entire room. I will never forget it. I also saw you in "Pump Boys and Dinettes" in London when I lived there and I loved it. You were in your element. I have always truly enjoyed your music and admire you for who you are (but still jealous about the looks and the voice!) - Happy Birthday, Carlene!
From: Eva
On: September 26, 2013 @01:04 pm
Happy Birthday, dear Carlene! :-)
From: Jonathan Kieran
On: September 26, 2013 @12:38 pm
Hoot & Holler & Hallelujah HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wonderful Carlene! All the best and God's own blest on your special day. Cannot WAIT to hear the upcoming album -- have a feeling it is going to be a watershed moment and an iconic release for you ... in a career that's already seen some iconic moments. Have a magnificent birthday and Godspeed, girl!
From: Jeanine Taylor
On: September 26, 2013 @12:17 pm
Happy birthday, Carlene! Have a really super nice day!!
From: Steinar Sandvik
On: September 26, 2013 @12:14 pm
Happy Birthday to You. Love your Music
From: James Bradley
On: September 26, 2013 @11:51 am
From: sue davenport
On: September 26, 2013 @10:23 am
From: Ruth Mosher
On: September 26, 2013 @10:09 am
From: Nathan Adams
On: September 26, 2013 @09:41 am
Happy, happy, birthday Carlene!
From: Kevin Payne
On: September 26, 2013 @09:04 am
Happy Birthday Carlene!
From: Kenny Lee Norton
On: September 26, 2013 @08:36 am
Happy sweet birthday, Sweetheart! Your songwriting and singing and energy for this business never cease to amaze me. I hope your day is blessed and filled with God's love. Jesus is coming back for us soon ... have a song in your heart ready for him. Be blessed, for you have surely blessed me! Love, Kenny Lee
From: Barb D.
On: September 26, 2013 @08:35 am
Happy Birthday! You brighten every day for me with your music. Press on!
From: Barry
On: September 26, 2013 @08:32 am
Happy Birthday Girl, Have Fun and enjoy.
From: Fortune McLemore
On: September 26, 2013 @08:04 am
Happy Birthday! The world's a better place because of your music.
From: Joachim Kettner
On: September 26, 2013 @08:02 am
Happy Birthday, Carlene!
From: Mats Lang
On: September 26, 2013 @07:46 am
Happy Birthday!! Have a great party!! :-)
From: Mike North
On: September 26, 2013 @07:30 am
Happy Birthday !!!!!! Thanks for the music and for sharing your heart with us.
From: Alan Hebditch
On: September 26, 2013 @07:16 am
Happy birthday Carlene. Sorry I wasn't able to see you last night in Fall River as I was gigging on Cape Cod . Hope to see you next time around.
From: Andre Rodrigue
On: September 26, 2013 @07:05 am
Happy Birthday Carlene.....have a great day.love your music
From: Seamus O'Grady
On: September 26, 2013 @06:43 am
Happy Birthday & hope to see you (and enjoy another SUPER show) in Ireland
From: Gabriela Billeter
On: September 26, 2013 @06:34 am
Hey carlene ihr grosser Fan wünscht Ihnen alles Liebe, viel Kraft für die Musik, viele sonnige Momente mit ihrer Family und die besten Grüessli zum Geburstag! Meine Schwester hat heute ebenfalls Geburtstag ! Für Sie Carlene alles Gute für Ihre Zukunft und danke für Ihre so schöne Musik! Liebe Grüsse an ihre Familie ebenfalls auf diesen Weg die besten Grüsse an John Carter Cash und seine Family! Es ist toll dass ihr immer noch die Lieder von Maybelle , Johny und June singen nie soll man die Cash Carter Family vergessen God bless you ! In Liebe Gabriela from Switzerland
From: Glenn Beckett
On: September 26, 2013 @06:16 am
Carlene have great birthday!!!!
From: Gerald Miller
On: September 26, 2013 @05:58 am
Happy Birthday to my favorite female country singer of all time. I will join you at 58 in 8 days on 10-4.
From: Barbara
On: September 26, 2013 @05:55 am
Happy Birthday Carlene!!! Have a great day! Barbara from Italy :))
From: Shelley
On: September 26, 2013 @05:22 am
I hope your birthday is an extra-wonderful day for you. My husband and I saw you years ago at a fair here in Maryland; I'm a long-term fan of your music. Please come back to our area - the Birchmere in Virginia (suburban DC area) would be perfect for you. Enjoy your day and thank you for your beautiful music.
From: sheila pullinger
On: September 26, 2013 @05:03 am
Happy birthday lovely lady, hope to see you in dear old blighty soon!!
From: Ole Vidar Markussen
On: September 24, 2013 @12:43 pm
I just love the songs that yuo do. I am an Norwegian man that have follow yuo for many years, and for me yuo became graither and graither. I can see yuo are turn intu 58 years yuong theese days, and I will say: GOD bless yuo and yuor Family:-) Excuse mu bad American:-)
From: Ginny
On: September 23, 2013 @06:35 pm
My daughter just went to Farm Aid and told me that you sound just like your Mama, she would be so proud of you Carlene.. Take care and keep on singing, Ginny Clark
From: Robert Hall
On: September 20, 2013 @01:00 am
Thanks for coming to Fall River on the 18th Carlene,it was a wonderful show and it was great seeing and gearing you perform again.. My sister Sue saw you for the first time, and was very impressed with your performance..loved your voice,songs and instrumenatal talents.. I was happy to see you play the piano and harp too,thats always a special treat..surprised to see no band with you,but you did a wonderful show all by yourself!.. This was my first time going to the Narrows,and it wont be my last if you come back,and if they can get some of my other favorite country and bluegrass performers to come there.. The show was "like being in your living room" just as you said,and I really like the smaller venues and more intimate performances..my only dissapointment was that you didn't have a sell out crowd that you deserved..hoped you would have sang "The Sweetest Thing" and Gaurdian Angel" but you have SO many wonderful songs I know you cant do them all!--getting a preview of your upcoming CD was a special treat ... Take care and God Bless,safe travels and have fun at Farm Aid!..
From: Bill Lawrence
On: September 19, 2013 @06:54 pm
Wanted to thank you for coming to The Narrows in Fall River,Ma. It was great to have the chance to watch you scratch the musical itch. Only wish the Fall River area could have given a warmer welcome. Almost empty house, girl with a big heart, arms full of music . New member for the club Please come back again
From: Almira VanNess
On: September 02, 2013 @06:48 pm
I can't wait to see u at farm aid and I would love to meet you and chance I can get a meet and greet with you <3
From: Garry & Joyce Bennett
On: August 31, 2013 @02:21 pm
We both love your music and your family that precedes you, a whole lot of talent around the Carter Family
From: Michael
On: August 30, 2013 @10:48 am
Does Carlene plan to ever tour through Arkansas? I've always loved her music and would love to see her perform in person.
From: Missy R
On: August 24, 2013 @03:54 am
Carlene, you are awesome!!! Thank you for your music that gets me outta my "funky" days and puts a smile on my face and bounce in my step!!!
From: Barb D.
On: August 23, 2013 @08:53 am
I CAN'T WAIT for the new CD!!!!!!! Your music is such a joy in my life - thanks, Carlene!
From: jos meuwissen
On: August 13, 2013 @04:05 pm
Hallo Carlene ik geniet alle dagen van je muziek proficiat !!! Fijn dat dit via internet kan. Mvg jos meuwissen
From: sharon spears
On: July 20, 2013 @08:49 am
well, trying for second time to send you this info lol. maybe will have better luck this time.. my name is Sharon Spears, Rn. I think I may be a distant cousin.. bet you don't get that often.. any way.. don't want anything from you just wanted to let you know I may have a pic of some of your dads relatives you may be interested in.. its a pic of an older couple with a set of twin boys and a younger boy .. my mom said one of them was your dads dad. if any of that sounds familiar and you'd like to take a look at it will try to forward it to you via computer.. just let me know.. thanks Sharon.
From: sharon spears
On: July 20, 2013 @08:45 am
I think we may be distant cousins on carl smiths side . may even have pic of his dad and parents.. was his dad or uncles twins? there were twin boys in the pics? if so and your interested will try to get you copy of the pic... may be via computer...
From: Leif Vågström
On: July 10, 2013 @08:14 am
Hello Carlene!! First I hope that you understand my english, I´m from Sweden and don´t allways spell right. Then I have to appologize, I have´nt been a regular listener to your records, bought "Little love letters" when i heard you on CMT ( would soooo much want that channel again) and after that " Little acts of treason" and enjoyed them for many years. Sad to say that those records was forgotten for......too long, until I re-discovered them and you just recently. I should have a BIG slap on.....all of me for beeing without you in my stereo for so long. Have never realy forgotten your music, my daughter loved to hear "Every little thing" on the computer when she was 3-4 years old, and so did I. She is now 11, and still likes that song. You have always made me stop and listen whenever I hear one of your songs, I love country the way you play and sing it. Hope I did´nt make myself look like a totaly crazy person, I just have trouble translating my words into english. Hope that you are well, and will keep on making the music that I have loved for so many years. Wish you all the best, Leif Vågström
From: Jonathan Kieran
On: July 01, 2013 @11:07 pm
Carlene! Your fantastic singing and songwriting has been part of my life since a girlfriend bought me your 'I Fell in Love' album in 1990 and I have joyfully carried your continuing work with me through the years on all sorts of adventures: 'Little Love Letters' before moving to Europe for a spell; 'Little Acts of Treason' during a watershed move to Santa Rosa, CA; 'Stronger' in my current Big Sur "incarnation" and now I await your new set with great anticipation. Your talent and originality have always amazed me -- it's tough to pick a favorite album; the ones I mentioned are all neck-and-neck in terms of greatness, along with 'Musical Shapes' which I bought and rocked-out to in San Francisco in the mid-90s. 'Wildwood Rose' 'Every Little Thing' 'Guardian Angel' 'Spider Lace' 'Stronger' 'Goodnight Dallas' 'One Love' ... too many terrific songs to single one out as a fave. I truly can't wait for this new record and, by all accounts, I think it will be an enormous moment for you. It would be a thrill to see you perform live and I am hoping for that opportunity, as well. God Bless ... and keep doing your thing, happily. All the Very Best, ~Jonathan Kieran
From: Doug
On: June 21, 2013 @05:25 pm
Hey Carlene. I'm old enough to remember the beginning of the so-called "outlaw country" music, when Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willy Nelson and so many other tremendous performers forged music I couldn't get enough of: newer, edgier, truthful and hip country music. Been a fan ever since. Last year I recorded that memorable show you and many others participated in, during 2008 in Austin: The Outlaw Trail. I can't even adequately put into words how blown away I was by "The Bitter End". What a performance! And what a great band! I've never seen such a tremendous and diverse collection of musicians on one stage. In this age of digital music and YouTube, PVR-recorded shows come and go, but this one has stayed with me since it was aired here in BC on HDNet in 2011. Best wishes and happy music always, from a fellow musician and guitarist, to a great gal with an opinion. :-) Doug McIntyre Surrey, British Columbia
From: sheila mcdonnell
On: June 01, 2013 @10:54 am
I love your music and am a big fan of june cartercash and johnny cash, sorry for your loss
From: Stefan Schwill
On: May 27, 2013 @02:55 pm
Will she come back to the Int Trucker Festivall Interlacken??? I LOve this Women.
From: Günter Keller
On: May 15, 2013 @11:41 am
Hallo! Das allererste Mal habe ich Carlenes Musik im Autoradio gehört,als ich 1993 mit einem Freund gerade eine 1-Jahrestour durch Amerika begann. So dauerte es natürlich nicht lange und ich kaufte mir die Cassette "Little Love Letters". Bin verheiratet,ab und zu geh ich mit meiner Frau tanzen: Line Dance. Bye, Günter
From: Josef
On: May 15, 2013 @12:40 am
Heute ist June Carter Cash 10 Jahre Tod.Ich liebe The Carter Sisters Helen June Anita und Carlene Worried Man Blues.Grüsse alle von Mir Josef
From: Mats Lang
On: April 28, 2013 @03:52 pm
I have seen and listen to Carlene performing in Tivoliparken Kristianstad Sweden in the 90-ties I guess it was, and I still remember as it was yesterday! Are Carlene planing for some more performance in Europe? Thanks Carlene, you are awsome!! All the best! Mats
From: rob carroll
On: April 17, 2013 @11:42 pm
when are you coming back to New York - we miss you
From: Ruth Schlootzhauer
On: April 17, 2013 @03:49 pm
love your music
From: John Sposato
On: April 14, 2013 @06:13 pm
Was it Music Box or Super Channel (now NBC Europe) that aired Live from London? I know you were on that show in 1983 promoting C'est C Bon as it's on DVD. I saw the LP at the shop in my area.
From: Bernida Evans
On: April 06, 2013 @05:31 pm
Congratulations on your recent successes! My husband and I met you and your new husband while we were celebrating our 20th anniversary in Montego Bay! This is now almost 6 years ago. We were recently remembering our trip fondly so I looked you up here. You may not remember us, but we wish you many happy years together. God bless, Bernida and David Evans
From: Mike Miledi
On: April 05, 2013 @10:18 pm
Loved Carlene since my salad days. Great to hear her again
From: jimmyapendix
On: April 03, 2013 @04:38 pm
I've heard lots of gals I even listened to the newest carrie underwood album. the other babes dont come close for me carlene is the gold standard!
From: wikilirik
On: March 10, 2013 @08:40 pm
love your music,... carlene
From: Dave Sharek
On: March 06, 2013 @09:25 pm
Hi Carlene! I've been in love with your music since I saw you on a CBC concert with "Prairie Oyster" back in the 80's, (I think) and my favourite album of yours " I Fell in Love". Are you planning a tour in Alberta, Canada in the near future? All the best! Dave
From: GUY
On: March 05, 2013 @01:03 am
I will be at Interlaken from Paris France
From: Kris Carmichael
On: March 03, 2013 @07:56 am
Hey Carlene, I am a songwriter in MS, can I send some of my material to you. I was heavily influenced in my younger years by the Carter Family and the Cash Clan.
From: Ingemar Axman
On: February 19, 2013 @02:46 am
Love you and your music
From: corey
On: February 12, 2013 @02:56 pm
happy birthday, cc fan club! you look great!
On: February 04, 2013 @05:17 pm
From: Carol King
On: February 03, 2013 @03:21 pm
Hi Carlene Been a big fan of yours since I first heard 'Musical Shapes' back in the days... I have all your recordings and look forward to the next CC album (please!). Hope the next time you tour you will include a Toronto stop. I know you have been this way a couple of times in the past, but I have yet to see you sing live. XXOO Carol King
From: Evelyn E. Pruitt
On: January 25, 2013 @11:48 pm
I just found out I'm kin to Carl Smith and I don't know if she's kin to Harris's or not once before I also heard Emmy Lou Harris but I don't know for sure but I would like to know I would like to know my family. Please contact me at 256-275-0787 Thank You
From: Jim Froman
On: January 21, 2013 @12:20 am
Congrats on getting your own key to the city! Love ya
From: Eva
On: December 31, 2012 @06:18 pm
Happy New Year Carlene ! :-)
From: Nathan Adams
On: December 31, 2012 @03:39 pm
Never realized I missed her music so much until I pulled her album, Hindsight 20/20, out of the dust of my life and played it on my puter....like right now! God Bless her for putting a Happy Leg on Music!
On: December 28, 2012 @04:58 pm
From: Pam Smith
On: December 20, 2012 @06:23 am
Merry Christmas & Happy Neew Year! Love ya Miss ya
From: Gordon.
On: December 08, 2012 @07:12 pm
Carlene, You've Always Been My Favorite Female Singer Song Writer. We've All Been Through Rough Times. I've Always Kept You In Prayer. I'm Glad To See You're Doing We'll. Thank You For Being Such A Great Entertainer. God Bless Your Family And You. Gordon
From: RJC= STRBND1 =
On: December 04, 2012 @12:56 pm
From: RJC
On: December 04, 2012 @12:53 pm
From: fred k schneider
On: November 28, 2012 @07:16 pm
Started listening to Carlene Carter music 25 years ago. I am 47.Have always enjoyed her type of music. I mostly like 70s and 80s rock. But there is a few country acts that i like to listen to. Carlene is one. I buy all my music on itune. But there is some songs of yours that i cant find. Like ring of fire and some others. But i will keep listening and looking for the great music of Carlene Carter. Fred
From: John A. Hoyt
On: November 26, 2012 @12:30 pm
Dear Carlene, Ever since I listened to your Album I FELL IN LOVE, I did fall in love with your music and your talent. I can't possibly tell you how much I have enjoyed the music that you and your Mother have given us. I have worn out those CD's.. I hope there is so much more to come. I am looking forward to the Carter family album you are recording. Best wishes.
From: natascha
On: October 26, 2012 @09:58 am
today i first discovered your music, so weird that i never knew that the daughter of June is such a fantastic singer. can't wait to play your music in my car.... and what a life you had.... but it made you stronger.... i wish you all the best and hope you may enjoy the music and your family for many many years.....
From: Steve Bentley
On: October 08, 2012 @03:38 pm
I have always loved your voice , and your music. I will till the day I am no longer here. I am listening to you as I write this. Best wishes in all your endeavors. Steve bentley
From: Olda
On: October 06, 2012 @03:11 am
Happy barthday from Prague - Czech rep. Olda
From: Edward Stotts
On: October 05, 2012 @09:16 am
Hello Carlene, You still look great. I remember first seeing you in the video. Cruel To Be Kind. Happy Friday. Edward
From: FaithTobin
On: September 29, 2012 @06:13 pm
Dear Carlene happy birthday to ya.you have a nice singing voice.luv,Faith
From: Kris Thoresen
On: September 27, 2012 @09:40 pm
I've been a fan since 1980. Carlene is a timeless talent. Love each phase of her career. Best Wishes Kris
From: Diana
On: September 27, 2012 @03:42 pm
I hope you had a fabulous birthday, Carlene! I'd love for you to do a concert in Wichita, KS sometime.
On: September 27, 2012 @11:54 am
I would like Carlene to know that I find her to be one of the most prolific, artistically gifted, and talented muscians that have contributed some extrodinary music in the field of country music! Her writing and composing as well as the selection of musicians that have contributed their skills on her productions have been remarkable! The album "Little Love Letters" was ground breaking work in telling many unique experiences that show how detailed, focused and remarkably profound her way of viewing patterns that occurred throughout her journey in life! Few of the artists that I have watched and listened to have any where near her skill and talent at expression and illustration with bringing forth emotions, humor, and interesting views as to her way of seeing things... A number of my friends have enjoyed sharing this for I have given this production as gifts! My her talents and legacy flourish! Sincerely yours, Julie Matthews
From: Kris
On: September 26, 2012 @09:54 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene. Your music has meant a lot to me, and I look forward to what's to come. God bless.
From: Robin
On: September 26, 2012 @05:34 pm
Happiest bday to you and may God Bless you with your heart's desire. Keep on rockin gel! xoxooxo I will always listen and enjoy your music like I have the last 34 yrs!
From: Dan, Pittsburgh PA
On: September 26, 2012 @04:20 pm
Hi CC! Wishing you a happy birthday! So excited for the new album and keeping my fingers crossed for an American tour! 'You Are the One' who got me hooked on music and even inspired me to pick up the guitar and autoharp! Let me know if you need me for the new album or on the road! :-) haha. Best Birthday Wishes to the "Rockinest" Chic in Country Music!
From: Birgit
On: September 26, 2012 @02:54 pm
Dear Carlene, I wish you the happiest BIRTHDAY you ever had!!!! Can't wait for the new cd... Have a great day and please give greetings to Joe !!! Love you
From: DrBOP
On: September 26, 2012 @01:17 pm
Happy Happy......Joy, Joy Remember, age doesn't matter......unless you're a cheese:+) ALL the best!
From: Ruth Mosher
On: September 26, 2012 @01:07 pm
From: Rodney Shiver
On: September 26, 2012 @08:28 am
Wishing you the very best on your special day, Carlene...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
From: Vera Birney
On: September 26, 2012 @06:03 am
Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, Carlene, and many more!! From Vera x
From: Lasse Asplund
On: September 26, 2012 @03:59 am
Happy birthday to you Carlene.Autum greetings from Sweden.
From: Bob
On: September 25, 2012 @09:14 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! Looking forward to the new album. Wish you would write a book and do chapters on your mom,, Aunt Helen, Aunt Anita, Grandma Maybelle, and dad Carl. Great people all!
From: Ron
On: September 25, 2012 @08:27 pm
From: David Hall
On: September 25, 2012 @07:57 pm
Happy Birthday.
From: FaithTobin
On: September 25, 2012 @06:41 pm
Dear Carlene hello there my name is Faith tobin and I'd luv to wish ya a very happy birthday to ya.luv,Faith
From: James Bradley
On: September 25, 2012 @05:03 pm
From: Robert Bryson
On: September 25, 2012 @04:58 pm
Wishing you a Great Day Carlene!
From: elias negron
On: September 25, 2012 @04:34 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! How the best one ever! Besitos y abrazos!!! Love!
From: Kaz
On: September 25, 2012 @03:44 pm
As you celebrate your Birthday here's wishing You a whole lotta happiness & sweet suprises! Happy Birthday.
From: Vivian Lindstrom
On: September 25, 2012 @03:31 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene, I hope that all of your wishes come true! I love your music!
From: Wanda Bowling
On: September 25, 2012 @03:04 pm
Again,It's time to say Happy Birthday Carlene!!!!!!!
From: Andre Rodrigue
On: September 25, 2012 @02:10 pm
Hi Carlene, Wishing you a Happy Birthday,and best of wishes....By the way i LOVE your music can't wait to hear your new Release. Andre,
From: Barb D.
On: September 25, 2012 @01:33 pm
Happy Birthday, Carlene!! Thanks for all the great music - not a day goes by that I don't listen to your songs! PRESS ON!!!
From: Rob
On: September 25, 2012 @12:44 pm
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and thank you for all the music.
From: Susan King
On: September 25, 2012 @12:38 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene.
From: Jack Williams
On: September 25, 2012 @12:22 pm
Hi Carlene Have loved your music from first time i heared it and still love it please keep up the great singing it's wonderfull like Carl's and June and Johns many thanks Jack
From: Suretha
On: September 25, 2012 @12:20 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene, may you have a lovely day and best wishes from all of us in South africa. We love your music!! NEVER stop!!
From: Jeanine Taylor
On: September 25, 2012 @12:05 pm
Carlene, I hope you have a Happy, nice and wonderful birthday today!!!!
From: Carla Massari
On: September 25, 2012 @10:56 am
Hi Carlene: I wish you the best that life can offer to you. Happy Birthday! A big hug from a Brazilian fan Carla
From: Beth Harrington
On: September 25, 2012 @10:00 am
Happy Birthday, Carlene! Hope it's your best one yet! Can't wait to hear the latest music! XOXO Beth
From: Kenneth MItchell
On: September 25, 2012 @09:49 am
Also, Happy Birthday! I'm from Braintree, Massachusetts.
From: Kenneth Mitchell
On: September 25, 2012 @09:46 am
Hi Carlene, You are my favorite singer. I'm in the 9th grade. I love your music. I even have a picture of you on my computer background.
From: Barry Strickland
On: September 25, 2012 @09:39 am
Happy Birthday CC. Hope you have many more, and look forward to a new album sometime!
From: Jim Tobias
On: September 25, 2012 @08:14 am
Happy Birthday carlene. I love the old Carter family songs. Can't wait for your new CD. Jim
From: susan culp
On: September 25, 2012 @08:04 am
To a Very Special person for so many people all over....A Very Special Happy Birthday to you Carlene Carter and Many more.
From: Jens-Ole
On: September 25, 2012 @08:03 am
Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I am a dedicated fan to You and Your Family. Will we see You in Denmark? Happy Birthday from Denmark Jens-Ole
From: Glenn Beckett
On: September 25, 2012 @08:01 am
Have a great birthday Carlene! Glenn Beckett
From: Joan Elliott
On: September 25, 2012 @07:28 am
Love you Carlene - I will be out of town tomorrow and just want to say... Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I am a fan and a dedicated fan to the Carter Family.
From: rob marques
On: September 25, 2012 @06:50 am
Happy Birthday Carlene!! come back to CT soon> Miss you!
From: Dan Nester
On: September 25, 2012 @05:55 am
Carlene, Happiest of Birthdays to you....always and forever be one of my favorite ladies. Again, Happy Birthday.
From: Michael Phillips
On: September 25, 2012 @04:44 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a Great Day. Also wish you could tour through Arkansas sometime. Would really love to see you perform in person. Have always loved your music. Take Care.
From: stefan blaser
On: September 25, 2012 @04:36 am
Hi Carlene how are you? I wish you happy birthday and all the best! that's a good day the 26.of september/it's also my birthday the 26. take care and best wishes stefan blaser/switzerland
From: GUY
On: September 25, 2012 @04:22 am
From: Mandy johnson
On: September 25, 2012 @03:11 am
happy birthday Carlene.from liverpool england.xx
From: Laret Jean-Pierre
On: September 25, 2012 @03:03 am
Very verty happy birthday from one of your belgian fan!!you are wonderfull...and I wait your new CD(Carter family songs).And another DVD??All my best wishes from belgian,Jean-Pierre Laret
From: sheila pullinger
On: September 25, 2012 @02:55 am
Happy Birthday you adorable lady, please come back to dear old blighty soon Lots of love Sheila & the "Cheeky Monkey" - remember Tingewick :)
From: Birgitta Welander
On: September 25, 2012 @02:39 am
Happy Birthday Carlene, and have a wonderful day ! Love xx
From: Vera Birney
On: September 22, 2012 @01:30 am
Hi Carlene, Love your new picture on " Me and the Wildwood Rose " its beautiful! Still a huge admirer of all your songs and music. Very best wishes to you. Vera Birney.
From: Elvis Wilson
On: September 14, 2012 @06:29 pm
Im 63 and grew up with the songs of Johnny Cash, June Carter, and Carl Smith. Glad you chose the same path. Best of luck to you.
From: Heather Emmons
On: September 08, 2012 @05:22 pm
You are a true inspiration to many people and I am most definately one of them. I Can listen to your music all day long and the biggest part of my life is music and your Mother and Johnny are also a huge part of my life. All of you are amazing and I would do anything to keep your music going in life ♥
From: Randall Lang
On: August 25, 2012 @05:44 pm
Carlene has been a favorite of mine since I first heard her back in the early 1980's I am 46 years old and love country music and perform music in my spare time. I own the first CD that contains the song, I Fell In Love and I have been hooked since. Carlene disappeared from the music circuit for a time but am glad to see her back. Great singer, Great Musician and you sound great!!!
From: Mark X
On: August 22, 2012 @09:18 pm
Hi Carlene. Recently heard a recording of your Aunt Helen's "Wall to Wall Love" on the Best of the Carter Family LP. Great song!
From: Lothar Weiß
On: August 11, 2012 @05:21 pm
ich höre deine musik immer noch danke aus dresden/germany
From: Rhonda Cozart
On: August 08, 2012 @09:09 am
I loved the first video I ever saw of Carlene Carter on CMT...back in the day. Very talented lady. Looks so much like her Mother the older she gets. Loved her Father's music too. Grew up on all that stuff...good to see this site. Cheers!!!
From: FaithTobin
On: August 05, 2012 @09:05 pm
Dear Carlene what a nice voice you have I must say so my-self.
From: bonnie
On: August 04, 2012 @12:01 pm
I love Carlene Carter and all her family,
From: Sonia Pereira Gypsy
On: July 20, 2012 @11:31 am
Sou sua fã Carlene e adoro suas músicas. Quando virá ao Brasil? Abraço Sonia
From: Scooter Brazos (Scooter Man)
On: July 14, 2012 @02:58 am
Carlene, How have you been?? Not sure if yoiu remember me or not I seen you with my mom at The Nugget in Sparks Nevada when I was like 13 I think... You sent me a letter and a picture of you and your dogs....You also gave me your personal address.... I had them up until last September when my house caught fire... I would like to see you again sometime... ALso would like to have some pics of you again... Hope all is well!!! Take care.... Scooter
From: Tony "T-Lama" Freiwald
On: June 13, 2012 @09:46 am
For years I've enjoyed your music. The one song that will always be dear to my heart is "Change". Thank you for expressing so beautifully the hope I have of a life made better by overcoming an addiction. You truly are beautiful woman, God bless you.
From: Xena April Webster Pattinson
On: June 09, 2012 @07:06 pm
I miss u Carlene,country music isnt the same without u or your Mom Dad & your Step-Dad these days.Hope 1 day we fans see u again & could u come 2 Spencer WV....
From: Lorrie Divine
On: May 27, 2012 @02:57 pm
Cleaning house to the tunes of one of my all-time favorites, Carlene Carter...too cool and THE chick-picker/party gals' poster girl. I AM GONNA SEE HER LIVE SOMEDAY...maybe I can get her booked in Missouri!!!
From: Gabriela
On: May 22, 2012 @06:46 am
Ich habe Carlene so gerne immer mehr wird sie das Aussehen bekommen wie ihre Mutter June Carter Cash. Ich habe alle so gerne ich liebe die Musik von den Eltern Johnny Cash und seine so liebe Frau June CarterCash ich bin so ein grosser Fan ich werde diese Familien nie vergessen sie leben weiter mit der wunderbaren Musik sie sie uns da gelassen haben. Liebe Carlene Carter sie sind ein wunderbaren Mensch bitte singen sie immer wieder die Lieder von Ihren Eltern damit diese nie vergessen werden. Wenn ich sie ansehe sehe ich die wunderschönen Augen genau auch die Augen von ihrer Mutter wenn ich in ihr Gesicht sehe, sprechen ihre Augen als wäre June Carter Cash noch bei uns. Machen sie weiter so sie bringen uns Fan`s so viel zurück wir brauchen die Musik wir brauchen Sie Carlene Carter. Sie sind grossartig. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Gesundheit viel Kraft zum immer weiter so tolle Musik zu machen nehmen sie auch mal die Autoharp zur Hand auch das lieben die Fans wir vermissen Maybelle , June Johnny Cash , Anita und Helen . Ich umarme sie ganz herzlich Gott beschütze sie in allen Lagen. Gabriela
From: Elin
On: May 20, 2012 @12:42 pm
Hi Send you some words from Sweden. You have a beautiful voice and does a fantastic work as a artist. I love too dance to your songs, Every little thing is perfect when you dance "bugg". Elin
From: Kris Carmichael
On: May 17, 2012 @02:27 pm
Been following your career for a long time. Was raised in a small Mississippi Cotton Mill town, listening to the 2nd generation Carter Family, I do enjoy your voice. I am a songwriter, and a Bagpiper, may I be so honored to send you some of my original work for your enjoyment?
From: Sue Young
On: May 16, 2012 @08:00 pm
Just found thru fathers letters Carl Smith was 3rd cousin thru our family from Laharpe area Illinois....I want to start family tree.Father has passed never had time to do this with him before he passed. Seems they should always be here but time gets away from us and they are gone too soon.
From: David
On: May 03, 2012 @10:26 pm
Thank you Sweet Carlene for your wonderful music and your beautiful voice! I've loved your music and your firecracker personality for many years! God bless.... David
From: Mark X
On: April 25, 2012 @01:46 pm
Saw you at the Echoplex in L.A. 2010 with Tiffany Lowe and Dave Alvin. What a great show! Hope you can come play L.A. again soon. ;-)
From: Birgit
On: April 23, 2012 @05:19 pm
I got the DVD from Sweden... Carlene did a brilliant job....fantastic singing and super performance.....O , I love this DVD.....
From: Birgit
On: April 04, 2012 @03:18 pm
Looking forward to get the DVD copies from Sweden !!! Ordered 4.....Can't wait...Much love, Birgit --_)
From: russ wise
On: March 28, 2012 @03:24 pm
i just want to say last night i came across the song stronger and i never herd the song and im at WOW what a song when i here it it bring's trears to my eye's. the part that get's to me is the part were it goes i wanna crawl in the dark hole wanna curl up beside her and wanna caradle her sweet soul and never let go. again wow hell of a song. hope to here more cd's from you.
From: Alex Ionescu
On: March 25, 2012 @07:24 pm
Dear Carlene: I am so glad Joe found you. Please send him my love. Many kisses to both of you from an old friend. Alex Ionescu
From: Julia Woods
On: March 21, 2012 @07:59 pm
Hello Carlene, We met you and your husband the weekend of Feb. 20th at the Marriott in Buellton. We were the family sitting at the bar with our son & his girlfriend. Been meaning to get on your fan page & tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you two & how much fun we had in that hour or so chit-chatting with the both of you. Wishing you the best! Truly, Julia Woods
From: Vera Birney
On: March 19, 2012 @06:51 pm
Happy Easter Carlene, Love your music!
From: Ricardo
On: March 15, 2012 @06:57 pm
Hola!!!!Solo el tema Every Little Thing es hermoso!!!!!!Me enamore de este tema desde la primera vez que lo escuche.No puedo parar de escucharlo.Es hermoso!!!!!! Saludos desde Argentina!!!!!!!
From: Joe Clark
On: March 08, 2012 @08:30 pm
Carlene~ My wife and I still talk about the wonderful concert you did here in Buffalo a little over a year ago. We hope to see you perform again some day. My liitle girl Capri is 4 and there are times when I hear her sing "hallelujah in my heart"...it makes me smile to the point of tears. We love you! Joe Clark Buffalo, NY
From: Lorraine Okapeic
On: March 08, 2012 @01:51 pm
My parent's loved the Carter family and Johnny Cash . Personally l love country music and it's great to see the circle is unbroken! Carlene Carter sings just like her mother, beautiful. I hope that country music goes back to the day's of June Carter and the Carter family and also Johnny Cash. The instruments that the Carter family played to died for! A lot of the entertainer's today can't even come close to the Carter Family , she need to come to Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada. Her sing's just like her mother, let's hope that, that God given talent stays around for a long time coming!
From: keith murphy
On: March 05, 2012 @11:56 am
Is it possible to purchase a poster of Carlene, I am a big fan and collect posters, I have all her CD's and Video, I just love her siging ! Best wishes. Keith Murphy
From: MarkX
On: March 03, 2012 @03:40 pm
Hi Carlene! Hoping you'll come back to Los Angeles one of these times. Very excited about the new CD!!!
From: Barb D.
On: March 03, 2012 @03:06 pm
Can't wait for that new CD to come out!!! My Dixie Darlin' and I are so looking forward to it!! Carlene, I never get tired of you or your music. You're the best!
From: Barb D.
On: March 03, 2012 @10:18 am
I can't wait for the new CD!!!!!!!!!! So looking forward to it!!
From: Victoria Green
On: March 03, 2012 @07:44 am
I love your voice and your music! Good luck in your new endeavors. I have a cd of the Carters singing "Will the circle be unbroken". One of my very favorite songs. Looking forward to new great things from you. You've never let us down.
From: Kip Trevor
On: March 03, 2012 @07:40 am
Always makes my heart skip a beat when I see you or hear your name, you will always be there in my heart and I'm proud that we spent some time together when you were in London way back when, I took care of your guitars for a while, it was such an honour, I still have the Guthrie acoustic if you need it!! Enjoyed seeing you at the Half Moon in Putney, exciting to say the least!! Come back to London soon. BIG hug, Kip x
From: Margy Miller
On: March 03, 2012 @01:21 am
Glad you are making new music, the old is part of the soundtrack of my life. Will always love you girl! You are looking more and more like June, a good thing! You're "so cool" and they're still jealous!
From: Steve Heim
On: February 22, 2012 @12:22 am
Ms. Carter, I have rediscovered your beautiful singing after finding the "Little Acts of Treason" and "I Fell in Love" audio cassettes in my collection. I am very glad to see that you are still performing - I look forward to the opportunity of seeing you live in concert! Thank you for sharing your voice with the world!!
From: Harold Ratliff
On: February 19, 2012 @07:39 pm
I love your music,Still love the song everylittle thing, it is a alltime classic. hope to see in our area sometime.
From: Sean & Tina Flanagan
On: February 17, 2012 @02:06 pm
Hi Carlene, Just checking your page to see if you're coming back to Ireland soon! We really enjoyed your last gig here and we're hoping to see more. Hope all is well (",)
From: Patrick Laws
On: February 07, 2012 @10:48 am
Hey Carlene. My wife and I listen to your cd's often. We first met you at The Duquoin state fair in Illinois. i fell in love had just been named number one country music video on Cmt our kids just loved you and your music. They're grown now but we have some great photos of you with them. My wife and I know every word to every song on the cds I fell in Love and Little Love letters. We would love to see ya again somewhere. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment
From: maud
On: February 06, 2012 @01:13 pm
jag bara älskar låten evry little thing skulle va skoj höra en låt med dej och andreas hedenskog som gillar deina låtar
From: Sara Cooper
On: January 29, 2012 @03:06 am
dang me, I know you did some music in the mid-80's that TOny RIviera did the clothes for… but I can't find any mention of it anywhere. I hope you are well, and doing fine. I've never forgotten drivin down Sunset and Santa Monica in the classic white Mercedes you had. And I still have the earrings you gave me. The book your mom gave me for Christmas is one of my most prized posessions. Take care darlin'.
From: Edward Stotts
On: January 28, 2012 @08:46 pm
Hello Carlene, I still watch the video "Cruel To Be Kind" sometimes & your videos too. You are still a beautiful lady.
From: nonny hindsgaul
On: January 20, 2012 @11:51 am
hej - love to listen to you and your family`s music. - regards from nonny. Vejle, Denmark.
From: Shannon Lynn Ware
On: January 18, 2012 @01:14 pm
I met you once in Edmonton at the big mall...It was so cool!! It was one afternoon before you were to sing and you were shopping, I came out of the changeroom and couldn't belive it. Its been a long time and so much has happened. I just spent the whole morning watching your mom and Maebelle on utube. What a legacy. I love your whole families music. Does anyone play guitar like youre grandmother? Serious question. I would love to see you play...any chance you'll tour again?
From: He.. ather Davies Calgary . Alberta . Canada
On: January 06, 2012 @10:12 am
Good Day!!! I e-mailed to find out if Carlene could sing at my husband's 65th b-day on Feb 4,2012. I would appreciate a response... I am still hopeful that she is willing to make this dream some true..... Thanks for your time. take care..
From: david harvey
On: January 05, 2012 @05:49 pm
Carlene I was thinking about you and your family. I love you so much. I think you're awesome. I think you're wonderful. I'm ready to see you perform in Tennessee again. "Come on Back" to the one who really loves you! I know Joe is ready to get back on the road too! You guys take care. David in Tennessee
From: Tommy Cravens
On: December 26, 2011 @06:57 pm
carlene, we went to school together in the 8th grade at Hendersonville, TN. I saw you perform on youtube.com. You are great! I recently won a singing contest where I live in Russellville, KY. My mother sang with Dinah Shore and she sang on WSM radio, known as Little Miss Dorothy years ago. It would be great to sing together sometime. check out me singing the winning song, 1970 hit , " Hey There Lonely Girl " by Eddie Holman. You can find me on you tube also by going to : tommy cravens , or ( new tommy cravens debflipshare) or ( new tommy cravens nealtaylor 42) let me know what you think. I would sure love to sing with you sometime. I sing all the classic rock oldies. I sound like Elvis, Dean Martin, Franki Valli, Billy joel Royal, Stylistics, to name a few.Maybe we can get a gig going for the Oldies. Give me a call- Tommy Cravens (615)934-1622.
From: Paul Smith
On: December 21, 2011 @10:06 am
merry christmas Carlene & family and have a gr8 2012 :-)
From: Ernest D. Parker
On: December 17, 2011 @01:28 pm
I wish you and your family the merriest of holiday times. I also hope that all of you were blessed many times over and abundantly. May the next year be ever so better than the past. Ever since your hit song "I Fell In Love", I have been a fan of yours and always will be. I wish I could find your music where I shop for my music because I don't feel comfortable ordering online. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
From: David Hall
On: December 16, 2011 @09:09 pm
Merry Christimas. Happy late Birthday. Enjoy Life.
From: bill mantor
On: December 16, 2011 @10:54 am
please, please do a concert in mpls mn.... mabe wait for summer... ive always liked your voice and ya write great songs as well...be well....bill mantor...
From: chris
On: December 16, 2011 @10:39 am
Does anyone know where I could buy the Dalhalla DVD? I would love to hear CC in surround sound. I know there is a SXSW DVD but probably not in surround.
From: Dalene White
On: December 15, 2011 @10:25 pm
Ooda Booda Girl!! Happy Belated B-day! I hope all is well with you. I am planning on moving back to Austin or To Nashville to be near my cousin!! Iv'e been keeping in touch with Ann Perkins, she's doing well too. Please write back if you can!! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!! dalene
From: Ann StMarie
On: December 15, 2011 @12:23 am
I wish you and all the Carter and Cash family a very Merry Christmas. May this be the very best Christmas ever.
From: Vidar Hoffstuen
On: December 14, 2011 @05:57 pm
Merry Christmas and happy new year to Carlene Carter and all of Carlin's fans. From a fans in Norway
From: James Bradley
On: December 14, 2011 @01:36 pm
Hi Carlene, Happy Birthday !! James Bradley
From: Royce Lee Brooks Jr
On: December 14, 2011 @01:12 pm
Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear! Hope to see ya soon
From: David Harrington
On: December 14, 2011 @11:43 am
I have been a fan for a long time. In 1993 I bought " Little Love Letters" while on my way to work in Syracuse, NY. I listened to the album on the trip, from the store to work. When I arrived at work and found out that the plant was closing and I would be out of work in 2 months. It was the third downsizing/closing in 12 years. When I left work that night, depressed and uncertain. When I started the car, the CD started up where it left off, playing; "Nowhere Train". I played it over and over all the way home. My wife and I were not the moving type, but That song got me thinking, and we ended up in Hickory, NC a few months later. It was the best move we ever made!! It was all because of that song. I am a bigger fan than ever now. So, please tell Casrlene that I love her music and will keep listening. She made a HUGE difference in my life, and my family's.
From: Linda Brooks
On: December 14, 2011 @11:15 am
Dropped by to say hello and wish oneday to know that Carlene will be coming to BC Canada. She so reminds me of her Gramma and her Mother, love her music forever, Happy Holidays love Linz
From: Dan Brunner
On: December 14, 2011 @08:29 am
Happy Birthday Carlene!!! I hope your day is wonderful and special. You deserve only the best. We love you!
From: Vera Birney
On: December 01, 2011 @04:16 pm
The best country rock I have ever heard!
From: Vera Elizabeth Birney
On: November 23, 2011 @03:05 pm
Have always loved Carlene's music and just recently viewed her performances on YouTube. She has a fantastic personality! I am the proud owner of her Platinum CD. and it has some great songs on it, especially the beautiful.....The Sweetest Thing.
From: Terje Aslesen
On: November 11, 2011 @05:49 pm
Hi Carlene. I can still remember my bigges moment in Norway. You had a concert nearby my homeplace. I`m wondering if you remember Hove? It shows that you have a BIG fanclub in litle Norway. My god you are my favorit!! Best Terje
From: Al Kuechler
On: October 23, 2011 @09:10 pm
Just enjoy listening to all of her songs and the feelings she shows when performing.
From: stephen r nixon
On: October 20, 2011 @01:24 pm
would love an autographed pic .... carlene is a true piece of american history please send to stephen r nixon po box 434 mishawaka in 46546
From: Mika from Finland
On: October 19, 2011 @02:24 pm
I love your voices and often listen when i drive my car in coyntry roads in Kauhava in Finland . I wish You Well !
From: michael
On: October 19, 2011 @09:21 am
Hey Y'all! Just curious, who was the young girl dancer wearing the two piece outfit in Carlene's "I Fell In Love" video? Anyone know? Thanks -Michael
From: Mike Konvicka
On: October 10, 2011 @05:55 pm
HI Was Carlene's first lp on the Reprise label "I Fell In Love" ever released on vinyl? Thanks Mike from Texas
From: Paul Okarma
On: October 03, 2011 @07:50 am
Happy Birthday! Hope you can get back to MA.
From: Pierre Le Cornec
On: October 03, 2011 @01:26 am
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARLENE!!!!! By the way, think you ever will play in Fairfax, CA ? I know you often play in Nicasio.... :)))))))))))))))))
From: Cord Cameron
On: September 28, 2011 @08:14 pm
I've always loved your stuff... since album #1. But since I still am a huge Dave Edmunds fan, my fave of yours is 'Baby Ride Easy'. I miss those days! I've never seen you perform live! Will you ever play in San Diego or nearby?
From: Katy Jane UK
On: September 28, 2011 @02:41 pm
Hope you had an awesome birthday hunny... be sure to let us know of any UK gig dates. The acoustic set you did in Bristol was amazing. xx
From: Eugene Zappasodi Jr
On: September 27, 2011 @08:04 am
Your music has touched me so. I wish you the best birthday
From: Mark X
On: September 27, 2011 @12:42 am
Hi Carlene. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you're having the best day ever.
From: Ray March
On: September 26, 2011 @07:57 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! I hope the next year is a great one for you! I've loved all your recordings and look forward to the next. Ray -
From: Dan
On: September 26, 2011 @07:22 pm
Happy Birthday to the girl who put the "try" in country...or something like that! You're still the rockinest chic country music has ever seen! Still your #1 fan in the universe - Dan
From: Gary Galbraith
On: September 26, 2011 @06:23 pm
Have a birthday thats as special as you are. Hope you & Joe are both well and we get to see you playing in Belfast again sometime soon. Thanks as always for the great music. Gary xoxox
From: Laura Livingston
On: September 26, 2011 @05:30 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! We hope your special day is fun & festive. Thank you SOOO much for all the joy you bring. Love Laura & Sam
From: Paul Smith
On: September 26, 2011 @04:06 pm
Happy birthday Carlene, hope you have had a great day x
From: Henriette Fjellhaug
On: September 26, 2011 @02:55 pm
Hi dear:)) HAPPY birthday to you, I hope you've had a wonderful day, with lots of fun! I hope your wishes came true, and I wish for you to have many many more wonderful times xD Still enjoying you great great music^^ xoxo <3
From: Ruth Mosher
On: September 26, 2011 @01:14 pm
Hi Carlene! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, today!! Hope you are having a wonderful day. All the Best to you! Ruth - Ontario, Canada
From: Barb
On: September 26, 2011 @01:12 pm
Happy Birthday, Carlene!!! You have given the world such a gift with your music, that I wish it was possible to give you back just as good a gift for your birthday. ENJOY and keep on keepin' on... Barb
From: Susan Waterworth
On: September 26, 2011 @11:47 am
Carlene, You and I are the same age and I have been a dedicated fan since your first album. Have met and talked with you along the way - Camden Roadhouse, some place in Reseda after Blue Nun came out (I told you you sounded like a 'soul mama' and you said " I am!" then went off to look for Nick). I am also a friend of Bill's and am faltering now. "Stronger" lifts me so much. You have always been an incredible songwriter ( how could JC not laud you for that???). Sorry, babbling. I love your music, your words, your voice, your soul. I hope you are healthy - and content. Please know you are loved. I hope you can find a way to get a new album out to the world. I used to work at Stiff so know the many roadblocks. I hate that crap is released continually when a soul mama like you has to fight for it. But you're so worth it. Thank you for the hours and hours and hours of heartfelt pleasure - and tears of recognition - you have given us. Susan
From: Bonnie
On: September 26, 2011 @11:28 am
Carlene Wishing you the happiest birthday ever and fab year to come :) You are the best & your music always makes me smile 8-)
From: Waldo
On: September 26, 2011 @10:41 am
Have a great and happy birthday :-)
From: Tom
On: September 26, 2011 @09:37 am
Dear Carlene, Happy Birthday. I have a crush on you! Love, Tom
From: Joe Clark
On: September 26, 2011 @09:21 am
Carlene, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from Buffalo, NY. Your music is the gift that keeps on giving. As my 3 year old daughter Capri said just yesterday, after listening to my "Little Love Letters" CD, "I want to hear Carlene again"! Believe me she will! Hoping to see you in concert again; may God Bless you and your entire family. Love. Joe Clark
From: Barry Strickland
On: September 26, 2011 @08:39 am
Happy Birthday young lady, enjoy!
From: Phil
On: September 26, 2011 @08:29 am
Hi Carlene and Happy Birthday -- come on back to DC/Northern VA in 2012! We loved your Barns of Wolftrap show in 2009!
From: Dan Brunner
On: September 26, 2011 @07:40 am
Happy Birthday Carlene!!!! We love you!
From: summer
On: September 26, 2011 @06:59 am
happy birthday carlene
From: Carol
On: September 26, 2011 @05:47 am
Happy Birthday CC
From: Vidar Hoffstuen
On: September 26, 2011 @05:30 am
A very happy Birthday to you Carlene, from Norway! Vidar
From: Bee Trevor
On: September 26, 2011 @05:06 am
Happy Birthday, have a fantastic day - indulge and be damned! xxx
From: rob
On: September 26, 2011 @05:03 am
A very happy Birthday to you Carlene!
From: Seamus O'Grady
On: September 26, 2011 @02:52 am
Happy birthday. Still remerber the GREAT show in The Tatch in Ireland. A GREAT GREAT show.
From: Margy
On: September 26, 2011 @01:04 am
Happy Birthday Carlene ! "We're only jealous 'cause you're so cool ! " " Trust Yourself ! "
From: Bill
On: September 25, 2011 @11:33 pm
Have a very happy, birthday Carlene! I've loved your music for years, and of course every time I find a "Road Show" pinball. I've no idea if it's still there, but they had a "Road Show" at the Tides in Bodega Bay, CA - yes, that's the bar/restaurant made famous in "The Birds" - and it was always fun to be there and hear you when I did well! Anyway, all the best, and many many more.
From: Dan Nester
On: September 25, 2011 @09:59 pm
Carlene, Have a very, very Happy Birthday. I have been enjoying your music for many years now and really love it. I would really love to see you in person someday. How about playing in Mississippi or I could go down to New Orleans or something like that ??
From: Tisatio
On: September 25, 2011 @06:46 pm
May I wish you a happy birthday, Carlene. Let it be a nice day and enjoy it. A big hug from Belgium.
From: Ron
On: September 25, 2011 @05:50 pm
On: September 25, 2011 @05:17 pm
From: Lasse Asplund
On: September 25, 2011 @03:06 pm
Happy birthday Carlene!! Hope to see you in Sweden soon.
From: Ernest D. Parker
On: September 25, 2011 @02:54 pm
I sincerely hope that you have an extra special day on your birthday. If you ever schedule an appearance in the area where I live, I'll be sure to see you. It would be nice if the county fair officials would ask you to come to the county fair in August. Have a very extra special day. Happy Birthday and many more.
From: Robert Matheu
On: September 25, 2011 @01:13 pm
Happy Birthday Doll! Miss you, see you soon I hope...
From: corey
On: September 25, 2011 @12:46 pm
carlene: sending you a little love letter on your birthday!
From: Wanda Bowling
On: September 25, 2011 @12:24 pm
Happy Birthday,Carlene!!!! I feel like I know you ,I have followed your life since you were born.I was one of your Daddy's biggest fans,Still miss him.
From: Sean Brady
On: September 25, 2011 @11:50 am
Carlene, Happy Birthday - have a wonderful day! Thank you for the wonderful contribution that you have contributed to the country music genre.
From: Treva Gilpin
On: September 25, 2011 @10:59 am
Happy birthday, Carlene! Have yourself a wonderful day! Also, thanks for not only your music but for helping keep the Carter Family and Carl Smith's music alive!
From: ann
On: September 25, 2011 @10:20 am
happy birthday have a wonderful day love you and your songs
From: Kim Hulett
On: September 25, 2011 @10:14 am
Happy Birthday, Please come to OKC to play or have a great day, your choice. Here's a hint, do both. I think Brad does a great job.
From: Steven Pearson
On: September 25, 2011 @10:08 am
Happy Birthday Carlene,would love you to come back to the UK and do stuff from the Cest C Bon album!!!Have a great day xxxxxx
From: Scott Mace
On: September 25, 2011 @10:05 am
Happy Birthday!!
From: glenn beckett
On: September 25, 2011 @10:00 am
happy birthday carlene!
From: larry murphy
On: September 25, 2011 @09:38 am
happy birthday
From: Steinar
On: September 25, 2011 @09:21 am
I wish you a happy Birthday. May God bless you and your Family.
From: bonnie stokes
On: September 25, 2011 @09:07 am
dear carlene, ms. bonnie. I hope that your birthday is everything you want it to be. God bless and have a great day. my prayer's are always with you and your family. take care, and keep writing songs for all of us. again, hb.e-mail me anytime you wish. would love to hear from you. maybe someday I will have the honor of meeting you.
From: Kenny Lee Norton
On: September 25, 2011 @09:04 am
I wish you a very blessed and happy birthday, Miss CC. I hope that your day is all joy and laughter, great food, and even better friends and family who bring loads of love. And I hope they make you sing something! Lots of love, from this old guitar player.
From: Bob Kluger
On: September 25, 2011 @08:49 am
Happy Birthday Carlene and many more!!!!
From: Birgit
On: September 25, 2011 @08:31 am
Hi Carlene, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.May your special day be filled with love and joy...<3<3<3
From: John L. Kilgore Sr.
On: September 25, 2011 @07:53 am
Have a great birthday and a prosperous career in the future. Cuz John Kilgore
From: john
On: September 25, 2011 @07:20 am
have a very happy birthday enjoy ur music love ur earilier songs thank you
From: Mark Cote
On: September 25, 2011 @07:01 am
I Hope you have a fantabulous birthday. May the child in your eyes bring a smiling surprise to each coming year.
On: September 25, 2011 @04:57 am
From: Liliane Vogler
On: September 25, 2011 @03:40 am
Happy Birthday to you, Carlene, like your music very much; unfortunately I missed the info that you came to Switzerland and so I wasn'th there
From: Patsy Elmore
On: September 25, 2011 @02:21 am
Happy. Birthday, lovely lady!!!!!
From: donnie baskette
On: September 25, 2011 @02:18 am
Carlene, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with everything been just right for you. May it be special in a way that makes you happy. Keep up the good singing and many more happy birthdays. Your Fan Donnie
From: Laret Jean-Pierre
On: September 25, 2011 @01:50 am
From: Kim
On: September 25, 2011 @01:46 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! Hope you had a great birthday and thank you for being true to yourself in your music and in life! I look up to you in my own songwriting and guitar playing. Keep the CARTER legacy alive!!!
From: Lynn
On: September 25, 2011 @01:25 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLENE! And best wishes for many more. I hope you have a great day. Thanks for making some of the best music I've heard. Lynn
From: Mickey Chamness
On: September 25, 2011 @12:40 am
Happy Birthday Carlene hoe you have a great day. I have one coming up january 19th the big 60. Take care and again hope you have a great birthday. Sincerely Mickey Chamness
From: Steinar Wiik
On: September 25, 2011 @12:38 am
Gongrats, keep on being the best!
From: michael g. batcho
On: September 25, 2011 @12:05 am
hey Carlene! just wanted to post "Happy Birthday" wishes to you! . . . you and your music are a presence in the world that brings a certain special magic . . whether it be a smile or a tear or "just plain happy"! . . . many blessings and graces wished your way on this day - Happy Birthday Carlene!
From: JCM
On: September 24, 2011 @11:47 pm
Hey Carlene, hope all is well with you and enjoy your 39th birthday again. Be good sweetheart and keep up the good work! JCM
From: Margy
On: September 22, 2011 @05:36 pm
You look so much like June now, Carlene ! I remember seeing her on TV with Johnny when I was a girl, I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.I love your music, your Hindsight 20/20 cd is in my permanent collection, of my untoppables. You will always be "So Cool" to me !
From: Barb
On: August 07, 2011 @02:01 pm
I just got my autographed picture of Carlene that I purchased from the fan club site - the picture is just STUNNING. All you fans out there would be thrilled to have one! Hey Carlene, I've been listening to you for years and I never, ever get tired of your music. I even have a mini-dachshund that I named My Dixie Darlin'. You have gone through a lot in your life but you indeed have gotten to be STRONGER than ever. You are a talented, beautiful person. Hope to see you in the NJ-NY-PA area soon!
From: Jennifer
On: August 05, 2011 @08:02 pm
Carlene is an amazing and beautiful talent. I love her music these days as much as back in the day. She rocks. I am a fan for life.
From: Dalene White
On: July 26, 2011 @07:34 pm
ooda booda girl! Just got in from driving down the Atlantic City coast with my convertable top down and plugged in your CD! It's great to see that you have another Album!! I'm going to buy it! Best of luck to you girl!! Remember the great times at the "Ranch"! love Day!!
From: Jay Schneider
On: July 24, 2011 @08:02 pm
Hi Carlene!! My name is Jay Schneider and I've been trying to contact you because I owe you a huge amends from the 90s while living in Santa Fe. Wally P. was to give you my phone number. I would like to speak with you if at all possible. Thank you for considering this request Carlene.
From: Rob Derrington
On: July 23, 2011 @10:55 pm
Hey Carlene! I'm Angie's bro from Hendersonville (Walt Sill family). I'm down in Houston Tx. in the oil business (pipeline). Just wanted to say, HELLO! Hope you get this email, it has been a long time since I have seen you. (2005 maybe) Anyway, drop me a line if you get time at RDerrington60@yahoo.com Hope all is well with you. Take care...
From: Steve Meek
On: July 21, 2011 @01:41 am
Thaks for the great music!
From: Margaret Cloud
On: July 18, 2011 @08:54 pm
I have been following your career for a long time (since you were a teenager). You have a very nice voice.
On: July 13, 2011 @12:00 am
From: lorna chartrand - dauphin manitoba canada
On: June 29, 2011 @12:33 am
i don't know if you would ever remember me but i worked with you at coutryfest when you came to perform here - just wanted to say hi and hope you are having a wonderful life - it's been years but i have always enjoyed your music - say hi to garry for me if he still works with you
From: Pam Smith
On: June 23, 2011 @09:29 am
Sister you are looking GOOD............. Can't wait until we get there. See you soon! Love ya
From: Gabriella Billeter
On: June 21, 2011 @06:49 am
Hey Carlene die Fotos sind wunderbar sehr sehr schön.Sie sehen aus wie ihre Mutter June Carter Cash so schön genau wie ihre liebe Mutter sehen Sie aus. Ich höre die Musik von June Carter Cash jeden Tag und das Lied Wildwood Flower Church in the wildwood / Lonesome Valley und natürlich will the circle be unbrocken . Ich bin froh Carlene, dass sie weiter Musik machen ich liebe ihre Musik ich bin froh dass es sie gibt Gott beschütze sie immer wie auch ihre liebe Family. Ich umarme sie von ganzem Herzen und ich werde immer ihre Musik in meinem Herzen haben weil eure Musik die Herzen öffnen und der Friede sich im Herzen gross macht. Danke für all die wunderbaren Lieder danke für Ihre Kraft die sie mir täglich geben danke an die ganze Carter Cash Family . Von Herzen sende ich euch liebe Grüsse aus dem Schweizerland wo ich zuhause bin . Ihre Gabriella
From: Becky Lynn Kansas City
On: June 20, 2011 @09:56 am
Carlene, any chance you will make it close to Kansas City in the near future? The family has asked mthat e to pass along that they would love to see you and get a quick visit in. You look absolutely great. You remind me of your mom...and we both know how beautiful your mom was. If you get a chance e-mail me and I'll get right back to you.
From: Matthew Ivy
On: June 08, 2011 @11:16 pm
I think one of Carlene's best songs was "mean't to be"I Love that song so much!! When I listen to it, it just makes me so happy and lifts my spirits!!
From: Treva
On: June 08, 2011 @10:00 pm
Carlene, So glad to hear you are doing a Carlene Carter "Carter Family" album. Will be looking forward to getting a copy of that one! Would love to hear one more "Carter Family" album featuring you and Lorrie. You two are the only ones left who can really do justice to that good "Carter Sister" sound. Maybe you can get Lorrie to join you on one or two numbers on your new album??? I enjoy Carlene Carter music but still miss that close family harmony of the Carters! Thanks,
From: Georgie
On: June 08, 2011 @08:06 pm
Thoroughly enjoy your website!! It's a great way for me to keep up with you and your music. I'm watching for a show near me in Central California. So glad to see you doing verrrrry well!!XOXO Georgie
From: Henriette Fjellhaug
On: June 08, 2011 @05:13 pm
Hi dear C.C. I am Henrietta 19 years old from Norway. I have seen the site before but never believed I could join it, mostly cause my internet lives it's own life. But finally it did not crash this time. The page is wonderful as are you. But sadly since I live in Norway I don't have that many chances seeing you. But thanks anyway for all your amazing work.:)
From: Joshua Henderson
On: May 29, 2011 @09:38 pm
I am Joshua, a Junior World Pinball Champion Player. At age 13 years old I am ranked 31 in the world and 14 in the USA. Thank you for contributing to pinball history with your music on the pinball machine "roadshow." My father and I drove specifically to a freinds house tp play a restored roadshow pinball machine . II played two games, the first I signed my name as the number 4 high score, the second, I signed as GRAND CHAMPION listen to your music. Your efforts, music and contribution will never be overlooked. Even more, than your music on raodshow, you have your picture on the backglass....Awsome.
From: Alex Nairn
On: May 28, 2011 @04:49 pm
Carlene Any chance of us seeing you again in the UK anytime soon? Thanks Alex
From: Birgit
On: May 25, 2011 @07:08 am
Hi Carlene, I hope you and Joe are doing fine. I'm looking forward to see you again on 06.25. in Interlaken / Switzerland.......Love you !!!!
From: Rebecca Trolin
On: May 06, 2011 @10:51 am
Hello dear Carlene ( or her webmaster? :P) I'm doing a schoolproject in my music class and diside to writhe aboute you/her. But i can't get any information? Pleas can you write som things i can have in my music project! hugs from sweden Rebecca ! :D
From: Tom
On: May 03, 2011 @07:40 pm
Hi Carlene, Hope you'll make it to the Northeast this summer!
From: Mike
On: April 26, 2011 @10:28 pm
We never got enough of Carlene. Never will. What kick-ass style with extreme feminine charm!
From: Ken
On: April 25, 2011 @02:10 am
Such a beautiful voice! I love her singing so much
From: Terje Aslesen
On: April 23, 2011 @09:42 pm
Yo Carlene. I can still remember your visit on Tromøy outside Arendal. Yes it`s a few years ago but I can still hear your beautiful voice that sings country music. And I like your father (and mother) as well. You just had to be a country singer, and thank god you did!!!!!!!!! I wish you good luck in the future Carlene. And please give us more album to listen to. Best regard Terje
From: Alberto Hidalgo
On: April 23, 2011 @12:15 pm
From: Carol
On: April 21, 2011 @05:36 pm
WOW CC...you look awesome woman. I like the hair even lol Your old neighbor.. C
From: Allan Cohen
On: April 12, 2011 @09:33 pm
I just love listening to you singing
From: Leif Ljungqvist
On: April 07, 2011 @12:05 pm
Hello, i think your best song is Unbreakabel Heart what a lovley song.
From: FaithTobin
On: April 06, 2011 @08:50 pm
Dear Carlene hello there my name is Faith Tobin and I've heard ya sing once on t.v.your'e absolutely lovely to listen to.luv,Faith p.s Faith Tobin@aol.com
From: Colin MacAulay
On: April 06, 2011 @06:01 am
G'day, I love listening to your music. One of my favourites is Come here you. Looking forward to seeing you downunder (in Austtralia). Cheers Colin
From: Joe Clark
On: April 01, 2011 @03:02 pm
Carlene~ I made a donation via paypal for your daughter. I met you when you performed in Buffalo NY this past winter. So sad to hear about the fire and hope all will be well in short order. Take good care, Joe Clark
From: Knut Eivind Busland
On: March 08, 2011 @01:09 pm
Are you relatet too Nick Carter and Aaron Carter?
From: Joe Clark
On: February 04, 2011 @11:24 am
Carlene! Me and my wife (Linda) are still talking about your show here in Buffalo last Friday, January 28th. "I Love You 'Cause I Want To" was my favorite song back in the day, and you opened the show with it! My little kids will know your music (they have been listening to "Stronger" all week) and appreciate your talent, rest assured! Many thanks for the photos and autographs, please come back this way again! Best Regards, Joe Clark
From: Gary Critcher
On: February 03, 2011 @04:19 pm
Hey Carlene! The first time I saw you 'live' was at a BBC radio studio in London back in 1981; 'In Concert'. You were allowed thirty minutes - not long enough! I still have that recording, great stuff ! all the best! Gary C
From: Mark Wagner
On: February 01, 2011 @08:41 pm
We really injoyed your show in Buffalo on January 28th. It was a great show , and with the Piano as your band,really highlights your voice even better than your album. Your Song STRONGER really spoke to us, We lost our Grandson last may he lived for 34 days. THANK YOU for such a heartfelt song. Mark Wagner
From: marlene
On: January 29, 2011 @11:47 pm
I love Carlene"s music,I think that she is the best singer in the world.I watch TNN and country Music video's in the 80's and i thought that Lorrie Morgan was good but Charlene is the best she sounds like her Mother.Charlene i hope that i will be able too see you in preson one of these day's.Take care , Marlene
From: Sara Radcliff
On: January 29, 2011 @10:18 pm
You are such a great singer. You have inspired me alot. Your songs are amazing and they tell a story or have a meaning to them all.
From: Georgia Green
On: January 29, 2011 @11:29 am
I saw Carlene at Kleinhan Music Hall in Buffalo NY last night, what an outstanding artist. Best of luck to her and her talent!
From: Steve
On: January 13, 2011 @07:26 pm
Hi Carlene, I was a school mate of yours at HHS. I only knew you because you were a cheerleader and I would mostly see you at the Friday Pep Rallies (at that time, I didn't even know who Johnny and June were). I was a new-comer to HHS only moving to Hendersonville from San Diego in 1969. Since that time, I have followed you off and on in the news and through your music. I am not a big fan of country music however, my wife is. I would love to see you if you are ever in the San Diego (I moved back in 1974) area. Give me a shout! Congratulations on your success!
From: Jan Weppelink
On: January 13, 2011 @11:42 am
Hello Is there someone they can put the movies from the fansite on dvd than i can play it on mij recorder in holland? Mij adres b.dijkema@upcmail.nl
From: roberto
On: January 12, 2011 @03:26 am
buenos dias. en principio felicitarte por tu trabajo me parece que eres una artista increible.no e tenido la oportunidad de verte ya que soy español.pero llevo siguiendo tu carrera y la de tu familia desde que tenia 15 años es decir ya hace unos 16...espero verte algun dia mientras tanto un caluroso abrazo.
From: Darla Glibbery
On: December 29, 2010 @10:18 am
I have always loved Carlene's voice. I remember hearing it for the first time back in 1991, and the radio announcer said it was "Carlene Carter" and that was it for me. I, personally think that she is the most vocally gifted person in the Carter Family(Anita is a close second). I am so happy that she is still doing music. In my opinion, she is one of the most overlooked performers in country music. Carlene, thank you for sharing your music with the world! You are awesome!
From: Priscilla
On: December 28, 2010 @02:54 am
Good day will Carlene Carter arise, also into Switzerland on?
From: Joleen
On: December 26, 2010 @03:15 pm
It's so great to see that you're performing again! Saw you on TV this morning and it was like running into an old friend, one whose family we've known for years. Happy Holidays and I hope we see you again soon!
From: Kara
On: December 23, 2010 @11:27 pm
Merry Christmas Carlene!
From: Bob Douglas
On: December 13, 2010 @12:11 pm
A great site. Please keep it going. Love you all. Bob
From: Angie
On: December 12, 2010 @09:44 pm
As u get older u look like your mother more and more each day. I hope u come back to canada pleaseee. Your a very pretty lady and i love the way you handle yourself on stage its just awsome to watch. Merry X-Mas to u and your family
From: Dan
On: December 12, 2010 @02:30 pm
Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone can make out all of the lyrics to "A 55 Telecaster Under My Tree"? I have loved this song for years but can't sing along with it! Help us out, CC! Wishing you a "rockin' little Christmas" CC...and a Happy New Year, too. And yeah, I know that was cheesy as all hell! Love ya lots! Your biggest fan in the universe, Dan XOXOX
From: cindy clary
On: December 12, 2010 @02:23 am
I saw you at in kannockiti not sure of spelling in lake county California with patty loveless, both of you were great. Lorrie Morgan was also to be there, but she was sick. It was mu Birthday present, it was the best birthday I ever had, it was in 1998, I think. I love you
From: Carlene Hansen
On: December 01, 2010 @04:18 pm
My name is carlene as well although I can't say I am singer. Haha just thought I would see who shares my name as well.
From: michelle wagner
On: November 30, 2010 @08:15 pm
Hey Girl, I know you went through some hard times, my mom passed away shortly after yours, damn that hurt. I have a new life now, no more shit! Happyness is cool isn't it? You know I love you forever, Michelle
From: Christer Palmgren, sweden
On: October 23, 2010 @04:39 pm
For the first, my english writing aren´t perfect. we met i Silkeborg, Denmark in august. I saw that you was not alright.(we were staing att the same artist hotel.)I have thought many thoughts about you, and how you are. I hope that you now are feeling better. Hope to se you on some stage in sweden, denmark och norwidgen soon. Love Christer
From: jill
On: October 20, 2010 @10:11 pm
Thinkin' bout you again and thankful for the music...hope you are well.
From: margaret lambert
On: October 19, 2010 @05:21 am
love the carter girls.everybody in nashville thought i was a carter. i told them i wish i was.im 55 also. happy belated birthdaygod bless you.
From: Dan
On: October 17, 2010 @08:28 pm
Hi Carlene - From videos and pictures, I've seen that you put your autoharp in your show! That's sooooo awesome! Please, please, please come do a show close to Pittsburgh! Hope to see you soon! xoxox Dan
From: Kim
On: October 14, 2010 @01:38 pm
Hey Carlene. Just wanted to wish you a belated birthday and many Thanks for keeping the family name alive and well you keep putting out the cd's and my husband, who is a huge fan of yours..will keep on buying!!!
From: suzanne vierling
On: September 29, 2010 @01:42 pm
Hi Carlene! We are looking forward to seeing you at the Clark Center here in CA on Friday night! We'll be celebrating my husband's birthday with dinner and then your show! I didin't realize you two shared the 26th of September as your special day. Maybe we could arrange a meet n'greet before or after the show? We can take you out on the town afterward, or go for a great dinner beforehand if you'd like! Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead. ~ Suzanne Vierling (SBV@aol.com)
From: Dan
On: September 26, 2010 @09:50 pm
Hi Carlene! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday today! Hope it's a great one with lots of cake and presents! I also hope you are planning to "come on back" to Pennsylvania soon! Would love to see you again live! All the best - Dan, your number 1 fan
From: summer levine
On: September 26, 2010 @08:46 pm
happy birthday carlene
From: Rob Marques
On: September 26, 2010 @06:27 pm
Hi Carlene, i just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Glad you're back with us. Sorry i missed you the last time you were around CT. But i know our paths will cross again. One time we met you told me that because i had all you albums that i must be as "old as durt too." If you ask me we're just Diamonds in the rough. And yours is full of clarity. Again, Happy birthday!
On: September 26, 2010 @02:39 pm
From: Ruth Mosher
On: September 26, 2010 @12:10 pm
Hi Carlene: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! Hope all is well. Ruth - Ontario, Canada
From: Eva
On: September 26, 2010 @10:07 am
Happy birthday, Carlene ! Eva in Prague
From: Birgit ---- Germany
On: September 26, 2010 @08:05 am
Hi Carlene, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May your special day be filled with LOVE & JOY..Have a wonderful Sunday.. I love your CD'S and hope you'll come back to Interlaken or somewhere in Germany....I enjoyed each concert and the Wildwood Flower Musical.... Much love, Birgit
From: David Casey (The Hunt Guy)
On: September 26, 2010 @08:02 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! Many happy returns!!
From: Bob Reichers ~ WJZF FM Maine USA
On: September 25, 2010 @07:41 pm
Happy birthday Carlene from your pals at WJZF radio in Maine ! Come back soon !
From: Robert
On: September 25, 2010 @05:13 pm
Happy birthday Carlene! May the HEAVENLY FATHER gives you many years of happiness and joy with all your family and your fans who loves you so much! Keep rolling and never stop! From Puerto Rico with love! Robert
From: Keith Brocking
On: September 24, 2010 @10:19 am
hi carlene , hope you and the family are well , great to see you when you came back to putney london , you were great fun , as always and you wasn,t too bad at singing amongst all of those jokes , can,t wait to see you performing again , have a fantastic birthday you deserve all the luck in the world Keith x
From: Lynn Hadley
On: September 23, 2010 @11:04 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene and best wishes for many more! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. You're very special. Love, Lynn
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: September 23, 2010 @09:12 pm
just wanted to droop a note to say "Happy Birthday" to Carlene . . . i hope its a happy one and a blessed one and followed by many blessed years more yet to come . . .
From: Paul Okarma
On: September 23, 2010 @12:59 pm
Happy birthday, Carlene! Hurry back to New England.
From: JC Mac Intosh
On: September 22, 2010 @10:07 pm
Hey Carlene, have a healthy and happy one darlin, till next time, JC
From: keith murphy
On: September 21, 2010 @04:26 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene, I am Keith a BIG Fan of yours for a long time, you are my favourite singer in the whole world !'Best wishes and good health to you and your family. Keith Murphy Burlington,Canada
From: Stephanie Piccirilli
On: September 21, 2010 @04:06 pm
Hi Carlene, here's wishing you a happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well! How's Joe and your family ? I hope they are all well.This is from your buddies that swam with the dolphins in Jamaica with you.I hope you get this and write back to me. Love, Steph & Joe Piccirilli
From: Vivian Lindstrom
On: September 21, 2010 @01:12 am
Happy Birthday Carlene, please come to Vancouver, Canada. I would love to see you in concert again. Vivian
From: Ray Copeland
On: September 20, 2010 @05:38 pm
Happy Birthday to be the best female vocalist in the last thirty year and the song The Sweetest Thing!!!!!
From: chris liotta
On: September 20, 2010 @02:12 pm
its a kisss when you kiss my lips k its a kiss when you touch my lipd i just cant stop falling in love with you baby don/t yuo worrt about me i just can/t stop thinking about you a song for you from chris liotta its a kiss
From: Kevin
On: September 20, 2010 @01:44 pm
I am very glad to wish CC a very happy birthday, for this or any other year! Carry on, Queen of Country! Lost of love from your fans in Austin!
From: Pat Parker Dean
On: September 20, 2010 @01:11 pm
Happy Birthday to one HHS Commando from another. I love your music. My favorite is Wildwood Rose.
From: Laret Jean-Pierre
On: September 20, 2010 @01:14 am
Very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a belgian fan,who like all your music,all you are doing..and all the musicians of June family,best wishes to you and to my"belgian cousin",Brad....Jean-Pierre
From: Candy Price
On: September 20, 2010 @12:25 am
Carlene, I enjoy your music very much. I used to listen to it with my best girlfriend/sister, Becky Lynn. I've lost her now because of something very stupid I did. If you have a best friend that you consider your sister, hold on to her tight and don't take her love for granted because believe me, when you lose your best friend, you've lost everything. Sincerely, Candy (Carpenter) Price carpenter-price@att.net
From: Marty Campbell
On: September 19, 2010 @10:26 pm
Happy birthday Carlene! Hope to see you in Canada soon! Marty Campbell Red Deer, Alberta
From: paul
On: September 19, 2010 @10:03 pm
happy birthday have a good one from paul love&kiss
From: chris liotta
On: September 19, 2010 @09:53 pm
this is a song i made in my heart don/t tell no one i am falling apart lets get togeather and have a good time this is a birthday song for you happy birthday carlene happy birthday carlene this song is for you from chris liotta happy birthday
From: Jo Anna Strickland
On: September 19, 2010 @06:52 pm
Happy Birthday!
From: Larent Charbonneau
On: September 19, 2010 @06:40 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene and many more hope You have a great one take care cause we care
From: leann
On: September 19, 2010 @03:30 pm
happy birthday carlene hope you have a good one
From: Seamus O'Grady
On: September 19, 2010 @03:18 pm
Happy Birthday Hope to see & hear you again at the Thatch near Tullamore in Ireland. Super memories Seamus
From: Michael Phillips
On: September 19, 2010 @12:33 pm
Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Still wish you could get down to Arkansas for a show sometime. I'd give anything to finally see you put on a show. I'm still one of your biggest fans. Take Care.
From: Fortune McLemore
On: September 19, 2010 @11:51 am
Happy birthday to a beautiful, super-talented, and special artist. I hope you have many more, and that life continues to bless you. Fortune will smile on you - literally! (Sorry...had to make that joke!)
From: Tammy Faye Starlite
On: September 19, 2010 @11:34 am
Oh Carlene - hope you have a beautiful birthday next week - you are amazing and I hope you play NYC tres soon! With much love and adoration - Tammy
From: chris liotta
On: September 19, 2010 @09:32 am
i would love tp send her a birthday card for her birthday i am off the kidney machine i wish you a happy birthday from my heart and keep on smileing cause we will never part happy birthday from chris liotta tulsa okla
On: September 19, 2010 @09:19 am
From: Sue Davenport
On: September 19, 2010 @08:57 am
Happy birthday, carlene
From: Joan Elliott
On: September 19, 2010 @07:25 am
Hi Carlene, Have a wonderful birthday and come to Toronto, Canada .... would love to see you! Love Joan Elliott
From: John Doyle
On: September 19, 2010 @06:10 am
Have a wonderful birthday. Thanks too for a fantastic evening at The Thunderbolt in Bristol in March. Hope to see you in England again soon.
From: emmafarrell
On: September 19, 2010 @05:42 am
happy birthday
From: Ann Munday
On: September 19, 2010 @05:11 am
I added some photos from our vacation in Jamaica, but not the tattoo
From: Carolyne BAUDIN
On: September 19, 2010 @04:46 am
Hi Carlene, I send you a lot of Heart for your HAPPY BIRTHDAY
From: Lotti Hutmacher
On: September 19, 2010 @03:55 am
Hello Carlene Happy Birthday To You...! I wish you all the best for your future and hope to see you soon in Switzerland. Lotti Hutmacher
From: Pauli Thorsen
On: September 19, 2010 @03:36 am
Happy Birthsday 26 Sept Carlene Hope you and your family have a nice day from us Bornholm Denmark
From: Benny Landa
On: September 19, 2010 @02:35 am
Hey there Carlene! Your old buddy Benny is wishing you a happy awesome birthday! Miss ya.hugs,Benny
From: Amanda
On: August 22, 2010 @01:10 am
Hello, I am doing some research on my family. I have been told that somehow I was kin to Carl Smith. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the names of his parents and any other information would be helpful.
From: Manfred Gerspacher
On: August 12, 2010 @01:02 pm
Hello I saw Carlene last week in Denmark, Silkenborg. I was the very first I time saw her it was very good. Thank you Carlene and rock on.
From: david harvey
On: August 11, 2010 @01:42 pm
Hey Carlene. I was just thinking about you. Hope you are staying busy working on your music. You know you are a pretty special fascinating person. Remember we love you and still think about you. From a real Tennessee-Arkansas man David in Memphis, I will forever love you, Johnny and June.
From: Donna Erskine
On: August 08, 2010 @02:16 pm
Hello! I listened to the directv. concert. I was enthralled. I "grew up" with your family, from all sides. Thank you Carlene. Your songs from the pain in your soul resonated with mine. Yours Truly, Donna Erskine
From: Margaret Cloud
On: July 13, 2010 @11:33 am
When I discovered You.tube music I was instantly cast under a spell of Country Music. I love June & Johnny Cash, they are and were wonderful singers. Then I discovered Carlene when she sung with the Carter family and I am now on her music video and just love her, just like her mom. Carlene's style of singing is unique, she is country and rock and roll and pop, all rolled up in one. I am glad she has carried on the Carter/Cash music legend. Carlene, you remind me of your mom when singing, please stay with us forever. love Margaret Cloud
From: Geir Nymo
On: June 30, 2010 @03:54 pm
Great singer, love her music :)
From: Scott and Teresa
On: June 26, 2010 @10:04 am
We just saw you for the fist time on DirectTv concert series and it was great, really great. We would love to see you live in concert. Are you planning any shows in the Houston Tx area any time in the near future ?
From: Becky Lynn
On: June 22, 2010 @09:30 am
Carlene...is there any chance you will come back to Kansas City. I would love to see you. Joe and I and the boys hasve a spread outside KC and I would love to have yhou and your Joe out for a down home dinner. I could invite Aunt Becky's girls down too. We all talk about your Mom and Dad...in fact I ran across some pictures of our parents on a picnic out on Roy Acuff lake when we were really, really young. Lova ya and hope to hear from ya soon
From: Tiff Prendergast
On: June 21, 2010 @03:05 pm
hey carlene luv yr music especially every little thing
On: June 20, 2010 @02:30 pm
From: guy & muriel
On: June 20, 2010 @12:38 pm
I saw you in Dallas I saw you in Interlaken now i'm waiting you in france ! we love you
From: Edward Stotts
On: June 20, 2010 @12:23 pm
I been a fan from the beginning.You have always been a sincerely talented & attractive lady.
From: Chaz Worthington
On: June 20, 2010 @10:07 am
Carlene,Big fan for a long time !!When are coming to the Minneapolis/Saint paul area ?
From: christer jacobsson
On: June 20, 2010 @06:24 am
I love your music carlene.I hopes your come to sweden in summer Stronger cj
From: louise logan
On: May 17, 2010 @08:47 am
Your music touches my heart Carlene. Louise louise.logan@v1s0r.net
From: Jennifer Kluver
On: May 11, 2010 @07:50 pm
Carlene--I remember seeing you perform 20 years ago and thinking what a beautiful voice and a beautiful lady--I still listen to your music all the time--You've done some great things in your life---Still a beautiful voice and a beautiful lady--All the pictures of you with your family show your happiness--So happy for you--
From: clint ramsden
On: May 06, 2010 @10:28 pm
dear Carlene Carter you are one of a kind i love your music you are a great singer in my heart i do write music as well and i do sing as well so keep up the good work and i loved your dad Johnny and June they had great music. and i would love to meet you someday sinded Clint
From: Renee Panapa
On: May 03, 2010 @12:02 am
Where can I buy guitar chords for Carlene's songs please? Specifically, I'd love Wastin' Time With You and I Love You Cause I Want To.
From: Ruby Davis
On: April 30, 2010 @02:55 pm
Carlene,I have been a fan of yours for a long time,I am 71. Also fan of your parents,Saw you in Louisville a few years back with Clint Black and Merle Haggard. You were great,as I knew you would be.Many happy days to you and family. Your friend,Ruby Davis.
From: Joan Beck
On: April 27, 2010 @10:13 am
Hello Carlene, I just wanted to say my husband and I loved seeing you at Stagecoach this past weekend. It was great seeing you for the first time and we really had a great time hearing your music and story. We would love to see you again this way sometime. Hope we will soon! You are wonderful! Very Sincerely, Joan Beck
From: jennifer
On: April 23, 2010 @04:18 pm
Saw u in INVERNESS SCOTLAND...1st time,really really enjoyed ur gig!! Thanx for ur wee chat and autograph. x
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: April 19, 2010 @07:09 am
just a "follow up" . . . Shadoe Steele played "The Sweetest Thing(Remembering)" as the selection on his Saturday Night At The Oldies program this past saturday night. and i was happy he chose this one because it is my favorite of all of Carlene's recordings: a beautiful melody and beautiful lyric delivered with Carlene's magical beautiful voice and style . . .
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: April 17, 2010 @08:02 pm
i e-mailed a song request to a local "oldies" radio program for a Carlene Carter song: either "The Sweetest Thing (Remembering)" or "Everey Little Thing" . . . WKRZ 98.5 FM's "Saturday Night At The Oldies" with Shadow Steele . . . they now only play songs dating back to the seventies as "oldies" - ha! the younger listeners can't rememeber back any farther i suppose. it's hard to think of a Carlene Carter record as "an oldie" . . . but they are always "a goodie". :)
From: Avryl
On: April 14, 2010 @02:29 pm
Love Every Little Thing, it brings special memories back for me. Good luck. We were in Switzerland when you were in Liverpool, would have loved to have seen you.
From: Michelle Green
On: April 14, 2010 @01:29 am
I knew I knew your music! It was an honor to meet you.
From: Victoria
On: April 07, 2010 @05:25 pm
On: April 07, 2010 @05:22 pm
I was doing some research on the Carter Family music & biograophy's for my parents. I was raised by Mother Maybelene,June,&Johnny Cash tunes.I am also aware of a few tunes by Roseanne Cash. I was so excited to find wonderful cd's & biography's of both Anita (June's sister) & Carlene (June's daughter). I am looking forward to seeing the faces of my parents as they listen to Anita. I'm sure memories will flow back. I truely enjoy Carlene's style of music. I have listened to them many times in the past few days. I just read a few of her biographies as I was listening to her amazing voice. I was moved by heartfelt singing & it brought tears to my eyes as i was reading of her memories of her youngest sister Rosie. My heart goes out to Carlene. I was also impressed of how she spoked of her family members. They brought smiles to my heart. I also shared a few giggles with her as she shared a few fond silly memories. Carlene, I am looking forward to getting your latest cd called "" STRONGER ""... as you spoked of how some of these tunes are very sentimental to your heart & dedicated to family members such as your sister Rosie & of your father Carl Smith. Thank you Carlene for sharing not only your talent of singing & songwriting but also sharing of yourself. You're awesome & I will definitey share my music with my family & friends so they too can get to know of your talents.
From: Ernest D. Parker
On: April 04, 2010 @01:57 pm
She is a one-of-a-kind of an entertainer. I can't get enough of her music. I would like to meet her in person and talk with her as a friend.
From: Janet Kirbo
On: March 28, 2010 @01:44 pm
I have listened to the Carters since I was a baby. I love you all. Carlene I want you to know I think you have the tightest band I have ever heard in my life. I am 76 years old and was married to a musician for 44 years , so I have heard a bunch of bands. I want an album, with the songs on the 101. Is it still possible to get one? I just heard you this week for the 1st time in years and I love you girl. You are still great.
From: Victoria
On: March 26, 2010 @06:35 am
Justsaw your show on REEL and loved it!!! Your beautiful voice really is amazing.I just found your fan club site. I am looking forward to getting your CD. Guardine angel brought tears to my eyes. You are awesome. Keep up the great job.
From: Greg ,UK
On: March 14, 2010 @09:02 am
Went to see Carlene in Bristol,on the 15th,March.Great show,loved the songs,loved the stories.Followed her career for a long time,really great to get to see her,she's looking well and I think she is a brave lady and wish her all the best for the future. Looking forward to the new album,take care.x
From: Karen Sico
On: March 14, 2010 @07:22 am
Talent, talent, talent.
From: Kimberly Clare
On: March 13, 2010 @06:55 am
I have missed her music! I was a huge fan back in the late 70s/early 80's while in high school. Great to see her back!!! Best of Luck, Carlene!
From: Joe and Diane
On: March 13, 2010 @03:41 am
We saw Carlene yesterday (12th March 2010) in Bucks and it was great. The songs that she sung were sung from the heart and had meaning. We also loved the stories that were told inbetween songs and to be in a church hall with carlene, her guitar, a piano and her piano player was just awesome. Finally, to have my cd signed by her and to personally chat and have a photo with her made our evening. We could have spent all night talking with her, she was so friendly. All the best and a safe trip back home.
From: Jeff Atencio
On: March 13, 2010 @03:32 am
It is great to see you are still putting out music. I remember the few times you were in Santa Fe in the early to mid 90's. Hope to run into you if you should ever come back to little old SF and visit the La Fonda. Back then I worked for the gallery "Prairie Edge". I remember you were so funny and outgoing. Thanks again for "Little Love Letters" still one of my favorite albums to listgen to as I walk around the plaza during Indian Market.
From: Ian
On: March 12, 2010 @04:33 pm
Caught CC for the first time in many years (the Kraft Tour in 97?)at Lathones near St.Andrews. It was great to see her looking so healthy and sounding wonderful and the up-close venue (it only holds 50 people) was just perfect. Finally got my I Fell In Love poster signed!
From: Tim Lole
On: March 12, 2010 @12:46 pm
A big thank you to this site for alerting me to the recent tour of the UK. I probably would not otherwise have been aware of it. By happy co-incidence I was due to be in Inverness the day Carlene was playing there. I hadn't been able to make previous shows in the UK over the last two years so this was going to be the one. The last time I saw Carlene live would have been early 1990's, probalby the Town & Country in London. I've changed, she's changed so I was prepared to be underwhelmed. But, the gig was amazing, totally on song from the first second. The new songs (dare I say it) so much better hearing them live. A performance of ehthusiasm, verve, vivaciousness. Her singing and playing stunning, spine tingling stuff. She looked good, sounded great. Praise too for the venue though, the acoustics were brilliant. The magic is truely alive. I'm thrilled. I hope she gets to see some of these comments. She must know hoe good this show was. Tim Lole
From: patrick mc cole
On: March 04, 2010 @01:29 am
Carlene when I see you on SUNDAY 7TH MARCH in the famous CAVERN CLUB in LIVERPOOL I will give you a cd of my young friend from ALLERTON,LIVERPOOL ( NATHAN CARTER ) he is only 19 and is going to be big in the country scene.At present is touring Ireland with GEORGETTE JONES/BILLIE JO SPEARS in IRELAND.A lovely young man for you to watch out for when he comes to NASHVILLE in the near future.
From: patrick mc cole
On: March 04, 2010 @01:20 am
Sorry to hear about your father,s recent death.My wife PAMELA died last MAY an I know how you must be feeling.I am looking forward to seeing u in LIVERPOOL on SUNDAY March 7th. I saw your mum and Johnny Cash IN THE EMPIRE THEATRE about 1969.
From: LindonDuke
On: March 01, 2010 @01:21 am
Hello Carlene and Joe from Round Valley, although I now work in Laytonville still living in Covelo.
From: mandy johnson
On: February 28, 2010 @11:06 am
looking forward to seeing you in liverpool next week carlene.
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: February 28, 2010 @03:37 am
Let us know when you will be playing Memphis or close-by....Carl & Sandy
From: Greg Udell,UK
On: February 27, 2010 @06:15 pm
Hi Carlene,hope all is well with you,looking forward to seeing you in Bristol,UK, on Friday,take care,all the bestx
From: kathy srutowski (orourke)
On: February 27, 2010 @01:51 am
i have the year book from 1970. i see that 1970 was your oldest picture on this page
From: Martin
On: February 26, 2010 @04:26 pm
It was july 1998. I've got no job but I've bought a grey/blue '82 Chevrolet Camaro. I drove throughout switzerland and I've heard always your music... Today I will remember me! Memories of a great time will come back and I love your music like in the first days! Thank you for the music, Martin
From: Robert Hall
On: February 16, 2010 @11:25 pm
Carlene!... What else can I say but THANK YOU for coming to the Water Street Cafe in Fall River on Feb 15th,you put on a great show, and it was very nice of you to do a meet & greet afterwards,and to let me have the honor of spending some time with you,and tell you about my friend who loved you so much that we lost in 1994.. You bring so much joy into people's lives,and your songs really touch their souls..and I was very impresed with your talent on the guitar and autoharp,your amazing!..Mike on the keyboards was great also.. I told you how I was only able to attend last nights show, due to some "luck",I won 40 dollars on 2 dollar lottery scratch ticket the night before.. ..but on my way home,I was thinking about my late friend,and how he loved your song "Gaurdian Angel"..and couldn't help but wonder if it were just "coincidence" I won that money,and you came close enough to my home town to perform,and I was able to get there..or was it??.. God bless you Carlene,safe travels and I hope you have lots of good shows and fun "across the pond"!.please come back to MA again soon!.. Thanks also to Jeanne at the Water Street Cafe for hosting such an intimate show and being so hospitable too,I thouroghly enjoyed the evening,and hope to see more shows there someday!.. Robert
From: andy kerrison
On: February 15, 2010 @04:00 pm
dear carlene sorry to hear about your dad i know its not easy its a big adjustment i lost my dad some time ago i know how i felt just like to say please accept our love at this sad time and give your self time to adjust.Love ya loads just one of many fans,andy kerrison,uk
From: chris
On: February 14, 2010 @01:35 pm
my heart goes out to you on valintines day with sweet kisses from me to you , and i hope you have a happy one to
From: Chris Carr
On: February 14, 2010 @04:13 am
Sorry about your father's passing. I just watched and enjoyed your concert on Direct TV. Watching your concert brought fond memories of when I met Johnny Cash in Destin, FL -- summer 1987. I love your music as well as your entire fmaily's music.
From: Greg Udell
On: February 13, 2010 @03:30 pm
Sorry,for the late condolences for the lose of your father.His music will live on!!x Really glad to hear you are coming to the UK,really looking forward to seeing you in Bristol on March,5th.
From: Mark
On: February 10, 2010 @09:58 pm
My condolences on losing your father....my mother passed last year and I understand the pain. My apologies for the late condolences, I just found your site today and found out that he had passed on. I thank you for your music, I was a DJ when Love Like This came out, and I have loved that song ever since. Take care of yourself, my best wishes go with you. Mark
From: Jan Howard
On: February 10, 2010 @06:09 pm
Dear Carlene, Looking at your picture, I see the strength and character of your mom and dad. But it has always been there. The last time I saw you,there were tears,but they would both want you to be strong, and you are. An appropriate title for your cd; Stronger. I'm so glad you have Joe,and an amazing talent. I love you, Jan
From: Asta Pitkänen
On: February 10, 2010 @06:55 am
Hello Carlene, My deepest condolences to your for the death of your father. The sorrow takes time, perhaps years. But it has to go through. I hope you soon will feel yourself strong enough to go on. your Finnish fan Asta
From: Claudia
On: February 09, 2010 @09:54 pm
Carlene, at this difficult time please take comfort in knowing how beautiful the music will be that will greet us when it is our turn to arrive in heaven. It must be one great jam session up there. Take care, God bless, and please never stop sharing your gift of song with us. You are truly loved.
From: Jeremy Butler
On: February 08, 2010 @09:32 am
Just discovered your site and to Carlene and her family, a profound sadness on the passing of her father, the late, great Carl Smith. Always thinking the world of Carlene. Please come to Canada sometime!!!
From: Shirley O
On: February 08, 2010 @09:11 am
So sorry to hear about your father. My thoughts are with you and your family during this time. I also saw you in concert on TV the other day. You are still great!
From: Jeff G
On: February 07, 2010 @08:06 pm
Hi Carlene, Thinking of you and your family in the loss of your dad. Take care and know us fans love you.
From: lilliean cormier
On: February 05, 2010 @03:44 pm
My condolence goes out to you and your family he will be missed dearly. I love your music so much it helps me with my cancer the music is so uplifting to me thank you
From: Barbara
On: February 05, 2010 @11:54 am
Dear Carlene,i just want to send you my condolences for your dad's passing.So sorry about that. Love Barbara from Italy
From: Jim Pearson/Abe Cross
On: February 04, 2010 @11:09 pm
Carlene, So very sorry to hear about your Dad.....sorry also that these words are so late....try to draw from all the strength and positivity that is coming from our Prayers and Good Thoughts to you and your family at this difficult time. We all Love ya girl!!!!
From: Paul h
On: February 04, 2010 @06:05 pm
Hi Carlene,looking forward to seeing you in putney,can you perform some songs from the cest c bon album please?
From: Angela Doudrick
On: February 04, 2010 @04:05 pm
Dear Carlene, I am so sorry to hear about your father's passing. I know it is so hard when you loose a loved one. Just stay strong and time will heal. I know it is hard to stay positive at a time like this but I know you are a strong person and somehow find good in it. He is up there watching and keeping you safe along with Johnny and June, Rosie ,Goldie,and your grandma Maybelle your fan in PA, Angie
From: Paul Holland
On: February 04, 2010 @01:40 pm
Hi Carlene,so sorry to hear about your Dad,be strong and look forward to seeing you live in downtown Putney on the 3rd,please please do some stuff from the Cest C Bon album,Its my number 1 choice for the desert Island!!
From: bob Hutt
On: February 04, 2010 @01:30 pm
hi always loved your music. saw wildwood flower play twice in Nashville.it was great. Loved your mom amd Johnny.
From: Elizabeth DeMoss
On: February 04, 2010 @11:27 am
I am very sorry to hear about your dad's death. i was a very big fan of your mom, eventhough I am only 15.
From: kristen chant
On: February 04, 2010 @08:01 am
i am 34 yrs old and have always been a big fan of the original carter family music, with A.P. and Maybelle. have read several books and am a huge Johnny Cash fan. I was so sad to hear of the passing of Carl Smith. I would love to see Carlene and Rosanne Cash in concert.
From: Eva
On: February 04, 2010 @05:53 am
Dear Carlene, I'm a member of your step sister Kathy's website. She told to all of us about passing of your dad. I'm so sorry that it happened. Only one positive thing that I can say to oyu about it is that he's another guardian angel. I know i tmust be hard for you. When we lost somebody, it is always very sad. We also had a funeral in my family. My grandmother (mother of my dad) passed away. You're in my thoughts. Thank you for being so great person. Eva, your fan in Czech Republic
From: Lynn Hadley
On: February 03, 2010 @08:50 pm
Hi Carlene, I was saddened to hear of your father's passing. Please try to be comforted by the fact that there's one more angel in Heaven looking out for you.
From: Jill
On: February 03, 2010 @08:43 pm
Wishing Carlene and her family strength and comfort in this time of loss, but also joy in one another's company and the sharing of positive memories...
From: Stephanie Piccirilli
On: February 03, 2010 @06:58 pm
Dearest Carlene, WE are so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. I will keep you in my prayers ! Love Always, Steph & Joe
From: Andy Larsen
On: February 03, 2010 @06:25 pm
Carlene, I am so thankful for your music, and for how it has touched me and been a blessing to me at key times in my life. I feel it in my veins, and right down into my boots. Please know that you have an impact on people. So in that light I am especially saddened that you have lost your papa, and for your hurting. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God Bless.
From: Michael
On: February 03, 2010 @05:50 pm
Dear Carlene, my sympathy and prayers are with you. I lost my mother 3 months ago so I know the sadness you feel. God bless and keep you safe.
From: terry oliver
On: February 03, 2010 @01:21 pm
carlene iam very sorry for your loss i loved your dad and his music i love you keep in touch terry oliver
From: Dave Schnur
On: February 03, 2010 @12:53 pm
dear: to my wonderful and very very gorgeous country singer to carlene carter, i am truly so sorry to hear about your dad that passes away way back on january 16, 2010. and that i`m sure that your beautiful dad will always be in your prettiest and most lovely and loving heart of yours of all time and forever and for good too. and he will always be in your heart forever too. and most of all i will always be in your heart too. baby girl. ps. please write soon. and most of all I LOVE YOU TOO and do you love me too as well? your country cd is the perfect too and most of all I LOVE IT TOO. JUST LIKE I LOVE YOU TOO. well take care now and god bless and good luck to you in the future too. well bye now.
On: February 03, 2010 @12:26 pm
You are still getting winks from your Grandma......Keep the beautiful music coming
From: David Dean
On: February 03, 2010 @12:03 pm
God Bless your father's passing Carlene! Just know you have a lot of love and support from your fans! My father passed away a few years back and eventhough the world will never be the same, draw close to his spirit knowing you've always got him watching over you now! Lots of love and comfort.... David Los Angeles, CA.
From: Kazimierz
On: February 03, 2010 @11:51 am
February 3.2010 Carlene Words of grief and sincere sympathy to the death Mr.Smith send Kazimierz Gdula Poland
From: Cindy Kelly
On: February 03, 2010 @10:19 am
Dear Carlene, I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad! I still have and play my own daddy's copy of "Let Ol' Mother Nature Have Her Way." My dad passed on 20 years ago, when I was 28. Just remember, you're still the best girl going out there, be kind to yourself and bless you. The world needs more strong girls. Love, Cindy in OK
From: Kenny Lee Norton
On: February 03, 2010 @10:05 am
Dear Miss Carlene, I pray God's grace and blessing upon you in your loss. Jesus is coming again...soon.
From: Rick Dickson
On: February 03, 2010 @09:54 am
Carlene, I'm so sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and your family in this time.
From: Andy Roach
On: February 03, 2010 @09:26 am
So sorry to hear about your Dad. He was a talented soul. As always you are in my thoughts....
From: Len Peacock
On: February 03, 2010 @09:19 am
Very Sorry to here of the passing of your father.
From: John Schofield
On: February 03, 2010 @08:58 am
As the Lord God almighty has decided it was time to call his child back home, may he bless you and your family with comfort from the sadness of losing a loved one.
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: February 03, 2010 @08:03 am
Carlene . . . i just learned of your dad's passing . . . we kndew him as a talented singer/performer/artist, "you" knew and know him as "your dad". one of my favorite songs on one of your early cd's is "You Are The One" and that was a Carl Smith song! you have so much to be proud of in your family line, and Carl Smith certainly shines among them . . . you know that he was and is proud of "you" Carlene as well . . . and while you will miss him for a time, you will one day see that the circle IS unbroken still. until them, i know that you will "press on" . . . you have my thoughts and prayers . . . (michael g. batcho)
From: Mike North
On: February 03, 2010 @08:03 am
Sympathizing with you over the loss of your father. When the news came out, I helped my mother pull out her old 78's and extended play 45's, and we spent the entire evening listening to Carl's music. My mom has a collection you wouldn't believe. While all of her friends were buying clothes, mom was buying records. :) Have a safe trip to Yankeeland and the UK!
From: karen enderle-jones
On: February 03, 2010 @07:27 am
Carlene, ....so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, what a great talent. Keep those blue eyes shining! ....take care and be strong!
From: ann grant
On: February 03, 2010 @06:00 am
love your music and watched your dads tv. show in early days CANADA
From: Roberto Velez
On: February 03, 2010 @05:47 am
Hi Carlene. My deepest sorry about your lost. I haven't lost mine, but I lost my mom when I was young and knows how bad it feels to loose someone of your most beloved ones. May he rest in peace and be at God's side forever.
From: Gabriela
On: February 03, 2010 @04:40 am
Liebe Carlene Carter bitte komm doch wieder auch zu uns in die Schweiz bitte. Ich vermisse deine Musik hier und möchte dich einmal live sehen und hören.Vergiss uns Schweizer nicht. Vielleicht wäre es auch toll dich in Zürich Dolder aud der Bühne zu sehen wie einst Kris Kristofferson im 2008 dort ein Concert gab.Es wäre ein tolles Erlebnis dich singen zu hören. Ich bin ein grosser Fan von dir und ich vermisse deine Mutter June Carter Cash ,Anita und Helene wie auch johnny Cash so sehr.Also bitte vergiss uns nicht .Gott beschütze dich.Alles Liebe Gabriela
From: Jeanne Padilla
On: February 01, 2010 @11:18 am
Just becoming a fan as I just booked Carlene for a show at THE WATERSTREET CAFE in FALL RIVER, MA. I know it's going to be a very special night. I sure hope your local fans will come join us! The Room is a very intimate and cool setting...Hope to see you all who can enjoy Carlene in my "house"! Can't wait to meet you Carlene. Jeanne@waterstreetcafe.com
From: Jeff Tuttle
On: February 01, 2010 @08:45 am
Hi Carlene, Sorry to hear about your father. I lost mine 5 years ago and miss him dearly. I was also very good friends with your mother Jun and Johnny. Looking forward to seeing you when you come to Ireland. I am doing my CD Launch Feb 26th and will be playing the night before you in Headford at Campbell's. Looking forward to seeing you. All the best !!! Jeff
From: Torben from Helsingborg/Sweden
On: January 30, 2010 @11:33 am
Hi Carlene !! So sad to hear the news about Your father...!! Will there be no end to sadness ?? You made a masterpiece with Your album "Stronger"; make him proud and use the grief to make some heavenly music. I'm sure he would have liked that !
From: Dan
On: January 29, 2010 @12:53 pm
Hi Carlene - I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your father. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
From: Wanda Bowling
On: January 23, 2010 @07:59 pm
Dear Carlene, I am so sorry about your daddy,Ifeel such a loss also.He was one of my very favorite people in the 50s,and down through the years.Eddie Stubbs did a great tribute to him Thursday night.
From: Winston Hanlon
On: January 23, 2010 @07:45 pm
Sorry for the lost of your father
From: summer levine
On: January 20, 2010 @07:11 am
carlene so sorry to hear about your dad.You and your family are in my prayers.
From: Adam
On: January 19, 2010 @10:45 pm
Carlene: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.
From: Ruth Mosher
On: January 18, 2010 @06:34 pm
Carlene, I am so sorry about the loss of your Dad. I had been a big fan of his & he will always have a special place in my heart. My deepest sympathy to you & all his family. He will be missed.
From: Rob
On: January 18, 2010 @05:47 pm
Carlene, i am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. He will be missed...
From: Rhonda Thacker
On: January 18, 2010 @11:26 am
Carlene... I'm so sorry to hear about your dad passing. God Bless His Soul. God Bless You Carlene...
From: Debbie Ehr
On: January 18, 2010 @11:15 am
Carlene so sorry to hear about you Daddy. My thoughts & prayers are with you.
From: Butch
On: January 18, 2010 @09:39 am
Sorry to hear of Your loss.
From: Tom & Nancy Slatton
On: January 18, 2010 @09:37 am
Our thoughts and prayers are with you today Ms Carlene. You, your mother, father and stepfather have so enriched our lives with the beautiful music y'all have given us. Condolences from our family to yours.
From: Bill Race
On: January 18, 2010 @08:05 am
So sorry for your loss. Big fan of your family. Thanks for all the memories....
From: Ricky Lonergan
On: January 18, 2010 @06:10 am
I am sorry for your lost. Your Daddy was a real nice man and a great singer. I met him a few years ago in Augusta.Ga.
From: Gary Galbraith
On: January 17, 2010 @12:28 pm
Deepest sympathies to Carlene on the loss of her father, Carl Smith. RIP Carl.
From: John Foyle
On: January 17, 2010 @10:28 am
Sorry for your loss.
From: Daniel Buergi
On: January 15, 2010 @10:23 am
Every little Thing is my Dop/Drugs, very thanks Carlene Carter from Dani, www.ptbs.ch
From: randall crooke
On: January 02, 2010 @07:17 pm
love you carlene
From: Birgit
On: December 31, 2009 @01:01 pm
Dear Carlene, I wish you and Joe a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR. I hope you both are doing fine. Will you make Interlaken next year ??? Much love and GBU to you and Joe
From: Jack Cole
On: December 29, 2009 @05:58 pm
Hi Carlene I met you back stage at Truckee in September, and wanted to tell you that I received Rosanne's album "The List" for Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful!! It meant more to me having heard you sing "Stronger". Have a fabulous New Year! Jack 'Darling'
From: Birgit
On: December 25, 2009 @01:14 pm
Dear Carlene, I wish you and Joe a Merry Christmas, filled with love, peace and joy. God bless you !!! Much love, Birgit
From: Joshua stearns
On: December 18, 2009 @12:55 pm
This new album is amazing. I am a 31 year old lad who first heard Carlene when I was only like 12, playing; I fell in love. I bought the album loved her music since. I admit I can relate to this album, for its one of the first album that allowed me to cry! I lost my grandmother on my birthday, lost my first love, watching others in the family, and myself going thru the changes of becoming a man in this century. This album has and will always change me! Judgement day and Change are the masterpieces of this album. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HEART AND SOUL IN THIS ALBUM! It got me thru my hardest days! GOD BLESS!
From: Mickey Chamness
On: December 12, 2009 @09:39 pm
Hi Carlene I have been a fan of the Carter family for a long time, I remember moma maybell very well,as well as your mother and her sisters. Let me say also that you are very pretty just like your mother. If you come to the Dallas, Texas area for a concert please email me I would like to come to it. Take care. Mickey Chamness
From: Dave Kullik
On: December 11, 2009 @02:59 pm
found your website while searching June Carter Cash...w/Walk the Line playing in the background...your entire family has provided so much joy to music fans all over the world...the imprint your mother's music implanted in my heart and soul will live forever... ...may God bless you and your entire family this holiday season... sincerely, SSgt Dave Kullik, USAF (retired) drummer and lifelong June & Johnny Cash fan
On: November 28, 2009 @05:08 pm
From: Linda Smith
On: November 16, 2009 @02:10 pm
While sorting through old video tapes of Guiding Light last night, I came across clips of "Sonni" and "Will." I decided to Google the actor Joseph Breen, and to my astonishment and joy I have just learned that Mr. Breen is alive and well and married to Carlene Carter. Please pass along my very best wishes to Mr. Breen. God bless him with continued good health and a loving family. Sincerely, Linda Smith, a fan
From: Christine Curtis
On: November 15, 2009 @05:20 pm
I live in NJ - do you have concerts near where I live?
From: Rusty....
On: November 10, 2009 @12:58 am
Will you ever come out to Oklahoma? We would love to see you perform. We have plenty of Casinos here that would get something worked out I am sure.....
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: November 06, 2009 @10:09 pm
a note for Denise Pederson who posted below -- one of my favorite songs is "Four Strong Winds" . . .and although Neil didn't write it, Neil Young's recroding of that song is the most soul-touching . . . "guess i'll go back to Alberta . . weathers good there in the spring . . . but the good times are all gone and i'm bound for moving on . . . " everytime i hear "Alberta" i think of that song. :)
From: Denise Pederson
On: November 05, 2009 @03:23 pm
Would love to see you come back to Alberta, Canada, especially Red Deer area!!!
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: November 03, 2009 @01:02 pm
can't hardly believe it's november already . . . up north here the temps are beginning to drop . . . makes one's thoughts start remembering "christmases" . . . so as i sit here "trying" to write a christmas song, i was just wondering and curious: what might be Carlene's favorite Christmas carol or Christmas song (if she has a favorite)? :)
From: stacie terry
On: November 03, 2009 @11:32 am
we love u and ur family
From: Michael Graham
On: October 31, 2009 @04:29 pm
Hi Carlene! Its time to come back to Maine for a concert. We're all waiting to hear from you again! They'll be a lobster in the pot waiting when you get here!
From: Preston Barker
On: October 29, 2009 @06:53 pm
i love carlene i love her parents im so excited for her album stronger i listen to it every day
From: D. R> Weyman
On: October 21, 2009 @02:56 pm
Great gal!! Opened for her in Missouri Valley IA Sept 2007 when her mom was inducted into their "Hall of Fame" Hi Carlene! REFECTIONSINBLACKJOHNNYCASH.COM
From: Scotty D Drumm
On: October 12, 2009 @10:49 pm
She once captured my heart, then she faded into the rising dawn, now like a shimmer of light, she glows radiantly among the stars anew, glad to see her back. Best wishes on coming back, hope you stay a while. Scotty D Drumm ps. when I was 11, I saw your dad. I was front row at a county fair, your dad smiled and winked at me, ever since that day he was my hero, my father figure, my favorite artist.
From: paula s morley as little cc youn nicknamedme
On: October 12, 2009 @10:47 pm
paula as your little cc and i comment my life to you and alate happy birth day sep 29 2009
From: Wanda Bowling
On: October 07, 2009 @06:37 pm
A belated Birthday greeting for Carlene.My computer has been tore up for a while.Anyway I hope it was a Happy one,Best wishes for the future!!! Wanda
From: Suzy Flory
On: October 05, 2009 @08:08 am
So, so belated happy birthday (sorry...if people waited for my birthday cards/wishes no one would ever get older!!!). Love STRONGER as much as I do your other albums (I almost called them "records" again),all of which continue to fill my house w/ your fab music! Have a great October!...Suzy Flory
From: Keith Brocking
On: September 30, 2009 @11:04 am
Hi Carlene , hope you are well , and hope life is treating you and your family well also, whatever you are doing have a great 40th birthday or week ( must be about that age ) keep happy your No 1 fan from the U.K Keith
From: thomasvossen
On: September 29, 2009 @02:05 pm
happy birthday to Carlene...."things will be fine from now on" a quarter moon in a ten cent town......"when the heart is right Carlene's and her band ofmusicians......
From: Archbishop Phillip Zimmerman
On: September 28, 2009 @07:54 pm
I just discovered this fan site! A very happy belated birthday to a wonderfully talented person whose musical gift I treasure! Ad multos annos!
From: Wayne Dietz
On: September 28, 2009 @02:41 pm
Happy belated birthday. We enjoyed your show in Nascio earlier this year. Thank you for being so approachable. The picture I snapped of you and Tim is very special. Wayne
From: Jon Yenney
On: September 28, 2009 @11:52 am
Happy Birthday Carlene!!
From: Barry Strickland
On: September 28, 2009 @10:11 am
Hey Lady, Happy Birthday. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
From: frank hajzus
On: September 28, 2009 @09:11 am
HELLO!happy bithday. i love your music. you are very beautiful,always a great head of hair.
From: Tim Kelly
On: September 28, 2009 @08:42 am
hope you had a very blessed birthday,and,many,many more!!!
From: Liliane Vogler
On: September 28, 2009 @02:21 am
Dear Carlene, wish you happy birthday and may all your wishes come true. best regards Liliane
From: benny landa
On: September 28, 2009 @01:54 am
HAPPY BDAY Carlene!! hope your well.let's chat one of these days..hugs..xx Benny
From: Russ Kirby
On: September 27, 2009 @11:52 pm
Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one!
From: Chad Bushnell
On: September 27, 2009 @11:37 pm
Carlene I really like your two songs "I fell in Love" and "Every Little Thing". I have to say that every time I hear them I almost get goosebumps. I like your new CD as well. I actually ate dinner with you when you came to performed at the Shasta County Fair in Anderson, Ca. I was with my aunt Cheryl Pinches and Suzie Rorbough from Covelo. You really inspire me as a young kid trying to make my way into the music business.
From: Jim Reevesman
On: September 27, 2009 @10:59 pm
Happy birthday Ms. Carter. The world became a better, more interesting place when you were born! Love your songs. They are intertwined with so many good memories and fun times. Also have helped me through some major difficulties. You have given out so much love. Believe me, you're loved in return. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
From: ken berry
On: September 27, 2009 @09:26 pm
Stopped by Miller Plaza to catch a few songs when you were in Chattanooga! Loved the show! Drove off with your Little Love Letters CD blasting away on my sound system!
From: corey
On: September 27, 2009 @09:04 pm
hi carlene! here's wishing you a belated, but very heartfelt, happy birthday. thanks you for all the wonderful music.
From: Susan Genry
On: September 27, 2009 @07:07 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene!! Keep up the great singing. Try and do a cd sometime of you singing with your folks like you did once. Susan
From: alisha widner
On: September 27, 2009 @03:26 pm
happy birthday carlene carter hope you had a great birthday good luck on your music take care and god bless you
From: Adam
On: September 27, 2009 @03:04 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene and Many More - Got to see you in New Jersey and it was great. Hope you come on back soon - Adam
From: Dave Schnur
On: September 27, 2009 @02:47 pm
hi! there, how is everything doing these days so far. did you know that that 8 days ago that my happy birthday and i just 36 years old as well too. and a very very happy birthday to you too. i bet that you are having a ball too. and besides you are the most lovable, beautiful, favorite electirfying, cuteness, gorgeous, precious, adorable, loving, fantastic, prettiest, wonderful, sweetiest, impressive and most terrific person that you really are. your lips, your eyes, your hair and your whole body is just looks so wonderful to me of course that is. the looks of you just lovely to me that is. i love you with all of my best heart and do you love me too? well i guess i shall let you go so take most wonderful care and may god bless you and keep you as well too. i wish i could give you a great biggest huge kiss and a great biggest huge hug as well too if would be able aceepted? tell me if that what would you love to do that is all. ps. please write soon. you have the best best happy birthday ever baby ok, i love you all of my heart ok my dear. bye now and good luck ok.
From: Tom Bowman
On: September 27, 2009 @02:36 pm
Carlene, Happy Birthday. I have a huge crush on you. Love, Tom
From: Will Lovick
On: September 27, 2009 @01:54 pm
Your marvelous talents aside, it's no wonder I love you so much...you have the same birthday as my wife!! Hope you had as happy a day, there, as we did, here! All the best, Will
From: Patsy Elmore
On: September 27, 2009 @12:00 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRETTY LADY!!!!! Have the best!!!!
From: cklogan
On: September 27, 2009 @11:49 am
Carlene Being in my mid 50's, I feel renewed and comfortable in my own skin as never before. All the downs have ups...all the rains give life back. I've been a fond fan of yours since the early 80's, and my 14 year old daughter,Molly, sings your songs like a nightengale with her Mama. You have blessed our lives with your musical gifts and heritage! Happy Birthday, girl! Love back at you! Carol & Molly
From: Angie
On: September 27, 2009 @11:37 am
Happy Birthday Carlene, you are the best, i saw you in havelock last year wowow you were awsome, everytime i sing, i sing your songs just love yah...My friends in ohio sing your songs in her band i am from ontario canada, i am going to join her and sing a few of your song in november so let us know when you are performing again,,,,,,,love yah
From: Fortune McLemore
On: September 27, 2009 @11:37 am
Happy Birthday, Carlene! I missed it by one day--my bad!--but I'll play "Do It In A Heartbeat" 50 times in a row to make up for it. And my guy will want me to play "Ring of Fire." Fortune will smile on you so you'll have many more birthdays. Love, Fortune McLemore
From: Kikka
On: September 27, 2009 @11:16 am
Happy birthday to you, Carlene! Love, Kikka
From: Teresa
On: September 27, 2009 @09:58 am
Gee - Sorry I missed your Birthday! I do hope that it was a VERY SPECIAL DAY for YOU!
From: Paul Okarma
On: September 27, 2009 @09:30 am
Happy birthday! And, thank you for visiting massachsetts this year!
From: Kim Hulett
On: September 27, 2009 @07:05 am
Happy Birthday! I want to send you a letter through Brad, to tell you how much Stronger has helped me fight a health crisis. Please, come to OKC for a concert. You have fans here. Kim
From: Mark Cote
On: September 27, 2009 @06:23 am
Remember Carlene, age is just a state of mind. Refuse to grow up. ;-) I hope you had a blast.
From: Karl Ã…hman
On: September 27, 2009 @04:56 am
Dear Carlene! Happy Birthday, i hope that you have a wonderful day, Best Wishes, Karl from Sweden.
From: Jay Nair
On: September 27, 2009 @04:02 am
Sorry this is a bit late - hope you had a fantastic birthday!! From one of your biggest fans in England.
From: Michelle
On: September 27, 2009 @03:59 am
Happy Birthday Carlene Love Michelle Marcus and family
From: Rob Humphreys
On: September 27, 2009 @03:56 am
Best wishes for your birthday Carlene and thanks for bringing so much pleasure with your music to us fans.
From: Alan
On: September 27, 2009 @03:51 am
Happy birthday from Wales Haveagoodone Al & Lynn
From: John Foyle
On: September 27, 2009 @03:47 am
Happy birthday from Dublin !
On: September 27, 2009 @03:16 am
Happy Birthday. I wish you much happiness. I still love to watch your videos. Edward
From: JC Mac Intosh
On: September 27, 2009 @03:03 am
Hey darlin, just wanted to wave a hand and wish you a happy one! I went to Nashville twice trying to make a spark but I didnt have enough faith in myself but am happy knowing that talent like yours is still going strong! Happy birthday sweetheart. Love JCM
From: Paul Holland
On: September 27, 2009 @03:01 am
Happy Birthday Carlene.please come back to London for a gig or two soon xx
From: Francois
On: September 27, 2009 @02:38 am
Happy Birthday Carlene from France
From: joachim kettner
On: September 27, 2009 @02:28 am
Carlene, I wish you a very happy birthday. Joachim from Germany.
From: Lotti Hutmacher
On: September 27, 2009 @02:15 am
Hi Carlene Happy Birthday, i wish you all the best. Much Love, Harmony, Satisfaction and above all good health. A Big Fan From Switzerland Lotti
From: Ronald
On: September 27, 2009 @02:13 am
happy birthday dear carlene , hope you have a wonderfulday. Ronny from germany.
From: Bo PÃ¥hlsson
On: September 27, 2009 @01:22 am
Happy Birthday from Sweden, Carlene. /Bosse
From: David Dean
On: September 27, 2009 @01:02 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! I hope you had a wonderful day and that your summer was awesome! My day is always brighter when I listen to your music, especially your new CD! The Title track is such a beautiful song my dear. Did you write that song with someone in mind? I am curious. Thanks again for sharing your love all over the world! You are SO wonderful, beautiful and precious!!! Lots of Love, David "From Los Angeles, but currently living in Central Europe"
From: Barbara
On: September 27, 2009 @12:59 am
Hi Carlene! My cats Maybelle and Brent,my dog Grace and I,wish you a happy birthday and a gorgeous day!! You're still beautiful!! Barbara
From: Mike Del Vecchio
On: September 27, 2009 @12:20 am
Happy Birthday Carlene. I was your sound man at The Sanctuary Concerts last year, still my favorite show. And I very much enjoyed meeting and working with you. Such a great voice, yours. Hope you come back to Jersey soon.
From: francis mcfarland
On: September 26, 2009 @11:43 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carlene May You Bless God in All You Do!
From: leann
On: September 26, 2009 @11:07 pm
happy birthday carlene carter from leann ingram from bakersfield ca 840 park meadows avenue #106 bakersfield ca 93308
From: James McDonald
On: September 26, 2009 @10:56 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene, hope you have a lovely day. Love you Jim x
From: Jo Anna Strickland
On: September 26, 2009 @10:48 pm
Happy Birthday! Congrats on the latest cd. I just discovered it a couple of months ago. Stronger is a powerful song. I know it is a very personal song for you and I thank you for sharing it with us. Jo Anna
From: Rene-Marie
On: September 26, 2009 @10:21 pm
Happiest of birthdays Miss Carlene!! Just yesterday I was listening to you in the middle of the day! Best wishes for a fantastic year!
From: Lynn
On: September 26, 2009 @10:20 pm
Have a great birthday, Carlene. Very best wishes for many more too. Thank you for adding your wonderful music to my life! Lynn
From: Jeffrey
On: September 26, 2009 @10:20 pm
Happy Birthday! Hope its the best!
From: Frank Ewing
On: September 26, 2009 @10:19 pm
From: Dave Mitchell
On: September 26, 2009 @10:19 pm
Happy Birthday girl, you are still and always my favorite singer- keep up the good work
From: Lawrence Taggart
On: September 26, 2009 @10:06 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene...you are the Best !!! So all the Best for you ! Lawrence
From: Kim and Ken Metro
On: September 26, 2009 @09:54 pm
Carlene, hope you have a wonderful birthday! We really love your music, plus your Mom has a piece of our heart also! Keeping on with the Carter tradition!
From: Michael
On: September 26, 2009 @09:45 pm
Happiest of brthdays, Carlene. Hope "every little thing" brings you happiness and lot's of love. Hope you make it to Denver....love to see ya! Have a wonderful year and many more. Michael
From: Brenda Carley
On: September 26, 2009 @09:37 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! We miss you here in Covelo... Maybe we'll see you at Janet and Johnny's Christmas party, hope so. Love, Butch & Brenda
From: Daniel
On: September 26, 2009 @09:23 pm
Happy Birthday!!
From: Joe Romersa
On: September 26, 2009 @09:11 pm
I wish Carlene happy birthday for me! Tell her I put the "Day" in "Birthday"! I wish for the day she calls me and says, " Joe, s'been a long time, let's do another record." Carlene, if you relly do read this, please call me, 818-708-0220. Had a birthday party with Tiff a few years back, asked her to tell you I'm wanting to talk to you. After the whole Howie mess, I haven't been able to talk to you. It's good to see your still doin' it! Happy Birthday! Love, Drums and Faders, Joe
From: Nicolas Martin
On: September 26, 2009 @09:10 pm
Birthday kisses and hugs to gal who put the Carter back in country. Thanks for all the great musical memories, Blue Nun!
From: Nancy
On: September 26, 2009 @08:52 pm
A big Happy Birthday to you, Carlene, from Texas. Celebrate. May there be many more Happy Birthdays to come and lots of good times. Thanks for all the great music! :-)
From: Bob Reichers WJZF Radio Standish Maine
On: September 26, 2009 @08:50 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene !From your pals at WJZF in Maine ! I had the great honor of seeing you perform up here in Portland last January-- my wife Deb and I loved the show and getting the opportunity to chat with you and your husband afterwards-- love you ! Hope you get up here again soon-- hope you have a great birthday and many more to come
From: debbiemiller
On: September 26, 2009 @08:46 pm
happy birthday hope you can come to newark ohio i would love enjoy show a couple of real old country music magazine one has you mother with jimmy dickerson thanks debbie
From: pam collins
On: September 26, 2009 @08:17 pm
happybirthday carlene hope you had a great day and did something special on your birthday it was always a special day to your mom iam sure she was always very proud of having you as a daughter i know your a blast to celebrate with you are a barrel of laughs
From: Freya & Bernd Wolf
On: September 26, 2009 @08:16 pm
Hey Carlene, happy birthday to you, and all the best from some old friends in Germany! Hope you're doing OK! Love, Freya & Bernd
From: Art Zemke
On: September 26, 2009 @08:09 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY fROM a 88 years young fan
On: September 26, 2009 @08:09 pm
happy birthday, Carlene! wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous bday year! Faith Cohen
From: Kenny Lee Norton
On: September 26, 2009 @08:07 pm
Miss Carlene...I wish you the happiest and most blessed birthday a wonderful young lady could ever have! Thank you so much for your music! God bless you and yours. Love, Kenny Lee Norton, St Johns FL
From: Gazza
On: September 26, 2009 @07:58 pm
Happy Birthday, CC. Much love from a big fan in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It's been 12 years since you were last here - hope to see and meet you again at a show again sometime soon. xoxo
From: Terry
On: September 26, 2009 @07:56 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene hope you had an awesome day love you music Hugs Terry
From: Joe Cusmai
On: September 26, 2009 @07:54 pm
Happy Happy Birthday!!! My daughter Kara and I saw you at Little Nashville Opry in Indiana (just burnt down).....Thought you were the BEST!!!....We both can't wait to see you perform again!!!
From: Bill Maddox
On: September 26, 2009 @07:53 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene You are much loved and you are a true Carter
From: Marv Del Chiaro
On: September 26, 2009 @07:47 pm
Happy Birthday, Carlene, from Marv in Scotts Valley, California; I've been a long time fan, and a fan of your entire family for many, many years. Hope to catch one of your concerts one of these days. I love your website. Great photos. Marv
From: Ron
On: September 26, 2009 @07:44 pm
Have a wonderful day! Your Fafn Ron
From: Angela Doudrick
On: September 26, 2009 @07:44 pm
Hey Carlene HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! I left you a happy birthday on your facebook too . Hope you have the best day ever ! Love Angie
From: sarah
On: September 26, 2009 @07:42 pm
i like your music
From: chris
On: September 26, 2009 @07:41 pm
hey carlene happy birthday from fan chris liotta tulsa oklahoma i still listen to your songs and play my guitar nad writ my own own i like little love ltters , happy birthday carlene from tulsa oklahoma
From: lambert dykstra
On: September 26, 2009 @07:41 pm
Hi carlene hope and wish you have a very nice birthday from your fan tiny crash.
From: Tammy Faye Starlite
On: September 26, 2009 @07:40 pm
Oh Carlene - happy birthday! You deserve all the glorious best - you are a gift and an inspiration beyond compare! All joy and b-day wishes to you always - Tammy
From: Kevin Payne
On: September 26, 2009 @07:39 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene, and best wishes for many more!
From: Mark Sundberg
On: September 26, 2009 @07:37 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene!!! Have a great one!
From: Peter ramsey
On: September 26, 2009 @07:36 pm
Happy Birthay Carlene!!! All the way from Australia. Peterxx
From: Andrew Rios
On: September 26, 2009 @07:33 pm
Hello Carlene. May you have a wonderful day today on this your birthday. God Bless
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: September 26, 2009 @07:27 pm
hey Carlene! best birthday wishes to you and wishes for blessings and happiness . . . You have gifted us with your songs and music for so many years, You deserve a happy birthday everyday! :)
From: summer levine
On: September 26, 2009 @06:42 pm
happy birthday carlene
From: Ruth Mosher
On: September 26, 2009 @02:27 pm
Hi Carlene! Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday with lots of good health & happiness throughout the coming years!!!
From: Penny
On: September 26, 2009 @02:11 am
Carlene, I do hope you have a great birthday week. i was so pleased to see you are performing at Pardon Johnny Cash - Flower Pickin Festival. Maybe next time Justin Townes Earle comes to Australia you will consider coming also. I am a real fan of Your Mum and the Carter Family. While I have started collecating Johnny Cash DVD's I do wish there was more on your Mum. When are you going to complete your book. Take care and God Bless.
From: Jim Pearson
On: September 26, 2009 @12:37 am
Happy Birthday Carlene & have a GREAT Birthday Week also!!!!
From: Birgit
On: September 25, 2009 @12:51 pm
Hi Carlene, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY . May your special day be filled with love and joy.. Love and hugs, Birgit
From: Jim Thorn
On: September 24, 2009 @10:17 pm
Love your music and writing. Its great. Hope to catch your show if ever in the Chicago area.
From: Mad Trad
On: September 24, 2009 @06:52 pm
Love your music. Love your shows. Love you!!! p.s. LIBRAS ROCK!!!!!
From: Kayleigh
On: September 22, 2009 @08:25 am
Hi Carlene! I just wanted to wish you an AWESOME birthday and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your holiday to Maine was wonderful and can't wait until you come to Ohio. (If you do.) Take care!
From: Dan
On: September 21, 2009 @07:59 pm
Hey CC!!! Just wanted to let you know that I just downloaded your version of "Tall Lover Man" from iTunes. You really did your Mom proud!!! I would love to hear your version of some of her other songs - I'd love to hear your version of "Another Brokenhearted Girl" or "Losin' You" or even "Meeting in the Air." You rock! love ya!!! XOX PS...Isn't it about time for a new album --- hint, hint!!!
From: Terry Wilgus
On: September 21, 2009 @07:33 pm
Hi, Carlene, and Happy Birthday. I got to see you in concert at the CMHOF last year about this time, and you were awesome. Hope to see you again soon! Loved your Mother and your Grandmother as entertainers, and love you too!
From: andy roach
On: September 21, 2009 @04:35 pm
i lived down the street from you on Caudill Drive during the 1970's. I can still see you in your BlackRoadrunner. Your friends Melody Eldrich and Debbie Maggart were friends of mine. I went to Father Ryan while you were at Hendersonville High School. We are the same age. I knew your sister Rosie, always the sweet rebel, once I took her bowling..another time your Mom had me and my cousin take her to the BeeGee's concert.(to keep an eye on her --what a challege that was!) I started listening to your music when you did the single with Robert Ellis Orral (which I have) then I began buying your albums. I saw you in concert in Boston in 1995..what a great show that was! I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for all your incredible music which I totally love and express my deep sorrow to you concerning all your personal losses. You are a survivor and a Carter. You grandmother MamaMaybelle (who my parents once bowled with every Sunday night at the Donelson Bowling alley league!) would be very proud of you! Good luck with everything!!! Andy Roach Plymouth MA/ Westcliffe CO (formerly of Caudill Estates in the 1970's Hendersonville TN...didn't you just hate all those GreyLine tourbuses driving by your house all the time...I cried when I heard what happened to that gorgeous home that Braxton Dixon built for your parents...
From: Paul
On: September 12, 2009 @08:26 am
Hi Carlene :-) Great music..love it. Keep up the good work ( i did LOVE your stepfather ) Regards Paul in Norway
From: Carolin Gillenstrand
On: September 11, 2009 @10:02 am
Hello Carlene i want see and meet you. i,am singing too and we can sing together with you this song every little thing. i.am learn too Caroline Gillenstrand from Sweden
From: Tim Shoemaker
On: September 08, 2009 @10:56 pm
You are a a great talent !! Don't ever stop singing, you have a wonderful affect on people, you have been an inspiration to my life and have given me hope that there is a brighter tomorrow. Even when we have great loss and sorrow in our lives, we should never give up on tomorrow. Thank you and May GOD bless you in ways unimaginable.
From: kevin murphy
On: September 03, 2009 @05:26 am
i am from new zealand and i listen to lots of music,i have an album from 1978 never together but close some times,its great.the words in your songs are so real to life. you have a great talent.we love your music and songs.from deb and kev
From: pam collins
On: August 31, 2009 @04:07 pm
i have read the wildwood flower book a couple of times i hope some day to meet carlene i loved her mom moms music as well the glorious most thing is i see june in carlene and thats what makes her very special to me i love there music and there family i was inspired so i bought me a guitair and doing preety goo have learned most of the chords i love to sing and write songs my guitar is a humminbird its beautiful i used to go on line and look at junes hummingbird but so ya i glad i found this fanclub god bless pam
From: Björn
On: August 29, 2009 @08:02 am
do you remeber whem you lay on my shoulder in norway. in askim
From: Sharon Hockenberry
On: August 23, 2009 @05:12 pm
Hi Carlene, I'm so happy you're doing well; you look terrific!...you may not remember me but we met in 2003 in Sundance, Utah. Never lose your beautiful smile and ability to make people laugh! Be well and happy, Sharon
From: Robert Hall
On: August 20, 2009 @11:56 am
Hope Carlene reads this!.. I have been a fan since the early 1990's when I first saw you on TNN singing "I Fell In Love"..I probably have a VHS copy of every appearance you made on TNN in the 90's..and all the videos.. I saw you in concert for the first time in 1994, at a place in Massachussetts called "The Indian Ranch" in Webster,you did two shows,and were kind enough to meet some fans at your bus after the shows,including myself and a good friend named Randy Reid of Raynham MA,who was probably your biggest fan--he was VERY thrilled to meet you,as was I,and after doing so,he said "I guess I can die now,I've met all my favorite female artists!".. ....unfortunately those words were profetic,because he DID pass away only a few months later ,due to a heart valve problem and an unsuccessfull pacemaker installation..you have a gaurdian angel watching over you now,just as your beautiful song with that title says..(My personal favorite of many of your songs).. I saw you again in 1997 on the "Kraft Country Tour" with Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan at an amusement park in Agawam MA..(I just saw Pam last Saturday night in RI,and she remembers that show well,and said she misses you,she had a lot of fun on that tour!).. I was sad to discover I missed you when you came to MA this spring,I was very ill the first 4 months of this year and wasn't able to go to any shows until I recovered.. I do hope you come back to MA or RI,so I can see you live again!.. I am looking forward to hearing your new "Stronger" CD ..Glad your back on tour,and and all the troubles of the past are behind you,I pray.. Take care and God Bless you Carlene--thanks for taking the time to meet your fans after shows,you'll never know how much it meant to my friend Randy to actually meet with you and pose for a picture--it now hangs on my bedroom wall,as a reminder of better times in my life.. Robert Hall
From: carlene raymond
On: August 18, 2009 @06:17 pm
carlene would love to hear from you i use to write to your grandmother maybelle and june your mom back in at about in the year 1956 and on.
From: Michael Gleason
On: August 13, 2009 @11:33 am
Great to hear Carlene is doing so well,I hope she stops in Vegas
From: David Klein
On: July 29, 2009 @06:50 am
Carlene has Maybelle's eyes! And Maybelle was a ravishingly beautiful woman.
From: joann
On: July 28, 2009 @07:22 pm
carlene hi
From: gail dean
On: July 28, 2009 @12:11 pm
I went to Hendersonville High with Carlene although she wouldn't remember me. I was Pat Parker at the time I thought she was beautiful at the time and still do.
From: Amanda Moreschi
On: July 27, 2009 @12:04 pm
Carlene, you played at our little local Irish Pub (O'sheas Olde Inne) last night. What a treat!! That place is so special to all the locals, you really never know who will show up. You are fabulous! Thank you!
From: lambert dykstra
On: July 18, 2009 @09:37 pm
I first seen you live at a johnny cash show been hooked ever since. I only seen Johnny & June carter 17 times. keep the music comeing i enjoy it more than you will ever know Your friend tiny crash....
From: Richard Sams
On: July 15, 2009 @07:38 pm
just like your song "I Fell In Love" I did with your singing and on stage personality. I have looked for more of your works over the years and tried to find you in concert I hope that someday I get the privilage to hear your voice and see you in person. There are only two artists left that I never heard live and I regret You and Conway I hope I get to at least hear you You are a rare treasure to music God Bless
From: Cheryl Pinches
On: July 03, 2009 @06:58 pm
Great being with you and Joe and your band in Anderson!!Dinner was special and a big thank you from Cheryl, Janet, Marge, & Chad
From: Steve Crow
On: June 25, 2009 @11:55 pm
Great talking to you at Granzella's last week. I hope to see you soon. Steve.
On: June 20, 2009 @10:18 pm
From: Betty Meyers
On: June 20, 2009 @08:14 pm
Carlene, I just saw your show in Anderson,Ca last night. You were gracious and delightful. I loved your song dedicated to your little sister. I am so happy that life is looking up for you girl. I saw the pain in your eyes as you remembered some of your past. You have made a fan in Northern California
From: Thomas Mörsdorf
On: June 19, 2009 @06:41 am
I am from Germany /Europe. I was once again in Nashville this year. After a long day and a few beers I heard the song "Unbreakable heart" and saw the video from 1993. It was amazing ! Since that time I heard Carlene`s voice every day. Love you Carlene, best wishes from the old Europe. Thomas
From: Doug Martyn
On: June 19, 2009 @01:45 am
Carleen, It was great to have you and Joe on our flight today! I hope you have a great show at the Shasta Fair, how exciting! Wish I could be their to enjoy your music! All the best! Doug Martyn - Portland, OR
From: Nicolas Martin
On: June 14, 2009 @09:47 am
My six-year-old was showing me her diary today. As her "favorite female pop star" she has written "Carlene Carter." I've taught her well. Thanks for the great music, going way back, and best wishes for a happy and musical life.
From: john dixon
On: June 13, 2009 @10:04 pm
have loved Carlens' incredible talents.If ever near the Ontario Canada border, will certainly be there to see Her perform! Love Her style and stage presence.Wish you much success and hapiness. sincerely, J. Dixon
From: Richard campbell
On: June 13, 2009 @05:40 pm
hey there i think this is so great your gonna be in chattanooga tn. im a huge fan of your dad. i live in lafayette, georgia where i work as a diesel mechanic for the state of georgia. would love to meet you. do you make pictures with fan? would go great in my jhonny cash room.. well, you take care hope to hear and see you very soon.
From: sherry morgan
On: June 12, 2009 @05:46 pm
I saw you years ago with clint black at arco arena in sacramento you were awsome I have some of your cds and I listen to them all the time its hard to pick a favorite because they are all great keep singing. sherry morgan
From: amanda
On: June 06, 2009 @05:00 pm
you are a wonderful singer and a great entertainer. the very first concert that i ever went too was yours when you came to saskatoon centennial auditoriam, i would have been about 10 or 12 years old. it was the best concert that i ever went too and it was the most memorable, i was awstruck from the moment i heard that first note. that night changed my life and made me want to become a singer myself. singing lasted for me about 10 years, took me to nashville and recorded 2 albums. But the stage fright got to me.So then i decided to move on with my life and i settled down, got married, and now have a 2 year old son and any day now will be having baby #2 a little girl. my favorite album of yours is Little love letters, i always have a ear to listen to good music.
From: Trevor Carr
On: June 01, 2009 @06:12 pm
I love your music and your a very attrative woman hope all is well with you..I hope to see you on tour sometime soon Trevor Carr Flin Flon Mb (Canada)
From: M. Randolph Hunter, IV
On: May 31, 2009 @03:55 pm
Ms. Carter, I have been a fan of yours since 1990. I have always believed that you are one of the most talented and gifted musicians and singers in modern country music. I am so happy that you have recorded again in your new album Stronger. I look forward so much to see you perform live. Thank you for bringing your immense musical gift to all of us.
From: Connie Sanford
On: May 30, 2009 @06:59 pm
I love your music, my favorite all-time song is " It's The sweetest thing" absolutely beautiful vocals, you are a great talent. You look alot like your precious Mother. God Bless
From: Amanda Amoss
On: May 29, 2009 @10:40 pm
I just watched Walk the Line!Your mom was an awesome woman.You are lucky to be her little girl!I bet she is looking down on you now,as proud as she can be.I'm going to buy your CD!Thanks!
From: Carlene Carter
On: May 28, 2009 @05:28 pm
I live in the SF Bay Area CA...Love your music and what a beautiful name I might add!! :)
From: rd
On: May 28, 2009 @08:55 am
im from newfoundland. canada. really like carlene carter. very attractive lady. i love her songs, but especially every little thing.
From: gabriel villuendas
On: May 26, 2009 @10:44 am
greetings from zaragoza of spain fans music
From: Harold Ratliff
On: May 25, 2009 @06:42 pm
I have been a huge fan of you for years. I have loved all your music.
From: Kayleigh
On: May 24, 2009 @10:25 am
Carlene-- You are so influential in country music of the past and present and Stronger is one of your best albums yet. The songs are so personal, yet they remain true to everyone. I hope you are thinking of releasing a book or another album soon because we've missed you for a while now. Please come back to Ohio because your show in April was cancelled and I am only 13 so I can't travel anywhere to see you. You are terrific!
From: Kikka
On: May 18, 2009 @06:36 pm
Your music has been so good to me in my life! I have two precious boys and wonderful husband, but this womenlife in this messyworld and hurry... I just love to hear your songs in my car..better than Elvis right now and I LOVE Elvis :D
From: Lila
On: May 18, 2009 @10:11 am
Carlene,I cannot beileve that i met you in person.I wasnt aware it was you at first,but as the morning went on i was sure and when i spoke with you again i was so nervous and exsited i could only tell you how tickeled i was to meet you.i really want to beable to see you again and tell you how much i love your music and Stonger is abolutly terrific. Who knows maby i will see you before you leave the resort.
From: Penny Taylor
On: May 17, 2009 @03:04 am
Hello Carlene, Have been thinking of you so much this week. I always check this site regularly as I can never seem to read enough about you and your wonderful mother who sounded to be such a wonderful, inspirational person. We need more like her in this world. Keep smiling and singing and loving Joe.
From: Paul Smith
On: May 15, 2009 @11:58 am
hi Carlene are you coming to London this year?
From: Shelley Chance
On: May 14, 2009 @12:05 pm
Carlene ~ little late in writing this but often think about your visit to Easton, Maryland several months ago and your wonderful show. We really enjoyed talking with you at Martini's and hope to see you again soon. P.S. My friend is still "smitten."
From: Patrik Andersson
On: May 11, 2009 @01:44 am
Great music and what a spirit, in my home, in my car, in my big rig..... Keep it going, youre doing great! Stay Safe! Greatings from Sweden! /Patrik
From: ian ransom
On: May 03, 2009 @02:54 am
cc, we utterly absolutely unquestionably indisputably LOVE and APPRECIATE you. you (and your talent) are a gift from God--NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.
From: bobby
On: May 02, 2009 @07:28 pm
thank u for stronger. i 2 am going thru a trainwreck. i'll hold on a little longer. u r right no one knows how each person feels. when your spirit gets crushed the road is hard to find. thank u for your inspirational feelings. We all need grace and forgiveness.
From: sharon steeves
On: May 02, 2009 @06:40 pm
I don't know why I haven't looked up Carlene earlier. Almost embarassed really because my husband and I have 2 of her CD albums from the 90's and LOVE her voice and her music. We just listened to "Hindsight 20/20" for the millionth time and "Me and the Wildwood Rose" made me still feel happy and cry at the same time. Thanks for the fantastic hours spent listening to you and your players and look forward to buying "Stronger". Love Sharon and Dave Steeves...Toronto..Canada
On: May 02, 2009 @02:52 pm
From: Sam
On: April 28, 2009 @03:44 pm
Will you be in Los Angeles anytime soon?
From: Lynne Cawley
On: April 26, 2009 @10:22 pm
The song "Stronger" ministered to me because my sister's son was killed in January and I couldn't put into words how to reach her from the depths of my own grief until your words said just exactly how it is-oh God, thank you for your honesty and bless you.
From: david harvey
On: April 23, 2009 @06:18 pm
Carlene I think it is so cool the musicians you've hung out with over the years. I like all of them. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Johnny Cash. You've hung out with some of the coolest people. I didn't even mention the country stars. I hope you keep connections in Nashville. I would love to see you open for some new up and coming country singers. It would really inspire them. Keep writing and touring. Love, David memphis tennessee
From: Jim Pearson/Abe Cross
On: April 22, 2009 @09:47 am
Get Well Soon Carlene!!!! & when will YouTube put your original video of "Every Little Thing"........BACK ON?? Hurry back!!!!
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: April 14, 2009 @01:14 pm
and a "p.s" note for Carlene: one of my favorite (and most listened to) "Carlene Songs" is THE SWEETEST THING (Remembering)-- wow! i loved it when back when i first heard it (and then later saw and heard you sing it on Music City Tonight with Crook and Chase) . . . and the song has never lost any of it beauty and emotional depth with the passing years . . . in fact, it has become even more beautiful and meaningful . . . and doubtless will continue to interweave with life's inescapable passings and losses . . . and ways to hold onto them forever.
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: April 11, 2009 @01:30 pm
i don't know whether Carlene ever "checks-in" to read the guestbook entries posted here, but in case she ever does, i thought i'd pass a thought along . . . my mom passed away this past summer and my mind is just a kaleidoscope of memories and images and thoughts . . . even though mom never had a radio nor a record player in the years she was growing up (she was 84 when she passed) somehow she seemed to know the melodies and words to so many songs . . . and i can remember her singing them around the house for as far back as i can remember (and i'm 60, so there's a lot of rememberin' there! ) . . . i got myself a guitar and have been "on-line searching" for the lyrics for as many of those songs as i can recall and picking and singing them as best i can . . . there's a song that,when i hear the melody and the lyrics, just seems to have a "Carlene" ring to it. it's called "Nobody's Darling But Mine" written by Jimmie Davis. and when i sing it, for some reason, instead of pronouncing it "Darling" i just say it: Darlin' -- and i can almost hear Carlene Carter's voice singing this song. so i thought i'd just mention the song and who knows maybe one day maybe it just might be a song Carlene might consider recording. and if she doesn't, well, i guess i'll just have to keep on missing a few guitar notes myself as i pick and plunk and hum the words. :)
From: pam collins
On: April 09, 2009 @09:36 pm
carlene you were so lucky to have june carter as your mom i never met her but she really inspired me i just started playing guitair you are the best on that guitair when i saw you play sinking in the lonesome sea i was like wow she is good i wish i could play like that but at night i listen to all your moms music and i listen to johnny cash reading the bible i feel like i have known them both but you were blessed to have had such a nice person as your mother i was happy to find this fan club iam a huge fan of the entire carter family i pray theres a rock and roll heaven
From: Laura
On: April 06, 2009 @11:21 am
Your concert was awesome. Your band was great especially Shawn Allen. I would have loved to have stayed longer to get to know you and Shawn better. I look forward to seeing you again.
From: andrea vaughn
On: April 05, 2009 @07:50 pm
Your family is the best!
From: Jill
On: April 05, 2009 @01:36 pm
Truly grateful!
From: Jeff
On: April 04, 2009 @10:52 pm
Been years since I've heard your music. Glad to see your still out there making noise!
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: April 03, 2009 @05:57 am
Just wanted to drop a line. . hope ya'll can play in Memphis / or close-by soon. . .if not maybe we can make the Chattanooga show. . . .c & s
From: Ben
On: April 02, 2009 @06:35 pm
Your show in Green Lake was intimate yet spectacular. Getting to talk with you after the show was a real treat!
From: Romain
On: April 02, 2009 @04:29 am
When do you come to europe ??? Please : )))
From: Marilyn & Tyler
On: March 30, 2009 @06:11 pm
We just recently watched your SXSW concert on Direct TV. We loved it! Your music and sense of humor! Hope to see you in Anderson CA later this year. Book a concert at Konocti so we could all come and see you again. Say Hi to Joe for us. Safe travels.
From: Peter Arndt
On: March 29, 2009 @06:14 pm
Just saw Carlene @ the Al Ringling in Baraboo Wisconsin. The show was awesome!! New CD "Stronger" is a must! Thank you Carlene. Our 13 year old daughter has become an INSTANT FAN!
From: Scott Mueller
On: March 26, 2009 @12:20 am
Carlene is a great talent. My first album of hers was Musical Shapes.
From: Lynette Strohbehn
On: March 24, 2009 @11:54 pm
I recently saw your performance on Direct TV you sounded great, and you look so much like your Mom, it is uncanny! Great to see you again! I hope you make more performances!
From: summer levine
On: March 12, 2009 @07:30 am
i enjoyed the monroe concert. Carlene was really rocking the house and she was so nice to meet in person.thank you
From: Nan and Paul
On: March 10, 2009 @09:19 am
Thank you for visiting Massachusetts last week. Great show at the Firehouse Coffee House. Hope you enjoyed the English toffee. Cheers!
From: Shawn
On: March 09, 2009 @06:45 pm
Thanks for the fun performance at the Chatham Sanctuary Concert! We enjoyed all of your work - great new songs!
From: Adam
On: March 08, 2009 @07:12 pm
Got to see Carlene today in Monroe Township, New Jersey. What a fantastic show and a tremendous entertainer. Many highlights. I suppose the best that I can say is that as soon as I got back home I went and put on some more of her music. - Thanks
From: Kendal Palmer
On: March 02, 2009 @08:09 am
I have been listening to all my Carlene Carter Cds for about 2 weeks straight now. I found myself wondering what my feisty little buddy has been up to...I googled Carlene Carter and found this wonderful website! I look forward to ordering the Cd, Stronger. Thanks for all the great music! Kendal
From: lola schwarz
On: March 01, 2009 @10:55 am
i love your music and country music
From: Carlene Lyndsey
On: February 27, 2009 @06:31 am
I was named after you!
From: Sheena Wilson
On: February 25, 2009 @04:06 pm
I just love lookin into your face and seeing the heritage. YOUR music amazes me. I hope to see you in person somtime. I really do. I live in Central Oklahoma though.
From: Jaquetta Graham
On: February 24, 2009 @02:25 am
Thnks for your suport and lovelove jaquetta lynn
From: Larry Carter
On: February 22, 2009 @09:39 am
Carters Rock.
From: becky lynn smith peterselli
On: February 10, 2009 @06:48 pm
Hi there Carlene....it's Becky Lynn and I wanted to tell you that I love your new album. I haven't talked to you in quite a while and I would really like to bring you up to date on the family. I think you know Aunt Becky died April 4,2008. She is surely missed and there a a definite absence in all our hearts. She asked if I had heard from you and I told her that I was trying to get a hold of you. She wanted you to know how much she loved you and prayed for you. She got to see your mom about a year before she passed and they had prayer for you and Rosie. I have some really great pictures of your Mom , Aunt Helen, Aunt Anita, and Rosie. I would be glad to share them with you. I want you to know that if you and Joe ever get to the Kansas City area, we still have our spread and would love to have you all over. I miss getting to talk to you and I want you to know that I have never betrayed you. Please e-mail me when you can. I love your new look. You look so healthy and alot like your mama. Please take care and know you have family and fans here in Kansas City that would love to see you again. Love, BeckyLynn
From: Eskild Berntsen
On: February 08, 2009 @06:54 am
Two years ago, i met Carlene in Norway, at the "Seljord Country Music Festival"! I had made two oil paintings of June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash, as a gift to Carlene, but she was unable to carry them on the plane back to USA. On my living room wall, home in Norway, I have two colour copies of the paintings which Carlene signed! And about three weeks ago, I was in Nashville/TN and i brought the paintings with me and presented them to Cathy Gurley, Carlenes manager. So now, the paintings are where they was meant to be!! It also was a very special experience for me, to deliver these paintings in Nashville, The Capitol of Country Music. I also gaot to visit the Ryman Auditorium and Johnny Cash`s homestead in Dyess/Arkansas. To Carlene and her family, and of course her fans... Best wishes for the future!!
From: kathy Cash
On: February 07, 2009 @11:43 am
CARLENE ROCKS!! ( and she's a great sister! ) Any of you out there on facebook.com need to join her group! She has TWELVE FANS!!! What's up with that? love, KC
From: Darrel White
On: February 06, 2009 @02:17 pm
It is hard to find a few of your albums. The release of strong has not made it into Canada.
On: February 03, 2009 @05:01 pm
From: Donette and Allan Kolpean
On: February 03, 2009 @04:50 pm
Wonder how your holiday was? We met you in Jamaica, January 2009, our room was next to yours. Hope you had a great time.
On: February 02, 2009 @10:44 am
From: camilla bjerlin
On: February 01, 2009 @02:22 pm
Hello my dear friend long time no see. I will thank you for to have meet you in july 2007, when i was with kent and worked with you. I hope you remember me as kents girl friend, say hello to your husband to. I will take good care of kent like promissed you my friend. Thanks for a wonderful CD. BIG HUG FROM ME AND KENT.
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: January 24, 2009 @07:07 am
Still waiting to hear back from you & j. . . . .
From: Clay
On: January 21, 2009 @10:00 am
Thank you very much for coming to Tha Avalon Theatre in Easton, Md. Jan. 16. We enjoyed having y'all and hope you come back. Your interview on our public access TV Channel was cool and we all enjoyed it. You were all great to work with and we hope to see you again. Clay P.S. Maybe if you bought a better belt, you wouldn't have to ask folks to pull up your pants!
From: Mad Trad
On: January 19, 2009 @11:56 pm
Hi Carlene, First time I heard your music was Easy From Now On but shortly after that I bought Musical Shapes and I've been a big fan ever since. I've got a copy of Stronger and it 's what I reach for when I need to lift my spirits. THANK YOU! Heard your next project is a tribute album to Carl Smith with some "really cool people" ;) First time I heard you play live was in 1988 when the Johnny Cash show played Orange County CA and afterwards I bought a PolyGram tape of the Carter Family in the lobby. It is still the treasure of my tape collection. I love the June, Anita, Helen & Carlene version of Dixie Darlin'. What can I say? It's really a great album. It would be so cool to have a copy of it on CD because I'm afraid I'm gonna wear it out one of these days. Are there any plans to re-release it? Caught your show at the Mint in L.A. last year and had a really great time. Hope you can come back soon! Wishing you the very best always!
From: Robert de Vries
On: January 17, 2009 @12:22 pm
Happy New Year Carlene, I enjoyed your show at The Mint last year and hope to hear you in L.A. in 2009. With warm regards.
From: Anne Reisman
On: January 15, 2009 @11:07 pm
Would like to see you perform more in los angeles! Also interesting would be a book about your life with your mother and Johnny Cash
From: John Roberts
On: January 11, 2009 @11:45 pm
Hey Carlene! Thanks for another great show tonight in Maine. Just got home and had to pass you a message. We had such a great time and thanks for being so nice and chatting with us after the show. Thanks for keeping the "real" country music alive! Hope to see you again soon. Come back to Maine soon! John
From: Bob and Judy
On: January 11, 2009 @09:41 pm
Carlene We saw you tonight in Portland,Maine. What an amazing performance. Your talent as a songwriter,singer,and entertainer is overwhelming. We can't wait to bring other friends to future shows. Our friends, who know Shawn (not sure of spells it) well, brought us tonight and we can't thank them enough. We have been huge fans of your mom and your step dad for years. I grew up listening to the Carter Sisters and the Grand Ole Oprey Thanks again for for a wonderful evening. You said tonight that you were still one of the "rockinest chicks out there" and you weren't lying
From: kiki's allbreed ( kiki of santa fe, n.m. )
On: January 09, 2009 @01:55 pm
Hello, carlene, this is kiki, of santa fe n.m., I just wanted to tell you about the dogs, lilly, babe, are doing great, Barney and buddy passed away about 3 yrs ago. but gary and I just wanted to let you know that the girls are doing great. And yes I still have the girls. lilly is now about 13yrs, and babe 12yrs, I think. Hope you are doing well.,Very sorry about Howie and Rosie. well Carlene if you do get this e-note please, would love too hear from you. kiki.
From: Linda
On: January 08, 2009 @08:48 am
Hope your holidays were wonderful. Nice to have seen you at Havelock please come back soon. Love your music and your voice is super.
From: Malin in sweden
On: January 08, 2009 @08:38 am
Beautiful lyrics...and great voice. Think I will buy the record... :)
From: Clayton James
On: December 26, 2008 @07:10 pm
Happy New Year Carlene. Looking forward to seeing you (for the 1st time) in NYC in January. Can't wait! All the best, Clayton
From: Shannon
On: December 24, 2008 @10:46 pm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
On: December 24, 2008 @04:18 pm
From: christer
On: December 23, 2008 @09:16 am
carlene merry christmas and happy new year and your family you are best.C.C
From: Serge Rivard
On: December 21, 2008 @01:07 am
Great singer . Loved you then . still love you now . Just a big fan . As a guitar player,i encouraged many femeale singers to sing your songs and they did. serge
From: Vicki Talbott
On: December 20, 2008 @08:08 am
Hi Carlene Just stopping by to wish you and our family a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. We hope to see you in the Detroit area next summer. :) Vicki
From: Stefan Blaser
On: December 19, 2008 @07:26 pm
Hello Carlene wish you Happy Christmas,great New Year..
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: December 19, 2008 @03:37 pm
wishes to Carlene for a blessed and a Happy Christmas . . . your earlier and most recent recordings are always magical and special to listen to . . . to experience . . . (i'm a little partial these days to "Long Hard Fall" these days since my mom passed away this past July 22nd and leaving "a long hard fall and an even colder winter" where so much "spring and summer" used to be . . . i love "Spider Lace" . . . poetry in sound and melody/lyric . . . when Therese of Lisieux, the Carmetlie nun, was dying of tuberculosis (she died September 30, 1897), during her last days, one the sisters had noticed a small twig/leaf suspended and dangling from a gossamer spider's web . . . that leaf held on for days . . . just after Therese died, this same nun, passing by by where that little leaf had been suspended on that gossamer thread, watched as that small twig simply fell to he ground . . . free. when i listen to "Spider Lace", this imagery always comes to my mind. a long hard fall . . . but hopefully, prayerfully, a soft delicate gentle landing.
From: Steinar
On: December 19, 2008 @12:25 pm
Hey. I wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year. I know that you have been to Norway a few times, but unfortunally I did not have the opportunity to go and see and listen to you. Hope ther will be another chance. Best wishes Steinar
From: James McDonald
On: December 19, 2008 @12:31 am
Hi Carlene, I think your voice is lovely. Your songs have got me through some good & bad times. Unbreakable heart is my favourite song. I hope you & your family have a happy xmas & new year! Love you. James McD (scotsman living in england) xx
From: Paula Winters
On: December 18, 2008 @11:59 pm
Dear Carlene, Love your new Cd. Wish you would come to the San Diego area sometime soon. Recovering from Breast cancer surgery and love to listen to you sing. Im a huge fan of you and all your family. Great joy in learning your stuff. Happy Holidays to you!
On: December 18, 2008 @04:20 pm
From: mark osborne
On: December 18, 2008 @04:19 pm
dear carlene.best wishes we love you here in florida(and in scotland)simply the best!! spider xxx
From: Tony Mendes
On: December 18, 2008 @04:17 pm
Hey Carlene when are you next coming to London - I so enjoyed your show when you were last over.
From: Yossef ben Abraham
On: December 18, 2008 @03:23 am
Dear Carlene. I love your songs and may Lord bless you forever. ben Abraham - from Brazil
On: December 17, 2008 @08:45 am
Great to hear there is a new album! Will be ordering it
From: Shannon
On: December 15, 2008 @06:17 am
Have a great day Carlene, you rock.
From: Thomas
On: December 13, 2008 @12:34 pm
Very kind greetings from Germany. Please come over here, again! Always such a thrill seeing you! God bless. Thomas
From: Tomas
On: December 05, 2008 @06:31 pm
you must come to sweden,and sing you best hits,when wi have fest and party we sing you hits,its not hits for o day we hawe play you hits ca 15 year now.you welcome to os hol famely
From: John Moran
On: December 04, 2008 @07:50 pm
Recently found you on You Tube. Wonderful songs, beautiful lady!
From: Lorraine
On: November 27, 2008 @04:59 pm
I hope you come peform in Clayton NY again, because i want to see you again.
From: Lorraine
On: November 27, 2008 @03:36 pm
I met you at the Clayton Opera house on November 19.I dont know if you would remember me because you have met so many fans. Johnny Cash is my favorite singer! I never knew you were stepdaughter!You are my favorite country singer. My grandmother says you sound just like your mom, my mom and i think so too! Please write back! It would be really cool if you did.
From: Wilfred Bennett
On: November 25, 2008 @01:08 pm
Words cannot express how long I've waited for a new album. I became a fan when I first heard "I fell in love", the song is a classic. I am glad her past is behind her, and I look forward to more great music from her.
From: John Roberts
On: November 24, 2008 @07:02 am
Carlene, great show last night in Unity! It looked like you were having a good time so we really enjoyed ourselves. Very good setlist and enjoyed the new tunes also. Thanks for being so nice and signing my CD after the show. It was nice talking to you as well. Hopefully, we'll see you in Portland! John
From: Sandy Spence
On: November 23, 2008 @01:46 pm
Hi Carlene, For my 50th birthday the other night myself and my two best friends attended your show in Londonderry. Phenomenal! You still got it and I feel that you sound better than ever. Your new album is beautiful. We will see you next year in Littleton, MA!
From: Alan Hutchinson Hutch
On: November 19, 2008 @08:09 pm
Thanks for performing at the Clayton Opera House in upstate new yrok. You were great.
From: Tom & Debbie McCord - Crossville, Il
On: November 18, 2008 @04:38 pm
You're GREAT. Love your music and what a lovely voice, wonder who you inherited that from?
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: November 17, 2008 @04:16 am
Let us hear from you. . . .
From: Jeff
On: November 17, 2008 @12:34 am
Really enjoyed your show at the Triple Door. You had us smiling the whole time. Well, except for Stronger. Great song, and I really like the album. A couple photos: http://flickr.com/photos/67928702@N00/sets/72157609255576243/detail/
From: Rudy Kay
On: November 16, 2008 @11:26 pm
Hey Carlene, Made it home safe and sound from Seattle. Was a great experience from Easy ST to the Triple Door. We were blown away by your show and also your openess and friendliness,husband included. Your a true survivor ,keep on singing and perhaps our paths will cross one day again. GOD BLESS Rudy and Karin
From: lisa higgins
On: November 16, 2008 @10:19 pm
I love Stronger but I'd also like to hear the pre-release version. Any copies left? Lisa
From: Joacim Kempe
On: November 12, 2008 @01:23 am
I think Carle Carter is the best artist in the world. She is so beautiful and talented. And she has a wonderful voice. Sibcerly Joacim Kempe in Sweden
From: Dan
On: November 04, 2008 @07:16 pm
Hey CC! Tomorrow is my b-day, and my best friend just surprised me with front row center seats to your April show in Ohio! Most awesome gift I've ever received! Let me know if you want me to bring my guitar to strum along with ya! :-) Anyway, can't wait---look for me front row center. love ya! xox Dan
From: Louis Howard
On: October 31, 2008 @02:22 pm
I love ya CC.... I live a few scant miles from Little Nashville and had no idea you were playing there until the next day when I drove through. OH how I wish I had known!! I've been buying your albums since the first one came out in the 70's :)
From: Shannon
On: October 31, 2008 @10:46 am
Here's hoping you have a "spooktacular" weekend!
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: October 29, 2008 @06:16 am
touching base here. . . .we found a pic of Rosey with your step-dad would love to share with you. . .was at Tunica, MS back in maybe '98. . . .hope things are going smooth!!!!. . . .C & S
From: Jim Landis
On: October 27, 2008 @05:39 pm
Trouble Girls- " The Rolling Stone Book Of Woman in Rock" Edited by Barbara O' Dair, Copyright 1997. Random House** New York. On page.45 There is a GREAT PICTURE OF Carlene Carter .. 1980.. Warner Bros. Full On HOTTIE ! ! SoWeet ! Jim Landis
From: Jim Landis
On: October 27, 2008 @05:30 pm
I made a mistake Re: Tracy Thorn... Tracy Thorn is with Ben Watt as: " Everything but The Girl" from UK. They have great voice's.. Has Ms. Carlene Carter know of them ? Jim Landis. So. Cal.
From: Jim Landis
On: October 27, 2008 @05:26 pm
Jim Landis from Dana Point,CA... Has Carlene ever heard of Margo ...Timmins with Cowboy Junkies??
From: Jim Landis
On: October 27, 2008 @05:23 pm
I love Carlene's Music.... Please sign me up Jim Landis... One ?? ..Has Carlene Carter ever heard of 'Tracy Thorn' of : The Cowboy Junkie's... ( Canada) Thank you, Jim Landis- Dana Pt.,Ca
From: chris liotta
On: October 23, 2008 @11:03 pm
hi carlene carter my name is chris liotta I love your songs , will you send me a picture of you , , I want to order me some more , and get your cd thank you and God loves you carlene from chris liotta tulsa oklahoma
From: Angel
On: October 23, 2008 @08:53 pm
Dear Carlene, It was so exciting to meet u and hear you sing at the Havlock Jam this year 2008, it was awsome. I love your new cd strong, i am learning those songs to sing, I am a singer and play as well. My family is very musical too. I just love u..Please come back to canada anytime ok hon......Angel
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: October 23, 2008 @12:55 pm
We really enjoyed your show at the Hi-Tone. . .was great to meet ya'll. . .be safe on the road & we will see you next time you're in Memphis!
From: Linda Karlsson
On: October 22, 2008 @09:29 am
Hello! i like Every little Thing so much!you are great Carlene! hugs Linda
From: Susan Fry
On: October 20, 2008 @01:45 am
A belated note to say that Carlene did a KICK-ASS set at "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass". A shame that she was the first set and near the front it was half empty blankets that people had put down for later in the day. Her band smoked and she was rocking and growling -- just GREAT to hear. Cried when you sang "Wildwood Rose". Carlene -- if you're reading this, know that a lot of us know that you totally NAILED it and sorry a lot of the crowd didn't seem to appreciate it. Just GREAT to have you back, hoping to see you at Slim's or Great American Music Hall in S.F. or somewhere soon! (By the way, met you and sat talking with your husband backstage at Elvis & Clover's reunion in S.F. last year. )
From: Shannon
On: October 16, 2008 @06:56 pm
Hi Carlene, I just listened to the Mountain Stage performance on NPR.org. AWESOME! Loved your version of Ring Of Fire. Great set!
From: Jørgen Pedersen
On: October 16, 2008 @01:13 pm
Kære Carlene. Jeg har lyttet til dig og din familie så længe jeg husker og er glad for denne mulighed for at takke dig for al den glæde jeg har fået ved at lytte til jeres vidunderlige musik. Jeg ønsker dig held og lykke og masser af fremgang i årene der kommer. Kærlig hilsen ti dig og dine. Ærbødisk Jørgen pedersen.
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: October 15, 2008 @01:33 am
Can't wait to see you Wednesday night at the Hi-Tone in Memphis. . .
From: Al Chavez
On: October 14, 2008 @03:33 am
Love your new album. SY UPS Driver, Al
From: JC Mac Intosh
On: October 12, 2008 @12:50 am
Hey Carlene,it would be an honor to show up with you at THE COWBOY PALACE in Chatsworth California on any given night! I can keep up with the top ten male country vocalists anywhere in this world so you wont be walking in empty handed darlin. Allthough my luck in Nashville in '95 was less than positive, I still love it just the same. I was fortunate enough to sing at THE WAGON BURNER and THREE DOORS DOWN and then I realized I was not the only wannabe country superstar in a town that had more than its share. Take care sweetheart and keep an 'ol California country boy in mind.
From: Shannon
On: October 11, 2008 @12:19 pm
CC, Just poppin' in to say..."HAVE A GREAT DAY!"
From: Todd Neiswanger
On: October 07, 2008 @08:23 pm
Just love the new CD, I've been a fan since the the "I fell in love" cd.
From: Brian
On: October 07, 2008 @07:58 pm
Carlene, I've loved your music since shortly after I began working at a country music radio station, "having" to play country music and then growing to love it. You have always had such power, emotion and fire in your voice. My favorite country albums of all time are your "Little Love Letters," Rosanne Cash's "King's Record Shop," and Lorrie Morgan's "Something in Red." All three hold up as individual songs and as complete works in themselves. I'm so glad to be able to hear your new album in entirety right now. I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. Thanks from East Tennessee.
From: david harvey
On: October 06, 2008 @07:37 pm
Carlene-I am so excited to get to see you again in Memphis in a few weeks. Your show at the New Daisy in April was awesome!! Thank you for doing the cd store appearance. I was so happy to meet you! I'm proud of you. Your husband Joe is a nice guy. You deserve nothing but the best! I want you to know your fans love you and think how special you really are. love always david in memphis
From: Kathleen
On: October 04, 2008 @11:42 pm
Thanks for coming to Hardly Strickly Bluegrass. Stronger is a beautiful Cd and the way you sang that song really killed me. I'm sorry your baby sister died and I wish you all the health and love your heart can hold.
From: Chris L.
On: October 04, 2008 @05:24 pm
I saw you at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and I wish they let your fans in the Friends and Family section instead because we watched your act and loved it but couldn't get close enough. You are beautiful and fun, and made the festival for us. My husband and I love your music and always play your CDs on road trips. We always cry at Anything Is Possible in this World of Miracles. You are a miracle here and a fun rowdy performer and we cherish you and especially your toe-tapping songs! Chris I got footage of your show but from far away. If you want me to post it somewhere I'd be happy to.
From: mary mortimer
On: October 04, 2008 @04:41 pm
i know there was a lot going on in your life lately but you are a strong person and i know that it will get better you are in our prayers always with much admiration and love mary
From: gary wieghat
On: October 01, 2008 @07:56 am
crazy bout carlene! hope the 26 day o september was so great for you! happy happy yes i missed it. what a dog i am. but i am a big loving dog i was not in tune. that day. my own fault baby. if you come to central texas let me know i wil be there. i wil have stronger and need some ink on it! crazy all the time bout carlene.
From: Brad
On: September 27, 2008 @09:16 pm
Carlene, Saw you about 12 years ago in Detroit. Still listen to your music all the time. You're the greatest! Missed your concert this year in Detroit. Please come back soon! Brad (Canton, MI)
From: Penny Taylor
On: September 27, 2008 @04:45 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene, It is wonderful to hear your music again. Your are so talented with your song writing and you really "sing", you do not simply sing poems as some female singers of your generation. Keep on top of it please. I loved your mother although I did not have the opportunity to see her in concert. What she did for Johnny Cash was unbelieveable. I recently saw a photo of you with your father, children and grandchildren. Your husband, Joe, looks very loving and caring. Take care of yourself as life can be so wonderful and always remember you are wonderful!! Penny (Australia)
From: Tussilla
On: September 26, 2008 @08:38 pm
Happy birthday Charlene. I admire the way you create your own style, but still bring forward the Carter family and Johnny Cash/June Carter Cash music in your own way. Kind regards. Evy, Norway
From: Mary Beth
On: September 26, 2008 @05:23 pm
Happy Birthday!! Still waiting on you to come to the Tupelo, MS area for a concert.
From: Erik Holm Nielsen markvænget 18, 9600 Aars
On: September 26, 2008 @03:20 pm
Dear Carlene Carter! I wish you a very happy birthday. I have now had your picture painted on my new truck,as permitted by you in 2006. I shall soon send you some photos of my new truck, so you can see the fine result With kind regards Erik Holm Nielsen
From: christer
On: September 26, 2008 @02:13 pm
September 26,2008 Happy birthday Carlene.Your new album is great. Have wonderful birthday your sweden fan Christer. Love your music
On: September 26, 2008 @01:00 pm
Have a very HAPPY B'DAY!!!
From: Marty Campbell
On: September 26, 2008 @11:26 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! I listened to your new album last night..some of the best song writing I've ever heard! I hope to hear much more of your musical compositions for years to come! I look forward to being able to read your book that you may be writing. Marty Campbell Red Deer, AB
From: Ruth Mosher
On: September 26, 2008 @10:09 am
From: summer
On: September 26, 2008 @05:48 am
happy birthday carlene enjoy your day
From: Shannon
On: September 26, 2008 @05:39 am
To the best songwriter of them all, I hope you have a WONDERFUL Birthday!
From: Cheryl Pinches
On: September 25, 2008 @11:06 pm
Hi! I know you're busy but just want to wish you "Happy Birthday" and be Blessed!! We miss you..
From: Marty Campbell
On: September 24, 2008 @06:11 pm
Great website on Carlene! Good to see her back in her music and doing well. I discovered Carlene on AM radio back in late 80s and have been a fan of her music and live performances ever since!
From: Birgit
On: September 24, 2008 @05:33 pm
From: mandy johnson
On: September 24, 2008 @08:07 am
From: Marilyn Horne
On: September 22, 2008 @01:40 pm
We love your new CD "Stronger". You are blessed with such talent. We will miss you in our little community! Safe travel's on the road "you go girl"!
From: Serge Rivard
On: September 20, 2008 @09:59 pm
wow! You have a wb site . Great singer. Always was a great fan of yours . Serge
From: David Dean
On: September 19, 2008 @07:18 pm
Carlene, My dear beautiful artist, I downloaded your new album in it's entirety from I-Tunes a while back, but it's funny how sometimes a song doesn't always move you the same way at one moment of time as opposed to another. Lately, I've been travelling on business in a foreign Central European country and have had the chance to listen to "Stronger" several times. My dear friend, the titled song from "Stronger" is so moving it makes me want to rip my own heart out and give it to you as ransom for the sweet soul you sing about in that song. I have not had a song move me like that in a long time! That is such a moving song! Quite frankly my dear Carlene, I have fallen completely in love wih your new album! You are so talented my dear and this new album is just a testament to how much we have missed you!! It's great to have you back! With all the love in the world... David
From: Steve Flores
On: September 19, 2008 @06:14 pm
Carlene, Thank you so much for putting out such heartfelt and sincere music over the years. I just purchased "Stronger". I love it! You have such a distinct and beautiful voice! Best Wishes!! -S
From: dick van steijn
On: September 19, 2008 @03:58 am
very happy with your birtsday and very good wis his from my graetings from Dick
From: Mike Pool
On: September 18, 2008 @07:23 pm
ABSOLUTELY 100% Unbelievable..the best CD I have heard in a long long time...
From: Mark X
On: September 18, 2008 @04:00 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! LIBRAS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caught your show in L.A. and had a blast. You are a treasure. Your band is so cool. Looking forward to your new rockabilly CD and please come back to L.A. soon. You are the best!
From: Stephanie Piccirilli
On: September 18, 2008 @10:50 am
Hi Carlene, it's been a long time since I've seen you ! Happy Birthday and best of health and good luck with all your endeavors.Hope to see you some day soon . Please come back to Philadelphia or New Jersey or Delaware. Have a great time when you return to Jamica and remember us Steph and Joe from your honeymoon in Jamica. Love, Steph
From: Art Zemke
On: September 18, 2008 @10:15 am
Love That Gal and I am only 87
From: Martha Guinn
On: September 17, 2008 @09:50 pm
Carlene, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and tell you how very much I have admired your talent for years. I love your music and look forward to seeing you in concert. I saw you and Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan some years ago in St. Louis and have never forgotten your energy and beauty and immense talent. I bought your new CD Stronger and absolutely love it. Good luck always in your personal and professional life.
From: Kayleigh
On: September 17, 2008 @03:11 pm
Hey CC! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday...although it's kind of early. I'm really hoping for your book to get out soon, Lord knows I'll be reading it as soon as it's availible :)) Please Please Please come to Ohio. I want to see you perform...not on youtube! Haha. My parents won't drive me to Nashville but I'd really like to see you perform. Soo...Happy Early B-day!
From: Katie
On: September 16, 2008 @09:29 pm
Hey Carlene! I hope you have an amazing birthday! I know this is early, but i didn't want to forget! Take care!
From: John Jones
On: September 16, 2008 @04:55 am
Happy Birthday Carlene Carter.Oh Carlene You won't believe this my birthday is tomarrow on September 17,2008.I Really would see you at the country music hall of fame in Nashville Tennessee .But unfortunately.I'm unable to travel that far.But you can always e-mail me anytime you want too.I don't mind at all.You know I've been looking for all of cd's in music stores here in Grand Junction Colorado but so far I have not found any of them at all.I'm heart broken because I have never found any of your cd's in any stores like Wal Mart, or K-Mart at all yet at least places I always go shopping at.I'm pretty discusted by that.Are you ever going to come to Grand Junction Colorado at all ? Do You Know For Sure? Have You Ever Heard Of Jon Bon Jovi? Him And The Dueo Sugarland Scored His First Number One country song in 2007.I think you and Bon Jovi would sound good singing a duet together too.I remember your's and Southern Pacific's duet that you did together.By the way whatever happend to them? I heard they broke up in 1995.Why? They were a big attraction back in 1995.They even had a name after a rail road company that runs through Grand Junction Colorado everytime I see a train engine on the rail road tracks I think about them.When I lived in Salt Lake City Utah With My uncle I saw Southern Pacific in concert live.I sure miss those days alot.Your Fan Club can send me as many e-mails as they want too as long as my computer doesn't get to over loaded I guess.Yes I'm saving your fan club e-mails in a folder on my computer file .I want your fan club to send me an 8x10 photo by US Mail with your autograph on it when you get time. My US Mailing Address is John Jones 480 28 1/4 Rd trlr space #48 Grand Junction,Colorado 81501 Only when you get a chance. Happy Birthday Carlene Carter I love your music alot. Signed Your Fan John P. Jones .
From: Marv Del Chiaro
On: September 16, 2008 @02:51 am
Dear Carlene, I hope I'm one of the first to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, which is just around the corner. Your voice and your music certainly stands out from all the rest. My very best wishes to you in all your future endeavors. Wish I could make it to Nashville to see you perform at the Hall of Fame. Still waiting for you to come to California!! With warmest regards, Marv P.S. Love your website and fan club updates. M.
From: alan heasman
On: September 15, 2008 @07:37 am
I am listening to the album Stronger for the first time as I write. I am not normally spured to write comments on web sites but I think this album is worth the exception.Its a superb example of the future of modern county music. We don't hear to much country in the U.K. but albums like this could change that.
From: Michael R. Stahl
On: September 10, 2008 @02:12 pm
I am so glad to hear from you again. I a big fan of Johnny and June. I never got the chance to fullfill my dreams and see them like. I sure hope to see carlene live sometimes. So thanks for the good work and may God Bless You and Keep you like he did Johnny and June.
From: Dave Schnur
On: September 06, 2008 @06:27 pm
you are the very best female in country music so keep it up the best in you yet. i am so sorry to here that both of your perants had passed away in 2003 so did my dad in 2007, i am the biggest fan of yours and i have your cd and tape of yours and it is great, and so on behalf of me you are best so good luck and i just love your singiing very very much, so take care and god bless. ok, please write soon. bye now.
From: Mark
On: September 02, 2008 @09:26 pm
A few years ago i saw your video "Every Little Thing" & i fell in love with the song & you,And now i have all your cd's including your new cd which i love.You are very beautiful & a good singer.You have a voice of an angel. I hope you keep making cds & i'll keep buying them.I would love to see you live,Are you planing coming to niagara falls,on soon i hope you do.I was happy to read that you are doing well.Well I wish you the best,Love from mark xoxoxo P.S.Welcome Back.Long Live Carlene Cater
From: Daniel
On: September 02, 2008 @12:47 am
I was happy to read that you are doing well. You really had a special mom. She was a very special person. She was very good at making people laugh. I was reading that Johnny found some old love letters to your mother from Elvis, and he had them burned. You can can just see the love they had for each other in some of their shows. Well I wish you the best , regards Dan LVIafter YOYo
From: Ken Stowar
On: August 31, 2008 @10:10 pm
just recently came across your latest cd...love it...you are one of my favourites in the country stream right alongside Kimmie Rhodes. Best, Ken/Program Director/CIUT 89.5FM University of Toronto Community Radio
From: neil crozier
On: August 31, 2008 @12:41 pm
am big fan carlene
From: Helena Lantz
On: August 22, 2008 @05:48 pm
Hello Carlene Carter! I´m a girl from Sweden and I wonder if You should play in Sweden again in the future? I love your Music and I want to see you live!
On: August 18, 2008 @05:50 pm
I am so glad that your back on tour, for all your fans to enjoy. We've missed you, welcome back!
From: Jeremy Sharp
On: August 15, 2008 @09:32 am
Miss Carter ..I just wanted to stop by and say that I love your music ..and your families! Feel free to hit me up anytime. Check out my site .. www.JeremySharpMusic.co.nr
From: Delmar Wallace
On: August 14, 2008 @01:41 am
What a fine collection of tunes you have here and the production is sublime (i can't tell that one dude did most of the playin' & i'm a musician) Kudos and more--- simply the finest Country record i have heard in a quite while-solid from start to finish! Thanks for making something honest and heartfelt that actually is!
From: Narelle
On: August 12, 2008 @02:08 am
What an awesome way to comeback, with an album of stories right from the heart "Stronger", well done Carlene...it is so great to have you back
From: Sue Fry
On: August 10, 2008 @04:33 am
CARLENE IS BACK! Haven't seen her since backstage at Elvis last December (and not for years before that) -- and now she'll be playing at "Hardly STrictly" in October 5 blocks from my front door -- YAY! Can't wait! Love ya Carlene. I still listen to your RECORDS all the time. wonderful songs that have been in my head and heart for years...
From: Rev.Earl J. Lawson
On: August 09, 2008 @08:48 pm
I have hard her Carter family as long as I can remember.My mother had a lot of the old 78RPM recoards I still have them but they are not to good,more of akeep sake I guess
From: Joy Honeycutt
On: August 05, 2008 @08:15 pm
Carlene, Your new album is beautiful! My favorite song of your is Me and the Wildwood Rose, I also like your new song Stronger! My husband is bringing me to your concert in Little Nashville for our 25th anniversary, I am so looking forward to it. You sound so much like your Mother! I would love to meet you at the concert, but Iknow that is unlikely. Good-luck with your new album, but you really don't need it.It is great. Joy bonedigger@verizon.net
From: Carl Hockersmith
On: August 02, 2008 @12:54 pm
Dear Ms. Carlene Carter. I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your music all these years. Thank you. Respectfully, Carl Hockersmith
From: Vicki Talbott
On: July 31, 2008 @08:05 pm
Great show in Detroit. Make sure you make it back here again. Maybe the Hoedown. :) Vicki
From: keith johnson
On: July 27, 2008 @09:40 am
carlene thanks so much for coming to detroit enjoyed talking with you and your husband and the pics we got together love ya NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Kayleigh
On: July 22, 2008 @03:06 pm
Carlene, I love your music. I really became interested in your mother, and then the Carter Family, John, and then you. It's so nice to see how your music not only reflects yourself individually, but your "Carter" roots as well! Thanks for continuing to make your wonderful music! ~Kayleigh, age 12.
From: Dave Jobe
On: July 20, 2008 @05:04 pm
I was looking for advice. I have an autograph of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. I am looking to maybe sale it. Can any one help.
From: Dan
On: July 10, 2008 @03:12 pm
Hi Carlene - I was just wondering if there is anything that you can do to get all of your videos on i Tunes? They only have Every Little Thing, and I would love to get the rest of them for my i Pod. Thanks and Keep Rockin'!
From: Tove
On: July 04, 2008 @04:32 pm
Tank you for being you!
From: Birgit
On: June 30, 2008 @02:34 pm
Dear Carlene, thanks so much for your great performance . It was such a great pleasure. . You were the HIGHLIGHT this night . Thanks for everthing... God bless you and your husband. Much love, Birgit from Germany
From: Ida
On: June 30, 2008 @06:43 am
Dear Carlene. I just wanna say thank you for your beautiful songs. "The Sweetest Thing" have a special place in my heart. My father past away in 1999, and he loved you as a artist. And we played just that song at his funeral. I live in Sweden and I hope that some day you will come and play here so I can come and lisen to you. Thank you, you are a wonderful person. Love, Ida.
From: Z.S,
On: June 30, 2008 @06:39 am
You were awesome at the Trucker Festival! We were sitting in front of the stage with my friends who are sitting in a wheelchair! I wanted to say HI after the concert but unfortunately I had to work early the other day so I had to go.... Good luck with your album!!! Take care "The blonde girl" :)
From: greg
On: June 29, 2008 @04:02 am
Hi Carlene, Sorry,couldnt make your last show in London,back in May. Any plans of a return trip to the U.K. Keep the music coming. Take care,Greg
From: pat osborne
On: June 28, 2008 @10:19 pm
what happened to coy bayes after sara's death
From: Kathie
On: June 28, 2008 @08:52 pm
Carlene, Your music is so inspiring! I am 42 now and my 3 kids are all teenagers, but I remember when they were little, I would put on "Little Love Letters" and start cleaning the house like crazy! The kids would really get a kick out of that! I still have that CD in my car, I love it! You seem like such a "real" person and I like that about you, so unlike many of today's country singers. Thanks so much for that. Kathie
From: Mary Beth
On: June 27, 2008 @10:06 am
Love the new cd!! You're the reason I started listening to country music when I was 8yrs old. I've never been able to get to one of your concerts but you've always been one of my favorite singers. If you ever come to the Tupelo, MS area I'll definitely be there. I thought you'd quit singing until the new cd came out. With my music teacher's help I can play to about half the songs. Can't wait till the next cd comes out.
From: Lisa
On: June 27, 2008 @07:43 am
Dear Carlene! First I want to say that I really like your music! Are you going to visit germany soon? Yours, Lisa
From: brad
On: June 18, 2008 @10:51 pm
Dear Carlene: thanks for making such a great album. I am really enjoying it. I wish you all the best! When it arrived I was astounded to see it was autographed. I will treasure that too. Hats off to Yep Roc to discover you and let all of us enjoy. Brad
From: Sandy Spence
On: June 06, 2008 @02:51 pm
Calene, Long time fan. And I am so excited that you are coming to Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry in November. I aready purchase tickets and bringing two of my best friends. Can't wait!
From: Lars
On: June 06, 2008 @02:39 pm
Carlene, Are you gonna visit Sweden in the future? I think You will have a pleasant time in Sweden with many fans who would like to see You sing. Kind Regards, Lars
From: Steve Lovering
On: June 04, 2008 @10:02 am
Hi Carlene Great new cd. Sorry missed you last time you were in London. Still have the photo of you me and KikI Dee on stage during Pump Boys show. May you future be bright and full of love. Steve
From: Sherry Smith
On: May 31, 2008 @12:34 pm
This new album is one of the best I have ever heard! I LOVE IT!!! We need to be hearing this on the RADIO! You go girl, such a beautiful voice. I'm 52 years old also, my children 26 & 27 and I have always loved your music. I can relate to alot of your songs. Iam gouing to join your fan club. Good luck with the new album. Your Fan Sherry Smith
From: Eva
On: May 31, 2008 @04:26 am
Hello everybody! I'm 19 years old girl from Europe. I live in Czech Republic in our capital city called Prague. I really love Carlene's amazing mother June and Johnny Cash. But i like Carlene, too. She is so talented and she looks and sounds like her mother. I love her song Stronger and i hope that CD Stronger will be also in shops in our country. So, Carlene keep on singing, You're real Carter girl.
From: David Hight
On: May 27, 2008 @03:43 pm
I've been a huge fan for many years, and was super excited when I heard that "Stronger" was coming out. It's great beyond anything I could have hoped for. Congratulations on creating an amazing piece of work. I'm so happy for you. I've never had the opportunity to see you live and had quite a dilemma this past weekend when you were playing at Rancho Nicasio, because it was my oldest and dearest friends annual party. Although I hated to miss you, I did the right thing and spent the time with my friends and family. While at the party, I heard that Sean, who I first met when he was in high school playing in a funk/rock band called Headface, and his band and mine did some shows together, had just scored a great gig with some country singer. So when I saw him I asked who it was. When he said Carlene Carter I just about fell over. It almost brings me to tears, because your music has been so important to me, and Sean is not only a stellar and sensitive player, he's one of the kindest, most honest people you could ever hope to meet. I hope that it will work out for both of you and I absolutely can't wait to see you!
From: sheila pullinger
On: May 23, 2008 @08:48 am
Saw you at Dingwalls recently, oh what a wonderful night, you were absolutely brilliant, you were such a sweetie and I have a lovely photograph with you, you look good and I don't look so good!! god bless you
From: Toni Chater
On: May 22, 2008 @05:18 am
Hi Carlene, "Stronger" absolutely proves that you have the balls AND the bat!!!!!! How about coming to the north east of england and showing us how Real singers perform.
From: Wanda Bowling
On: May 19, 2008 @07:21 pm
Even tho I don't personaly know Carlene,I feel like I do.Carl Smith was my alltime favotite country singers in the 50s.I belonged to his Fan club.I still have the Fan club Journal with Carlenes baby picture in it.
From: Barbara
On: May 18, 2008 @03:58 am
Hi Carlene,i see that you play all over the world but....any hope that you'll come in Italy? :-))) Barbara
From: Ã…se q Pauli Thorsen
On: May 18, 2008 @12:47 am
Dear Carlene We have now imported yours cd.s Stronger,ohh what a cd there is a poverfull album. Congratulations with This album. Many many Kiss from Ã…se q Pauli from Bornholm Danmark
From: Loretta sullivan
On: May 17, 2008 @09:24 pm
May.17th,08 Hello Carlene. I have recently bought your Stronger Cd.It,s the first album of yours i ever listened to, it,s Fantastic,you are so like your Grandmother Maybelle and your parents for the country style,Keep up the great singing and song writting,hope to see you live one day in my lifetime Thank you for such great music. Favourite song all of thee above. Best wishes in all you do.Sincerely Loretta Sullivan From Newfoundland, Canada.
From: Tony Mendes
On: May 17, 2008 @06:41 pm
Hi Carlene, I had never seen you live before but play your music all the time on my MP3. I really enjoyed your show at Dingwalls - it was one of the best nights I have ever had and I loved every minute of your show. Please please do come back to England again soon - you were great.
From: Ian
On: May 13, 2008 @09:43 am
Hi Carlene, what a fantastic gig at DIngwalls last night. You've got the NEW HOT BAND I've been loving your material from the first album you ever did in London. I dragged my country-music-hating wife along. The only thing she knew about you was that she once saw you queuing for a movie in Kensington Odeon. with Nick By the end of the evening she was whooping and clapping for an encore. I told her the background to 'Stronger' and she even had a tear in her eye. More UK gigs PLEESE. You are such a STAR.
From: Carol
On: May 13, 2008 @12:43 am
Glad to see you back and rockin' from the heart and also luv your clever and heartfelt lyrics and dang your voice is stronger! Looking forward to catching you at Strawberry.
From: Silvia
On: May 12, 2008 @01:14 pm
Great show in Bad Ischl, Austria on Saturday night! I enjoyed your music and your powerful appearance on stage - awesome!! Your voice sounded so wonderful, your musicians were great and you were so kind and friendly. Thanks for coming to Austria (I saw you the second time)! Lots of love and I hope it won't take that long anymore to see you again :-) Silvia
From: Barbara
On: May 10, 2008 @07:02 am
Hi Carlene,I received right now your cd!! I can't stop to listen it...it's really awesome!!I'm so happy that you came back after all these years!!I missed you...Love your music!
From: Bill Gordy
On: May 09, 2008 @05:37 pm
Gosh it great to see you back!! I put your CD on the other day and my 9 year old daughter who barely stops listening to Creed and Linkin Park asked Who's That?! Please don,t stay away so long,missed ya!
From: Albert
On: May 03, 2008 @04:18 pm
Always loved your music. Thanks for bringing out something new. Missed you for a while. Keep up the good music.
From: Mike Thorpe
On: May 02, 2008 @03:30 pm
I have been a fan of Carlene's since the Little Love Letters CD. Unbreakable Heart is one of my all time favourite songs.The new album sounds awesome!!
From: susan rankin
On: May 01, 2008 @05:16 pm
I've always loved Carlene Carter's songs and am so glad she is releasing a new album. I listened to some of the soundclips and i know i will enjoy it. Now i will have some new tunes to listen to. Her songs really get me thinking about family, life, and love. I hope I hope someday carlene will do a concert somewhere in Minnesota. I sure would like to see her perform live. sue r.
From: Anthony
On: April 29, 2008 @02:47 am
Thank you for inviting me into your show with Mrs. McFee at The Mint. I was blown away by the power of your voice and the song selection. What a great way to get introduced to an artist in such an intimate setting, surround by your true fans. It was pretty cool seeing Shane play on stage w/his father Mr. McFee & you as well!! Good luck I really hope this album gets out to the masses... Anthony P.
From: angela doudrick
On: April 28, 2008 @03:05 pm
dear carlene i love you and your songs you are just great i even like you more than your mom and she was just great i have lisened to all of her c ds even when she sang love oh crazy love with your dad i like when carl would sing with her but i don't like carl eneways i realy love your songs like i fell in love and cry and jugmentday and stonger and of curse me and the wildwood rose i have three of your c ds and i will make sure that i have all of them one day i hope to see you in concert maybe my mom and i can go when school is out for the summer i hope so you will always be in my prayers angela
From: Carl & Sandy Wood
On: April 22, 2008 @11:01 pm
Great show tonight at the New Daisy on Beale St. in Memphis. . . .we both truly enjoyed being there. . .wish you would have played longer. . . .hope to see you in the Memphis area again soon. . . .did manage to get one of the 2 posters from your "Stronger" album from the front of the theater. . .will hang in a place of honor beside Wanda Jackson's. . . .luv ya. . .Carl & Sandy
From: C.C Rules 4 Eva
On: April 22, 2008 @12:28 am
Carlene your back.... how I missed you and prayed that you would come back good to hear your doing better!!! C.C Rules!!!! don't forget it ever!!!!!!
From: rose
On: April 19, 2008 @12:33 pm
yah!!!your'e back!!! love your stuff...hope to see you in concert one day..always enjoyed your music...rose
From: Ted Empson
On: April 12, 2008 @11:46 pm
Love you so much! LOVE the new album!!
From: richard carter
On: April 11, 2008 @06:02 pm
seen you in concert warming up for the little river band.your star will keep shining brighter keep the legecy going.
From: david harvey
On: April 09, 2008 @08:22 pm
Carlene-I can't wait to see you in memphis. I met you and Howie in August '99. You're wonderful. I'm proud you are back with new music. God bless. David in Memphis
From: Juergen B.
On: April 07, 2008 @11:42 am
I like Your new album and It's good to hear from you again. A very nice review is here (in German): http://www.glitterhouse.de/index.asp?lang=e&mode=artinfo&submode=&id=56991&rid=0&searchfor=&searchmode=0&pos=&wk=&rnd=0%2C3738672&s1=&s2=&incs=false By the way I must hear again Your "Logo" concert from June 1994 in Hamburg which I have recorded from the radio.
From: David Voyda
On: April 06, 2008 @04:36 pm
Howdy Carlene, Want to say thank you for the great new CD. I've been listening since 1980 when "Musical Shapes" was released. I still have the record. I also had the pleasure of seeing you at Gatlin's(1995 or so)which used to be in The Mall Of America here in Minnesota.I wish you the best, keep on singin & playin. Hope to see you performe again soon "Your So Cool"
From: Linda Rosquist, Virginia
On: April 06, 2008 @04:09 pm
Ms. Carter, As a fan of all music styles - I was moved to tears from the first song to the last. The Carter legacy lives in you and your music.
From: stan helewski
On: April 05, 2008 @11:12 am
dear carlene,all i can say is wow!!it was certainly worth the wait!i've been a fan since "i fell in love' hit the charts so i am so glad you decided to release a new album.it is absolutly great!!glad to see & hear that your doing well,take care, Stanxo
From: GREG
On: April 05, 2008 @05:51 am
Hi Carlene, Just heard that your show in London,UK, has been cancelled,hope all is well and we get to see you soon.New Album,is amazing,keep up the good work,take care. Gregx
From: Big White Boy
On: April 02, 2008 @02:09 am
Come on country radio!!! Play STRONGER!!!
From: Sue higgins
On: March 29, 2008 @09:49 am
I'm so excited,I'll be at Strawberry hopifully in the front row. I loved your mom and Johnny oh my God I feel so hohored it's like seeing royality. Can hardly wait Sue Higgins
From: Kevin Gibson
On: March 29, 2008 @04:35 am
Hey Ms.C, I'm thrilled to see you are back to doing what you do best. Really missed you. I know you've had rough times and pray those are all behind you now. I love your music and am looking forward to receiving the new CD. Take care and God bless.
From: Phil Poncio
On: March 27, 2008 @07:43 am
Hey girl... Long time. I hope you remember me. We went to school together in Hendersonville. I'm still in Houson and playing in a band part time but still loving the music and I'm glad to hear that you are back doing what you luv... If your ever in Houston look me up...
From: Birgit
On: March 24, 2008 @08:10 am
Dear Carlene, thanks a lot for the signed STRONGER CD. I love it.... Also a big THANK YOU to your Fan Club President Brad for the link to the CMT inside - show on you tube. Greetings from Germany Birgit
From: Kikka
On: March 23, 2008 @06:49 pm
Hi! Your music is founderfull and here in Finland I just love it!! And have to say, my 3 years son too :D All the best to You!!
From: Brad
On: March 22, 2008 @12:23 pm
You go girl. You are tougher than s____! (In more ways than one.) You were great on CMT Insider!
From: andrew Rios
On: March 21, 2008 @11:48 pm
What a great cd 'Stronger' is. The songs say so much. God Bless you Ms Carlene Andrew
From: Michael
On: March 21, 2008 @05:27 pm
Hi Carlene...LOVE the new album and it's great to have you back. I was one of the lucky ones to get the autographed copy...it will be framed and hang next to some other autographed pictures I have...my own little wall of fame. God keep you safe on the road...hope to see you here in Denver!
From: alisha
On: March 21, 2008 @04:58 pm
hi carlene carter i love your music and videos i just cant wait till the austen city limits comes back on pbs kids i remember they had it on there because i remember your song and video i fell in love so good luck take care be carful and god bless you and your family from me and my family sign alisha
From: Alex Nairn
On: March 21, 2008 @07:27 am
When I realised Carlene was coming to London I bought Stronger and started to listen to all of her catalogue. The show is going to be fantastic and well done to Carlene and her producer for creating such a stunning album. And the song Stronger just floats around in my head all day. Love it all.
From: Rik Gibson
On: March 19, 2008 @11:58 pm
Carlene, Been a fan since late in the last century!! And after listening to "Stronger" it's so sweet to find that there's still lightnin' in your words and thunder in your melodies. Thanks for "keepin' on keepin' on" from the bottom of this ol' bluesman's heart. With love and prayers, Rik Gibson 3/19/2008
From: Stacey Baker
On: March 18, 2008 @06:51 pm
Hey oh my god i am going to see you at havelock this summer:):)
From: Lori K
On: March 16, 2008 @10:26 am
Dear Carlene, Just found out about, and scooped up your new release "Stronger". As close to "Perfection" as I can imagine an album getting. Something for everyone, and every emotion. Haven't really wanted to listen to anything else since I heard the first note (why would I?) You are back, more fascinating than ever!! One more thing, the song "Stronger" has put words to emotions I've been trying to sort through for a while now, thank you. Blessings sweet girl, Lori
From: Carlene Goertzen
On: March 15, 2008 @08:16 pm
Hi my name is Carlene Goertzen I am 10 years old and I was named after you.
On: March 15, 2008 @01:30 pm
Your doing Great so hang in there. It's good to have you back in action. There very few people in the world that stand out like you do.Your Mon,Dad and Stepdad did. So girl go for it.
From: karen jones
On: March 15, 2008 @07:29 am
The song "Stronger" makes me long for my brother. He had a wild spirit, but a sweet soul...in fact, he reminds me of Carlene's Step-father a great deal. "Stronger" made me weep. My brother is closer to me now, because of that beautiful song. Thank you Carlene! Rock on girl, Rock on!
From: Brad
On: March 14, 2008 @05:39 pm
Chet (THE) Chet Flipo(!) has great things to say about Carlene, the Carter's and Cash's and about Carlene's new album in the CMT News article linked here on the Press page.... EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! Carlene, come to Indiana! We need to see and hear you in person!
From: John Wierzbicki
On: March 11, 2008 @07:20 pm
Dear Carlene, I am *SO* glad to see that you are back! I'll try to dig up pictures I've taken of you 15 years ago and send them. Luvz, Werzbo
From: David Harjadene
On: March 09, 2008 @09:52 pm
Carlene you beautiful ANGEL! Where on heavens have you been! I fell in love with you and that beautiful music you make years ago and have missed your music terribly! I miss the innocent days of "I Fell In Love" and "Little Love Letters" and after taking a listen to a little of your new album....Hmmm....thank you sweet angel!! You are a strong, wonderful sweet heart and I am soooo glad you're back! A Sincere and most loving fan! David
From: Doug
On: March 08, 2008 @07:06 pm
Carlene! How great to hear new music from you! I first got your "Two Sides To Every Woman" album...instantly fell in love with it!. And your "I Fell In Love" Cd came out it is FANTASTIC... One of my very favorite Lps ever by any artst! And the sound is flawless! Now...I can't wait to get my copy of Stronger!
From: Brad
On: March 08, 2008 @12:46 pm
"More than a country song, it's Carlene Carter's life" is an article in today's LA Time. Brad has it linked on this site's Press page....READ IT! It's a beautiful article on a beautiful person! I see Carlene will play at the Nashville (TN) Opry next month....Hip Hip Hooray! Now if we can only get her to play at the Nashville (IN) Opry. :) :)
From: Lorenzo
On: March 07, 2008 @01:09 pm
Hi Carlene...I am so glad that you have a new CD out and I downloaded the album already today!! I love your songs and have everything from "I Fell In Love" and now I just read the previous albums are available, too. "Stonger" is a great song and one that we can relate, too. Take Care, LB
From: mike
On: March 06, 2008 @11:34 am
Good Day. I was under the inpression you were deceased and so VERY happy to learn otherwise. I pray for your well being and happiness. All the Best & GOD Bless . . . Mike in IN
From: Reine Nilsson
On: March 06, 2008 @06:44 am
Hi Carlene ! iam fan to you in sweden ILOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC. best regards Reine.....
From: John Brownrigg
On: March 05, 2008 @11:50 pm
Hello from Tasmania Australia! I really enjoyed the time I spent perusing the photos of Carlene's bio. A great.....and talented entertainer! Just keep in mind that your are recognised here in Australia. How 'bout paying we Aussies a visit? Regards, John Brownrigg, Devonport, Tasmania.
From: Kari
On: March 05, 2008 @02:07 am
I recived the new record yesterday, and I love it! Thank you Carlene - you're the best!
From: Joachim
On: March 04, 2008 @08:21 am
Thank you so much for letting me listen to your new record (on this site), I feel so much better now. As soon as I can I will buy your great new CD. Kind regards, Joachim
From: Birgit
On: March 04, 2008 @06:20 am
Wow , Brad...you did a great job !! Thank you. Birgit
From: Dawn Stickney
On: March 04, 2008 @12:38 am
I am very happy for you as well as proud of you. Always a fan.
From: Dan
On: March 03, 2008 @09:12 pm
Hey there Carlene! Not only is the album incredible, but the bonus track - "When the Long Road Ends" is fantastic! Anyway, I know I post too many messages - I'm just so excited that you're back! Wishing you lots of Grammy's and Platinum Records! Dan xox back-at-cha!
From: Pam
On: March 02, 2008 @09:07 pm
Hi Carlene: I received your new CD a few days ago and have been listening to it (and singing along!) every day since then. "Stronger" contains so many moving songs with good "storytelling" lyrics and sharp, crisp, arrangements that make a listener stop and do a double take at what is coming out of the speakers! You have so many styles of music here that could be "labeled" many ways: those of your Carter Family roots, rock, folk, country, country/rock, pop--and they all fit you somehow and form a perfect frame around your voice and this CD. You are equally adept at conveying all of these styles, and not many artists, country or otherwise, have that ability. You sound as good as you ever have and should really be proud of this project--I'm sure it wasn't easy (although your talent makes it appear that way). Your producer did a fantastic job playing all of those instruments (it sounds like you guys have an orchestra on some of these tracks!). Everything about this CD is just great. There isn't a bad song/arrangement in the bunch, but I particularly like "The Bitter End" (what a kickin' song!), "Why Be Blue", "Bring Love", "Light of Your Love" and, of course, the title cut. But, the one I play over and over is "Judgement Day" (lyrically a gem!) which tells so movingly and graphically not only about the despair of heartache, but the hope of tomorrow. That is a fantastic song to which we all can relate. I sincerely hope this CD gets the recognition it deserves, and I'll look forward to seeing you in print, on TV & (hearing you)on radio, and hopefully you'll be somewhere in the midwest sometime soon promoting this awesome CD. Congratulations on a job WELL done!! All the best, always. Pam
From: Chuck Micallef
On: March 01, 2008 @05:36 pm
Hi Carlene We met briefly at the hotel bar in Newark Nottingham U.K. last July during Americana International. It was a real pleasure chatting with you and I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again someday soon. Best Wishes for continued success. Chuck Micallef www.ChuckMicallef.com
From: Rick Dickson
On: March 01, 2008 @02:37 pm
I posted the follow on Amazon.com: "'Stronger'" is an extraordinary album. Powerfully humble, Carlene's vocal delivery is subdued, sometimes heartbreaking, but sometimes sizzling as a result. The music is NOT stripped down and somber like a Rick Rubin disc. . .instead, the music has plenty of fire, and when contrasted with Carlene's vocals and lyrics, creates a complex and affecting musical experience. The concluding title track is unforgettable." Personally, I need to mention that after listening to the album all the way through, the final track literally stopped me in my tracks. I can't express the feelings. . .it's like someone opened a door you knew was locked for good reason, and trusted you enough to invite you in and let you see everything as it really is. Whew. I'm listening to it again as I write this. . .that's why it's taking so long to finish. Thank you Carlene. Also, a tip of the hat in gratitude to John McFee, whose instrumentation and arrangements are perfect. (Is there any instrument he CAN'T play?) --Rick
From: Phil Ingrassia
On: March 01, 2008 @06:52 am
Carlene -- the new CD is wonderful. Really strong from first to last song. Hope to see you this summer in DC/Northern VA area. All the best, Phil
From: Chris R Jackson
On: March 01, 2008 @03:54 am
After carlene's triumphant return to the uk last july to perform on the americana international. We fully intend to bring her back over here in july 2009, providing carlene and her great band want to come back of course.. She was such a lovely, warm-hearted person with absolutely no airs and graces about her... A truly naturally talented artist with a real sense of fun.... Bev & I hope carlene & joe have settled down in sunny california and that life is good for them both... Keep on rockin and writing those wonderful songs... Best wishes from us and the Americana International team.. Chris & Bev Jackson (promoters) www.americana-international.co.uk www.myspace.com/americanajack
From: beverlymitchell
On: February 29, 2008 @06:28 pm
From: Jimmy Arnett
On: February 29, 2008 @05:43 pm
I received my signed "Stronger" yesterday. The title certainly fits. It just might be the best album I have heard in the last couple of years. Sound quality, performances and songs are all A+. The "rockin' country" sound that is signature Carlene with a twist of bluegrass! Awesome and highly recommended. Thank You Carlene, and everyone involved in making this masterpiece!
From: Ron Frankl
On: February 29, 2008 @05:06 pm
Congrats on the new CD, CC! It sounds great, and I'm sure that both old and new fans will really love it. Welcome back, Carlene!
From: Tim and Janice Clayborn, Birmingham, AL
On: February 28, 2008 @05:59 pm
We recently met you and Joe at Rose Hall Resort in Jamaica. I didn't know I was hanging with the famous or I would have gotten a picture made with you!!!!! Hope you had a safe trip home. Wish we were still in Jamaica -- Rose Hall was too much fun.
From: Dan
On: February 27, 2008 @04:15 pm
"Stronger" just got here too! Brad, the new website looks soooo cool! Good job! Carlene - the album is amazing, and you really brightened up a lousy day for me. Thanks :-) Best of luck to you! xox Dan
From: Brad
On: February 27, 2008 @02:37 pm
OMG, just got "Stronger" in the mail. Carlene your autograph is awesome! Love you! Brad, Carlene say's she's giving you a "huge hug" for your great work as the fan club president. Can I have one too, since I'm such a huge fan and my name's Brad too???
From: Dan
On: February 25, 2008 @08:21 pm
Thanks, Brad. I actually have that one already and it is awesome! It's not that I don't know "Musical Shapes" - it's just that I'm trying to find the Renaissance reissue. It must be really rare! Thanks for the help though!
From: Brad
On: February 25, 2008 @10:43 am
Dan: Wounded Bird Records has the double CD "Two Sides to Every Woman/Musical Shapes" listed for $12.98. It's a great buy. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about Carlene's 2/20 gig in Texas? The complete multi artist show is supposed to avaliable on DVD in the future.
From: Dan
On: February 24, 2008 @02:06 pm
Hey everyone! I'm still looking for a copy of the Renaissance Records release of Musical Shapes. I can't find it anywhere! If you have one and would like to sell it, please let me know! It's the one piece that I am missing from my CC-Collection!!! Looking forward to the 4th, Carlene! I wish you the best of luck with the new album - which is AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see you on the Grammy's next year - I know you'll be in the front row! I hope this message finds you well. Your fan, Dan in Pittsburgh PA
From: Greg
On: February 23, 2008 @05:49 am
Hi,just listened to Carlene's,new Album...and it's FANTASTIC! Can't wait to receive my copy,Carlene back at her best,it's been along time coming,but worth the wait.Great to see her back on track.Would be great to see Carlene in the United Kingdom,one day! Take care and keep them coming,we love you and wish you all the best.x Greg,Portsmouth,United Kingdom.
From: Jeff Brewer
On: February 23, 2008 @05:13 am
A new album! I can't believe its been so long...and it sounds fantastic! Best news I've heard in a long time, now I'm off to order a copy, and pass on the good news to a friend who is also a Carlene fan.
From: Linda Storey
On: February 18, 2008 @09:52 am
We have been big fans of your mom and Johnny Cash for ever miss both of them. But as long as you keep singing and their music plays they will always be here. We are really looking forward to seeing you at Havelock Jamboree this August. Am very proud to be member of your fan club.
From: Peter
On: February 17, 2008 @04:58 am
Hey, great to find Carlene on the internet! She is one of the most rockin' and talented lady's in the scene. I love her! Keep on rockin' Carlene! "Every little thing" is my, personel, favorit! Greatings, Walsoorden, Holland.
From: jennifer anderson
On: February 16, 2008 @09:39 pm
hi i would just like to say that this song has inspired me to want to sing i used to sing at my moms yard sales and people used  to say i sounded just like u i love this song and i now every word to the song  ur song is called every little thing!!When i was was 8 years old i uesed to sing to all of ur songs and now im 19 so what does that tell u that im a fan of ur music!.sinserly jennifer anderson please send me an eamil it would mean alot to me and my mom and dad they would be very happy that u got back to me about this song:)
From: Else Falkenfeldt
On: February 15, 2008 @04:52 pm
Hallo her from Denmark. I love your music. I can hear Every little things again and again......whau.
On: February 15, 2008 @04:21 pm
Just to say that I love your music...God bless
From: Faye Stoyey
On: February 13, 2008 @03:44 pm
I am very happy to a member of your fan club. Am looking forward to seeing you at The Havelock Jamboree in Aug. Keep singing and congratulations on new album.
From: Neil
On: February 10, 2008 @04:46 pm
Thanks for lots of great music over the years. I know there have been ups & downs in your life, but I wish you and yours continued health, happiness and success. Keep up the good work! --Neil
From: Loretta Moody
On: February 09, 2008 @04:59 am
Hi Carlene, I met you about 6 months after your mother June passed away on a Southwest Airlines flight. (I remember you told me you had on her blouse). We talked the whole flight....you might still remember me, I told you about my son who has Cystic Fibrosis....Well, at age 20 in 2006 my son had a life-saving double lung transplant! I have to admit, I never heard of you before sitting with you on that flight, but my son and I have become big fans. Congratulations on your new album! Your parents would be proud. Your voice has never sounded better!! I'm looking forward to hearing more beautiful songs from you in the future! Loretta
From: thomas sullivan
On: February 08, 2008 @08:43 am
am happy to become a member of the carlene carter fan club, thanks brad
From: irmi
On: February 07, 2008 @11:57 am
Hi Carlene! I love your songs verry much and I wanna hear a lot of you ! I love your mother June, the carter family and Johnny Cash too. Thank you for your music!!! love from switzerland Irmi
From: Jason
On: February 05, 2008 @08:49 pm
Carlene, You definitly have a fan in Dayton, Ohio. I hope u visit here soon! U have made me smile on several occasions when my life was very dark and made my smile bigger when It was so full of light......thank you for your gift of music...:) Jason
From: Mimmi
On: February 03, 2008 @11:27 am
you've got a 17 year old fan in sweden :P
From: christer jacobsson
On: February 03, 2008 @06:16 am
Carlene I like your music you are great country artist Little love letters christer Fan from Sweden
From: jimmy Tittle
On: February 02, 2008 @08:17 am
carlene you're back and we've missed you! you've got a lot to share with us and i'm gonna listen up...we've been through the fire and came out stronger. good album title. your brother always. jimmy tittle
From: Brad
On: February 01, 2008 @05:46 pm
I forgot something about that line, "I'll always remember the day that she died," in Wildwood Rose. I always loved the little pause that you take right after that, as I always have a lump in my throat right there and could tell that you must have one to swallow before going on with the rest of this masterpiece....Right?
From: Brad
On: February 01, 2008 @03:44 pm
Carlene: It's been a long time since I listened to your mom much. In the last month I've listened to about 30 or 40 of her songs. I must say the she did one on the 1976 album, Appalachian Pride that I love and it reminds me of your voice so much. The song is, "Gone". Your voice is a lot like June's. In my opinion she was the "backbone" voice of The Carter Sisters. She had good range and could sing the lower notes as well.... I read somewhere today where you had interviewed and said, "When I sing the verse about "I'll always remember the day that she died," (in Wildwood Rose) not only do I think about my grandmother, I'm thinking about my mom, Aunt Helen and Aunt Anita. I know it sounds really sad, and I don't want to get any kind of pity from people, but I feel it every time I sing it. I remember getting on that airplane and I remember riding over there by myself, and we stood in a circle and sang Will the Circle Be Unbroken. So I want to do that in life. I want to stand in a circle and sing Will the Circle Be Unbroken. I don't want to sing it just at funerals, or when I'm gone, I don't want people to just do that. I want them to sing No Swallerin' Place - a novelty song in the play or something." That's a cool quote. You are a great songwriter, but I keep hoping that you'll do a double album of old Carter Family, Carter Sisters and your mom's old stuff, like "Single Girl, Clinch Mountain Home, Gone, Swallering Place, Ring of Fire..." etc... Whatever you do in the future is fine with me as long as I get to meet you in person some day. I'll always love you because you express so well, vocally and in your live performing.
From: CADE
On: February 01, 2008 @01:57 pm
Greets, all. I subscribe to Carlene's mailing list here, like many of you, and I'd like to thank the people involved with keeping this site fresh and kicking. I just have to say that I am so excited about Carlene's new album. I've pre-ordered it and have obviously listened to all the tracks streaming over at YepRoc. You have to understand: I have had a crush on this amazing woman and her outstanding music since 1990, when a former girlfriend bought me her "I Fell in Love" CD as a birthday present, because she thought I would enjoy it. Was she ever right. I became a massive and instant admirer of Carlene's artistry and her singing/songwriting gifts never ceased to blow me away. That first album I received brought me back to an appreciation for country music that I had lost (or perhaps not quite fully discovered). Of course, I bought every one of Carlene's subsequent (and previous) releases and was quite frankly appreciative of the fact that this woman took such careful time and consideration before puttnig out albums. She didn't just throw-out any old piece of fluff to make a quick buck, though I suspect she could have done so. Carlene also holds a special place in my heart because her "Little Love Letters" album was in my player when I made a HUGE life-transition and moved from Florida to San Francisco, CA, in 1994. That move was wild, wooly, and occasionally spooky, but picture me in a Dodge pick-up, rolling up and down the hills of San Francisco, windows down, BLASTING songs like "Every Little Thing" and "I Love You 'Cause I Want To" at max volume. It gave me a thrill, in a new city, among new (often strange) people, with all the pressures that come with a transition like that. Carlene will ALWAYS be special to me because of those sorts of moments. I had moved to the "country" in Santa Rosa, CA, when "Little Acts of Treason" came out and was equally stunned by how perosnal and poignant that album was. Carlene was very much part of the "soundtrack of my life," among other artists at the time. My heart was broken when it seemed that we might lose her there in the late '90s and early 2000s, and broke again when, as a fan, I took note of her series of personal family tragedies in such short shrift. It's for this reason that I am personally thrilled and happy that she has proved to not only survive, but thrive. Carlene, if you should happen to read this, please know that you have fans who will always stand by you and who really remain loyal. For keeps. "Stronger" is another piece of genius. You look and sound like a million bucks, kid. I wish you all the best with the new album, and I'll buy as many copies as I can afford on release-day, if it helps spread the vibe. I never endorse other artists on my own site (and I'm not trying to endorse myself), but I wrote a blog and provided a link to Carlene's new one at the following url, for anyone who wants to look: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=133664623&blogID=353730019 Carlene, Thank You for Being So Outstanding. And Best Wishes to all her devoted fans. I'm proud to count myself as one of this excellent group. Cade
From: marie
On: January 31, 2008 @10:47 am
Love the new album - I've been waiting FOREVER. Hope Carlene makes it to Virginia sometime soon!
From: stephanie piccirilli
On: January 28, 2008 @04:31 pm
I just listened to the new cd stronger and it is great.I wish carlene all the best. I hope someday I can see her again and hang out. the last time I saw her was at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia, Pa. She was fantastic. the last time we actually hung out was a few years ago in jamaica on her honeymoon with Joe Breen.
From: Tom From Boston
On: January 27, 2008 @02:18 pm
Carlene, Can't wait until the new record! Still tell friends about the Boston show when put your arm around my shoulders and sang to me. Whew! Did it just get on in here?
From: Brad
On: January 26, 2008 @03:08 pm
Carlene: You will always be beautiful! You are no where near "old as dirt", yet. Keep practicing your cartwheels. I just finished "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone", Mark Zwonitzer's book on the Original Carter Family and their immediate offspring. Carlene's grandmother (Maybelle) should be dubbed a saint. Even her conversation voice was beautiful. On "Will The Circle Be Unbroken I" she talks a few times. My family was from Harlan, KY and I love the Eastern KY, Western Virginia accent... Now I see where Carlene got her physical and spiritual strength and beauty. What a beautiful family.
From: charlie sullivan
On: January 25, 2008 @02:44 pm
i have alway bend a fan of carlene from day one i have went to acout 25 to 30 shows of hers i will keep going love you carlene charlie
From: arvid aldevärn
On: January 23, 2008 @02:23 pm
i love you carlene so much
From: Travis
On: January 21, 2008 @11:15 pm
Just so excited to see that Carlene is still hittin' the road and recording. Aunt Helen Carter used to tell me how much she made her heart smile. And Carlene makes mine smile as well. :-)
From: Steve Harkins
On: January 21, 2008 @08:33 pm
I had the fortune of hearing the entire Stronger CD and this is a must hear album. I cannot stop playing "Judgement Day". The song is an instant classic. Congrats and thanks to Carlene for delivering such a great album. After an 11 year wait, upon the first listen I would suggested the album title, "Where the Hell Have I Been?"
From: John
On: January 20, 2008 @06:31 pm
Carlene, I saw you at the Boarding House in SF back in the day and have always been a fan. Great songs & voice. See you live if you travel west of the rockies. It's such a gift to survive the past and to become stronger. All the best to you in serenity. John
From: Brad
On: January 18, 2008 @07:59 am
I just want to comment on Carlene's comeback. I listen to music 6 to 8 hours a day....all kinds. I did not listen to a lot of Carlene in the 1980's or 1990's, but I do remember her music video's on CMT and TNN. I remember thinking, "Is she REALLY having THAT much fun...?". She always looked so "up" and connected to the song and audience. Now that I have so much music listening time (I drive for a living) on my hands, I find that I go back and listen to Carlene's CD's at least 2 or 3 times a year... I think I know why I do this. Her music is a pure distillation from the popular music that preceded her. You can hear the Carter Family influence and the Rock and Roll influence. She is also a great songwriter. Carlene, thank you for what you've done in the past and I thank God that you have written, recorded and are now performing your new album....I have prayed that you would do this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! :) :) :)
From: jed fox
On: January 17, 2008 @06:52 pm
I just placed my order for Carlene's Stronger cd. Hope i'm still one of the first hundred!
From: juan
On: January 17, 2008 @04:31 pm
From: Dan
On: January 16, 2008 @08:04 pm
Hi Carlene! I just pre-ordered my autographed copy of Stronger - to add to my CC shrine! (Gee, that doesn't sound creepy! haha.) I can't wait to be jammin' to your new tunes! I listened to some of the album on the Yep Roc page, and it sounds so different from the pre-release version. Anyway, hope this message finds you well, and hope you make your way towards Pittsburgh really soon! love, Dan xox
From: Tiff
On: January 15, 2008 @02:23 pm
hey Carlene, you rock! Keep up the great work! luv your tunes!
From: Brad
On: January 13, 2008 @05:48 pm
Carlene's playing in NYC tonight! It would be nice if someone that see's the show would let us know how the show went. I know that it will be great!
From: Valerie
On: January 10, 2008 @05:20 pm
I'm sitting here listening to your first album recorded with Nick Lowe and members of The Rumour from 1978. It still holds up! In ~1980 I saw you in a hotel lobby in Mill Valley, CA with Nick and Dave Edmunds. I think RockPile was performing in SF that night. Anyway, I was a 22 year old working in record store and it was quite a thing to see the three of you. I'm 50 now, still a fan and still listening!
From: june
On: January 06, 2008 @06:05 pm
dear carlene i am a fan of june carter and john and i have just started listening to you i think you are a great singer i just love to hear you sing i fell in love and someone lay down but i think my favoret song is me and the wildwood rose
From: Betty
On: January 06, 2008 @12:31 am
It's been a few years back, but I was fortunate to see Carlene perform at Nashville North in Taylorville, Illinois. Her voice, energy and obvious joy in performing totally captured the audience. She related to her audience like few other artists are able. I've seen a number of live performances and hers was absolutely the best!
On: January 03, 2008 @08:17 pm
carlene, i havent seen you in a while. i last saw you at rosies funeral. i miss her so much. she always came to mine and gary mitchells house. how are you. i hope you are doing well. i yhave moved from hendersonville and now live in ga. gary still lives there. i am so proud of you. i hope you can come see me in columbus. i have the annunals with your pictures and a picture of you in my purse you gave me in 9th grade. happy new year. love beverly mitchell
From: Paul Smith
On: January 02, 2008 @06:22 pm
Happy new year Carlene and everbody hope u come back to the Uk as i couldnt get to the Americana festival last year.
From: Chris R Jackson
On: January 01, 2008 @03:23 pm
Hi carlene as we slipped into the new year I spent sometime thinking about 2007. There were many highlights for me personally, but by far the best was having you perform on our festival in July. Also to personally pick you up from the airport in my own car, the chat we had on the way to newark was awesome. You have made your mark on me forever and I will do my best to have you back with us in 2009 at Americana International, but next time you will perform on the Saturday night... God bless you & Joe in your new home in california..... HAPPY NEW YEAR & GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE.... Chris & Bev
From: Rance Herring
On: December 29, 2007 @01:01 pm
Just want to say hello again after four years I did not get to say good by when you left take care from Texas
From: Teresa
On: December 17, 2007 @03:08 am
Big fan of the whole family.
From: Knut Eivind Busland
On: December 12, 2007 @10:54 am
Hello. My name is Knut Eivind Busland. I'm a big fan of you and your mother and stepfather. I have 6 or 7 cd's with Johnny cash, and i wonder if i can get a picture of you and your fam and a autograph from you. i love yout songs very mutch.
From: Jimmy Olsson
On: December 11, 2007 @08:19 am
Hello! I like your music very much, from a big fan in sweden
From: Nicky Keyes
On: December 06, 2007 @07:22 pm
i just love your music
From: Jere
On: December 03, 2007 @11:19 pm
Carlene in my opinion was and I suppose still is one of the best country singers of all time. Especially loved the songs where Albert Lee was your lead guitar player. I wonder why she's not included in the award shows and why she's not included in the Johnny Cash specials.
From: Werner Hackl
On: December 02, 2007 @10:36 pm
So glad to see this site, and hope you come sometimes to Austria. Wish you luck und health Werner, Vienna
From: ted jessup
On: December 01, 2007 @11:28 am
loved carlene since the seventies - classicist ,innovator, rebel,survivor,still beautiful. stronger is great
From: camilla
On: November 22, 2007 @10:04 am
she is a real wonderful women and her music is fantastic.Can you give her a hug from me.because i meet her in dalhalla when she was here in july 2007.big hug camilla
From: thomas sullivan
On: November 21, 2007 @09:06 pm
carlene,i have a fumas guitar,signed by you,george jones,grampa jones,loretta lyne,kitty wells,bill monroe,also a picture of you signing and george jones signing it,and a picture of you and grampa jones you with the guitar,and grampa jones with his banjo,can you help in any way as to how, when, or where? is there any way you can help me solve this,as no one else can,thank you,tom
From: Birgit
On: November 18, 2007 @07:54 am
Hello Carlene, you were so fantastic on the Johnny Cash Radio Shows. I hope you'll come back to Interlaken next year. Can't wait of your new CD in February. I wish you a wonderful Sunday and a happy week. Much love and greetings your friend from Germany, Birgit
From: Larry Nobles
On: November 14, 2007 @07:39 pm
I wast just listening to my Sirius radio and heard a song by Carlene and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed her singing.And how much we have missed her.You are the greatest.
From: richard bicknell
On: October 31, 2007 @03:57 am
you've long been an inspiration. i've been listening since the first record. czn,t remember when i was looking forward to a record as much as stronger. richard bicknell
From: Loretta Sullivan
On: October 27, 2007 @09:33 pm
Hi Carlene. just wanted to say how much i love your Grand parents and Aunties i especially love Mother Maybelle and Johnny Cash My favourite Country singer and not to forget your mother June,i can,t comment on your style of singing as i need to buy your music so i can hear your singing. i have no music at all of you i,m sure it,s as great as your famous Carter families. i was fortunate enough to meet Johnny Cash and get his Authograph here back in 1961 when he was on tour across Canada. Best of Luck in all that you do Sincerely Loretta Sullivan From Newfoundland, Canada.
From: jaleeya
On: October 26, 2007 @09:52 pm
hey, i hav e not herd from you in a long time.so i herd that you are married
From: martin hoad
On: October 26, 2007 @09:11 am
Great site,Carlene is an tremendous talent ,i love her voice i have been a fan of hers for over 20 yrs,even here in Australia she is well known,I would love to see her live,maybe one day , well thats it for now, Marty
From: Todd Stoddart
On: October 16, 2007 @05:23 pm
Did Carlene ever play or get acredited for being in a movie?
From: Robert Patrick Sharrock
On: October 14, 2007 @10:14 pm
Hi Carlene, i really like your song i fell in love again is a hit. ps type back rob from michigan
From: vinny
On: October 13, 2007 @09:54 pm
carlene, my first encounter with you was at the Lisdoonvarna folk festival way back in '82 or '83 in Ireland. you were taking pictures of the stage. i was lying on the ground drinking alchoholic cider. you have long legs. i was 16 years old. it left an impression. i have since come to also love your songs and your soulful voice. you are incredibly talented. keep doing what you do.
From: Roxanne
On: October 11, 2007 @07:18 am
Like your music. You have a very interesting family, meaning your relations with the cash's. You are all very lucky to have so much talent in your family. Best of luck Carlene!!
From: Diana
On: October 07, 2007 @08:35 pm
Carlene, I hope you perform in Kansas sometime soon. I love your music!
From: Jarl
On: October 06, 2007 @05:19 am
Good to have you back. Looks forward to your next album. Would be great to see U perform in Sweden. Why not the outdoor arena at Rottneros Park in Sunne. Would be a sell out. Norway's close and they'll loves country. Jarl Cassberg,Esq/Sweden
From: David Casey (The Hunt Guy)
On: September 26, 2007 @02:58 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene. Many, many returns. Love always, DVC
From: Birgit
On: September 26, 2007 @01:14 am
Hello Carle, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May your special day be filled with Loe, Peace and Joy. Wish you a great day with your loved ones. God Bless You. Loe, Birgit
From: summer levine
On: September 25, 2007 @07:24 pm
happy birthday carlene have a great day enjoy yourself
From: Micke
On: September 24, 2007 @05:30 am
hello carlene my english is not soo good but i just whant too say i love that song (every little thing) i just love it and i like ypur voice i hope you sing in sweden som day i gona come too here you then you are my big idol i hope you answer me kiss /micke from sweden....
From: thomas tossen vossen
On: September 18, 2007 @01:50 pm
God bless you,Carlene, and all of your loved ones....i held back tears listening and watching the three videos at your website......"sunrise warms my heart" and so on .....if I were President I'd select you and your band and the songwriting team to the white house..your joyous and dancing spirit meld with all kinds of lovepain .. if yawl know what i mean.....one song that kept me dancing and juggling was that "when your heart is right/you can't go wrong" my feets do get a goin' up here in the north country....even though we age..we can be dance therapists for selves..when i finally get my cable access show for kids of all stages,,your recordings will be noted in the background during some routines.....yet your stuff takes me from a four minute dance of determined joy to a prayerful or mournful mood to a whatever mood...you got range....i have only met three or four individuals who know or heard ofyour music releases....it is stunning to me.....aint nobody got ears up here in Minnesot ..just a few of us...its like i have a treasure only a few know about.....it's like today,,,raining and raining, and i'm sliding along the sidewalk dancing eight or nine times along the way to lunch and then the library.....sometimes (many times)i get the feeling everyone is dead, except me.....like so many don't have the life and spirit and the love your many recordings do..........-enough of my comments.....thanks for the inspiration......"for in him we live and move and have our being." da bible has that in it in Acts....that's it!!!!!! your body of work greatly perks up my Whole Being....
From: Scott Stevens
On: September 17, 2007 @02:06 am
Carlene was my first musical crush. I loved the records and was astonished at the combination of early "new wave" with a nod to the Carter legacy. I just discovered "Stronger." I am SO very pleased to see she is doing well. I wish I had been fortunate enought to see the Carter Sisters stage play. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here. Oh how happy you have made me! XOXOXOXOXOXOX
From: Terry Powers
On: September 08, 2007 @08:53 am
Ms.Carter,I wish to tell you what a incredible and fantastic woman you are.Your songs are truly inspiring to someone who may have someone special.You are truly a beautiful woman.
From: thomas vossen
On: September 07, 2007 @02:12 pm
i love your lyrics like its a quarter moon in a ten cen tent or we paid for the future with tears o the past or biscuits and gravey and a truckstop song or complicated work of art this power driven thing we call heart....or two blue hearts steppin off a nowhere train...excellent! not to mention the other many passionate, spiritual, and joyous lines and sounds making up your magnificent Little Love Letters and I Fell In Love releases//my heart and feet danced many nights under the stars and in the playgrounds to your fine material designed just for me and millions who were and are touched... plyays tr
On: August 28, 2007 @07:35 am
From: Dan
On: August 26, 2007 @01:24 pm
Hi everyone... I am trying to find Carlene's 2005 Renaissance Record Reissue of Musical Shapes. I have been to tons of used music stores and all over the Internet. Any suggestions would be appreciated: dan_lbs78@yahoo.com love ya CC!
From: Mark
On: August 23, 2007 @09:22 pm
"Easy From Now On" is quite possibly the BEST SONG EVER. Somehow, I never realized it was penned by Carlene and Susanna Clark until reading the liner notes for the Miranda Lambert album. But I have found 3 different versions of the lyrics. According to Lambert's CD the line in question reads: "Raw as a whit, but clean as a bone" (What's a whit, anyway - I don't give a whit?)? Terry Clark's version according to something that came up on Google is "Raw as the wind...". And Carlene's and Emmy Lou Harris' classic versions are quoted as "Raw as a whip". Could be that they were all mis-quoted - those lyrics sites are notorious for mistakes. I wonder if we could get the inside skinny from the author?
From: Dalene White
On: August 19, 2007 @10:05 pm
Ooda booda girl! get in touch with me. I'm planning a trip to Nashville soon. I'd like to catch up with you if you can. my cousins live in Hermatage. My Aunt ended up dieing in Oct.06 from being poisned from her Husband. I don't know if you rememer that? My cousins are not in the best of shape so I'm visiting them as much as I can. I talk to Ann Perkins every now and then. So e-mail me or call. Leave me some info on you and I'll try to reach you as Well. Love and friends always, Dalene
From: Anita Amundsen
On: August 11, 2007 @02:07 am
Hello :) I was so lucky to here Carlene Carter live in seljord (Norway) at the countrymeet in july. This is a little woman with a voice that she can be so proud of.. I hope I will here some more of here .. The Queen Carlene :)
On: August 10, 2007 @03:29 pm
as a 59 year old juggler-clown-dancer...you affected my spiritual side and my dancin' jugglin' aspects of my BEING .. YOU have know idea how terrific your rockin' music was for me...i lost a few tapes so i will order more...for my outdated Walkman thing.....your lyrics and well crafted...loaded with messages to my heart..so few know your music releases....like i found a gem that few others know i honor your music releases.....my Whole self loves your fine creativity .... your music is like an anthem for me.....kept me dancing and juggling many years.....you have no idea of how wonderful it has been now i am almost embarrassed.....ill send a youtube or something...my own clown show on community cable///people cant believe im in such good shape for 59....thanks so much
From: Vesa Kemppainen
On: August 06, 2007 @06:19 pm
You are pure energy. Thanx for a great moment in my life...
From: Leonard Weirich
On: August 03, 2007 @04:02 pm
Howdy Carlene. I cam imagine how hard it must have been when your stepfather passed away. I can relate in some way; my father passed away more than 10 years ago, but I've become a stronger person myself. I have never been to any of your concerts, but I'd like to go to one someday - if I can afford it, of course. I had your "I Fell In Love" CD at one time, but I think I must have lost it along the way. Can you let me know when you're going to be in the Washington DC area?
From: Roger Karlsson
On: July 31, 2007 @03:46 am
Hello Carlene.your concert last night was oh lalala!!!The 10 dollar suite man. (xox).
From: Karl
On: July 30, 2007 @03:52 am
Hello Carlene. My name is Karl am 16 years old and comming from Sweden. I LOVE YOU! I think you are the most beautiful and sexy woman i ever seen. And i love your music. Every little thing, Come on back and My dixie darlin are big favorites. I hope you comming to Sweden soon again. Karl.
From: Knut-H Nordskog
On: July 28, 2007 @04:46 pm
I shook hands with Carlene Carter last night,I was struck with awe when I saw how much she looked like her mother.Her husband even offered me tickets to the show but alas I had no driver so I had to decline.They are beautiful people with the right attitude. Knut-H
From: Bosse Ericson
On: July 22, 2007 @05:30 am
Hi Carlene, I just recently saw the movie walk the line about your mother and johnny Cash. great story, but they performed only a short piece of Time's awastin, a great song, and when searching for it on google I saw that your father made it and have the rights for it. Just an idea, but wouldn't you be the perfect person to re record that great song??? I for sure would buy it and a lot more people that's looking for it on internet, make a search for it and you can see for yourself!! Anyway thanks for the music you'we already made, best wishes from Sweden / Bosse E
From: Jim
On: July 20, 2007 @08:03 pm
Hello Carlene, I'm not sure if you read these (guestbook comments), but I have to tell you that your music, especially your music of the 90's, reminds me of my youth with my father's family (could be your voice & style). It's a warm feeling I get when listening to your music...Although my father’s family has been torn since his youth, I feel connected to them over and over again when I listen to your music. Thank you!
From: Katy
On: July 09, 2007 @12:49 pm
Carlene, I had the honour of meeting you at the Americana UK last friday. Your set was PERFECT. I was so thrilled when my band were booked to play stage two, on the same day you were performing. I'd been looking forward to meeting you at last! I've admired your voice and aspired to your music for some time. Listetning to you music has helped me in so many ways.... Thank you. Keep On Rockin'. x Katy. www.the-wanderers.co.uk
From: Birgit
On: June 30, 2007 @04:33 pm
Carlene, thank you for everything. Your concert last night in Interlaken , Switzerland was sooooo fantastic...I'm so grateful I had the chance to see you there. Much love Birgit xoxo
From: Chris
On: June 30, 2007 @04:27 pm
Hi Carlene, Love ya music and looking forward to seeing you the Americana on Friday, See you soon x
From: Glenn
On: June 24, 2007 @09:39 am
Carlene, I have been watching your career since you were a teenager. I've always admired you, your voice, your beauty and your Carter looks, I sure can tell you are June's daughter. Sorry to hear of her passing. Keep up the good work and you and Deana keep the Carter style alive. Bet your grandmother Maybelle is looking down from heaven and glad to see the Carter sound still being enjoyed by everyone.
From: Chuck
On: June 19, 2007 @02:54 pm
Really looking froward to the new disc. Keep up the great work!!
From: Carlene Noronha
On: June 10, 2007 @01:02 pm
just tapped into the site by accident didnt relize there was such a famous person with my name
From: Dan
On: June 05, 2007 @09:51 pm
Hi Carlene!!! I just downloaded Jackson from Itunes and it's awesome! You sound great with Ronnie Dunn. I also just ordered the Volatile Baby album - can't wait to hear 50 Miles of Elbow Room - my favorite Carter Family Jam! love ya! Your biggest fan in the universe - Dan
From: laura livingston
On: June 05, 2007 @05:20 pm
hi carlene, so glad to hear about your new album, tours and man! keep strong and i hope to see you in los angeles someday soon. love, laura
From: Rikke Pedersen
On: May 30, 2007 @05:58 pm
Hello Carlene Just stopped by to say hello. I love country music. I hope you will stop by and sign my Guestbook www.rikkepedersen.dk
From: arvid
On: May 29, 2007 @01:26 pm
hi carlene i love your music
From: Jenny McBee
On: May 25, 2007 @08:24 pm
Carlene, It was great cleaning and spending time with you and your husband. Thank-you so much for the pictures we took. Tia and James are getting married Sunday the 27th of May and she was really hoping that ya'll could come back for their wedding..again, Thanks again and it was so much fun hanging out with ya'll...take care, can't wait for your new CD and by the way, Tia's Pa was SO HAPPY to get the pictures. You are so sweet!!! I will clean for you anytime..... Jenny McBee (Tia's Mom)
From: mikael
On: May 14, 2007 @09:27 am
We want you back to Sweden again it´s 10 years now
From: Tony Mendes
On: May 13, 2007 @01:55 pm
Hi Carlene - I have been a fan of yours for many years and rate your album Hindsight 20/20 as my favourite country album and also one of the very best albums that I have in my music collection. I also like listening to Tanya Tucker, Pam Tillis and Reba Mcentire but you are something special I hope that one day I will be lucky enough to see you live in concert either in Europe or even in America, or possibly in England if you manage to grace us with your presence. Love Tony xx
From: Elizabeth
On: May 04, 2007 @11:35 pm
I miss you mom. I have listened to her my whole life. She is like my aunt, I ahve listened to so much e-mail me back luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
From: Dave
On: May 04, 2007 @02:21 pm
I have been a fan for years- when r u coming back to the edmonton area (canada) My last concert with you was in Red Deer - Alberta it seems like a hundred years ago - we miss you up here - hurry back Lov Ya :) XOXO
From: gyda
On: April 29, 2007 @10:48 am
Hello Carlene. I have wrote to you and say thanks for 5 min. in Tarupcentere in Odense. I told you leing on my country top 10 and now have you be there in 20 weeks. Congratulations Love From Gyda. www.radiomidtfyn.dk
From: Hans Skans
On: April 26, 2007 @01:58 am
You are best Carlene.....Im long to you coming to sweden(Dalarna) in summer.. Im is where. Hasse Sweden
From: Georgio
On: April 25, 2007 @01:57 pm
Hello Carlene I saw you way back in the early 90's at the Belly-Up tavern in Solana Beach, San Diego. i fell in love with you and your music that night. You singed my napkin and left you lips imprinted on them Wow!! You need to come out to Arizona soon!!!! Take care G
From: mrs. sharon winden
On: April 25, 2007 @04:15 am
Carlene would you please autograph a photo for my husband john. hes had many bad bouts with his heart. god bless you. our address is winden 610 shannon crt. Steilacoom, wa. 98388
From: Alisabeth DeMoss
On: April 20, 2007 @10:00 pm
I forgot to mention that my address is 1901 Murfreesboro Pike Canterchase Apts. Apartment #250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Alisabeth DeMoss
On: April 20, 2007 @09:39 pm
Dear Carlene, I have listened to your mom and stepdad almost my whole life please e-mail me back at the e-mail adress I am writing from thank you Your mom's biggest fan , Alisabeth DeMoss
From: Sindre Brudevoll
On: April 13, 2007 @06:49 pm
Hello Carlene carter i always listening to your music, you really are cool!:). I cant wait for the next country festival this summer and im looking forward to seeing you there! AWSOME Music! Sindre.
From: Chris R Jackson
On: March 29, 2007 @05:43 pm
Hi carlene just over po days to go until we see you back in the UK. Your appearance on Friday July 8th on the Americana International festival in the UK, is starting to get into second gear. Maverick maghazine and CMP amongst many others are doing pre-festival features on you and our other american artists, these publications are due out in the middle of April.. We are going to make sure the whole country knows you are back here to rock them or make them get all choked up with your lovely voice, vibes and great songs... Take care and never give up your chosen career, we all love you very much. in the UK.....Chris & Bev Jackson.(Promoters of the festival)
From: Leif Karlsson
On: March 25, 2007 @01:53 am
Since I saw her concert in Malung Sweden 1997 I love Carlene's music. I am glad to see she is back again, better then ever.I hope she come to Sweden again.
From: serin34
On: March 23, 2007 @06:22 am
salut ma belle,tu-as un tres beau site et aussi des belles images,continue ton beau travail ne lache pas car tu-es ma favorite je t'aimes et je t'embrasse xxxxxxxx a bientot ma belle bye......Gros bisous.
From: lisa nicole gomez
On: March 17, 2007 @05:28 pm
oh my gosh i love your mom and and stepdad they are so uh beautiful i love their voices put together they sound like they are i love which they of course are even in heaven up above now to talk about you you have such a beautiful voice i guess you take after your mom you are beautiful your whole family is beautiful now tell your whole family i said hi and take care please write back i am 12 years old and your families #1 fan love you all god bless
From: Hans Skans
On: March 14, 2007 @12:10 am
Im like you. Im want to know if you come to sweden sone? You are great artist.
From: christer jacobsson
On: March 12, 2007 @05:22 am
Carlene your are great country artist STRONGER Sweden
From: Dan
On: March 04, 2007 @08:34 pm
Hi Carlene! I just watched you on the Comcast channel - I e-mailed you a message, but I'm too shy to call in and talk on TV. Just wanted to tell you that you were great! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll perform sometime soon at the Carter Family Fold; I'd love to see ya in concert again! All the best! XOX
From: Barry Beard
On: March 04, 2007 @06:25 pm
I love Carlene's music and have been fortunate to see her in concert. I have wondered what happened to her over the last few years, glad to hear she is doing good. Hope to buy her new CD soon, and hopefully see her in concert again soon.
From: Amber MacIver
On: March 04, 2007 @01:00 pm
my mom loves you and your music she says you are alot like your mom she prys for you all the time she loved Johnny and June so much and now i do to your family was insperalnial to me love AMBER in Miramichi Newbrunswick oh ya my mom seen you and your family in concert in Moncton a long time ago you were there to she never forgot it your mom and dad were a mazeing by for now
From: Michael G. Batcho
On: March 02, 2007 @07:27 pm
I just received Carlene Carter's newest recording - the cd "STRONGER". I first became enamored with the songs and recordings and performances of Carlene Carter when I first heard the cd "I FELL IN LOVE" . . . and every album that followed simply confirmed and reaffirmed my appreciation of her talent to "deliver" a song. Carlene could rock so hot that the floors shook and roof raised high . . . and she could emote a lament that touched one's heart and soul and made a grown man get misty eyed . . . So . . . with an absence of new recordings since 1995, i was thrilled to discover that Carlene has made a cd of all new songs and recording available. I was curious also as to in what ways Carlene's latest musical visitation might compare with what she already has put down in sounds. The cd "STRONGER" 's first impression on me is that Carlene has gotten "back to basics" . . . not "over-production" . . . Carlene's voice takes front and center stage . . . and the melodies . . . and that voice presents and delivers the heart of this colection of songs - the lyric messages. Carlene has grown, evolved and matured (yet retains the smile that seems to envelop her voice and "the eyes of our ears"). . . one can "hear" why Carlene titled this cd "STRONGER" . . . And while I like and appreciate every track on this cd, I have two favorite tracks: The Title song "STRONGER" . . . the message is "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" . . . a message undoubtedly from carlene's own heart . . . and one we all can appreciate in our own journey and pilgrimage through life. And the most "beautiful" track, both in lyric and melody and sound -- "SPIDER LACE" -- the poetry isn't only in the lyric but even reaches to the melody and performance. It is simply "beauty put to sound". Carlene Carter IS "STRONGER" . . . and this cd and collection of songs reflect that reality. And I'm also just glad to finally at long last have the opportunity to hear that magic voice that is recognizable as the one and only Carlene Carter! :)
From: David Vance
On: February 26, 2007 @05:07 pm
I've been a fan of Carlene going right back to her debut album in 1978 and consider her one of the finest singer-songwriters around. Her wit, good grace and passion make her music unique and I've been saddened by her absence from the music scene in more recent years. Her new "Stronger" CD is remarkable - with some lovely melodies, some tender words (especially the title track which is so emotional and must have been hard to sing given the topic) and her usual fine wit. Nice to hear the rockier version of "I'm so Cool" too - she can still growl like a lion-ness! I hope that she finds balance and peace in her life - certainly this fan will pray for her that she continues to keep happy and keep making great music for us to enjoy!
From: sherry lackey and jaleeya
On: February 19, 2007 @04:58 pm
hello carlene from two of your old freinds read on your web site that you re married again hope you are happy jaleeya is 9 yrs old now we live in gallatin /tn.stillshout back here is our mailing address p.o.box 2662 lebanon/tenn 37088
On: February 09, 2007 @04:43 pm
Hi I just wanted to say your voice and the way you put across your song is wonder full If i never saw your picture I would fall in love with your voice It just makes me feel alive thank you william
From: Tammie
On: January 30, 2007 @12:55 pm
luv carlene carter..she's the best..
On: January 22, 2007 @09:21 pm
I got hooked on you with,, he will be mine! Im trying to find it on the webb,. not gonna do it! haha, I cant find it! I bought the album that had that song on it because it gave me butterflies! (when it was released) I love all music that moves me! yours did. Please tell me where i can see you dance around the stage barefoot again!! In that video,, or a new one! A chick that confident turns a country boy on! I was a big O.N.J. Fan,, then i heard you!! where can i go to see you! Paducha ky. Tracey
From: Daisy
On: January 21, 2007 @11:09 pm
I used to only love punk rock, Ramones etc., but became addicted to Carlene via "I Fell in Love"! Wore out my tape driving the backroads singing along. I remember dancing around my living room drunk for hours to "Cry" in the wee hrs of the night! Healed a broken heart with "Long Hard Fall." I LOVE YOU CARLENE, have missed you! Can't wait to hear new album...PLEEZE play Canada!!!!!!!!
From: Jim Young
On: January 18, 2007 @09:51 pm
Love Carlene and her music. I cannot wait to own her new CD and I am so glad to see she is doing well.
From: Harold Sherrick
On: January 13, 2007 @03:50 pm
I'm a Music Photographer in L.A.I photographed Carlene in 1994.She is a fantastic performer. Cheers, Harold
From: garry martin ouellette
On: January 12, 2007 @01:24 pm
i have always enjoyed your music, you have an incredible voice, with the genes you have june carter and carl smith and the influence of johnny cash how could you go wrong. you look more like your mother every day. keep on the history. your faithfull fan garry
From: brian pracuta
On: January 11, 2007 @08:19 pm
I was a big fan of your step father & step mother as well as the carter family. I also love your music as well. Brian, a devoted fan from Connecticut
From: Luc Lauzon
On: January 10, 2007 @12:27 pm
would like to watch every little thing video
From: gyda
On: January 08, 2007 @03:32 am
Hello Carlene I will say thank you for you give me 5 minutes in Tarupcenteret in Odense and i will ask you about how many cdes you have made I have just love letters and the new one of your cdes. I'm proud to have talk to you and i will never forget the show together with Charlie and Tamra. It was very big to see you all on the scene. You are on my playlist with every little thing for 14 week. And i have Johnny Cash on 20 weeks whit i walk the line. I will Wish you and yours family HAPPY NEW YEAR. LOVE GYDA. MY ADRESS GYDA S. HANSEN KIRKEVEJ 21 5672 BROBY FYN DENMARK. MY RADIOSTATION www.radiomidtfyn.dk
From: priscilla
On: January 05, 2007 @12:55 pm
Carlene, glad ur back my grandpa told me too look u up! he thinks you are the greatest country sanger ever! do u have a viedo or dvd of ur greatest viedo's? thanks for ur great music you really mean alot! we all love ur music! my gradpa 88 and a bg fan your music never gets old too those who love it!! thanks if u can come too tupelo or corinth sometime. mississippi take care happy new year!
From: Peter Nielsen
On: January 04, 2007 @01:49 pm
I will be using Every Little... for a stardust audition. Great Stuff...
From: keith Murphy
On: December 30, 2006 @05:07 pm
I just love your voice and you are my very favourite singer in the wholeworld. I have 6 of your CDs and hope to buy your new one as soon as it comes our. I wanted it for Christmas and my Mom tried to get it for me. My favourite song that you sing is Guardian Angel. I love that song. You are my idol. Write to me some time and let me know where I could buy a poster of you for my room. Thanks from Keith Murphy
From: Chris R Jackson
On: December 30, 2006 @06:48 am
Hi Carlene, you know 'dreams' can come true, and one of mine is doing just that, as the co-owner promoter (the other 50% is my wife, bev) of Europe's #1 American Lifestyle Event Americana International. We have finally booked you and your band to headline on Friday July 6th....check out our websites at www.americana-international.co.uk www.jacksonville-americana.piczo.com all the details are now on both sites. With over forty artists from the USA & UK performing over the weekend, its going to be one great big rockin' party. We love you albums, and 'Stronger' is a beaut we wish you good health, happiness and prosperity for the future. I 'fell in love' with your music way back when you lived in shepherd's bush london and hung out with dave edmunds, nick lowe etc, etc. Albert Lee is also on our festival the same night as you hope you will get together for a couple of numbers.....Keep Rockin' Chris & Bev
From: Tiff
On: December 29, 2006 @01:25 pm
great website! Welcome back Carlene! I know you've been thru a lot losing Rosey, & June & your dad. Hope you have a great New Year's!
From: Mike Gregory
On: December 26, 2006 @02:34 pm
Brad, Thanks for the great website. You go above and beyond what we expect from a fan club. The site is great. The new cd is wonderful. It's great to see Carlene back.
From: Charles Ward
On: December 26, 2006 @07:48 am
Wow, glad to see that Carlene is still "belting them out," and is it just me, or she looking more and more like her Mom, June Carter Cash ;-)?
From: Joe W
On: December 15, 2006 @06:08 am
Also, nice to see you have some other (Northern) Irish fans on here. Trust me, if you ever gave a concert here it would go down GREAT!
From: Joe W
On: December 15, 2006 @06:04 am
Hey Carlene! Am here on work experience, but its Friday so there's not much work going on. I'm not sure how often you look at this page, but Uncle Joe left a comment so I'm hoping one of you will pick it up. Anyway, I haven't talked in ages, so I just wanted to say thanks for supporting our South Africa charity trip, and also, am giving out some of the many CDs you left us as Christmas presents to the big country/rock fans here! Looking forward to seeing you next summer! P.S its been raining solidly since November 10th and the country has flooded. A bit different to July! See ya soon, Joe (W)
From: Harold
On: December 05, 2006 @09:52 pm
Hi Carlene. I've been listening repeatedly to STRONGER for about two weeks now, and I have to say.......... I LOVE IT! How great to have you back, and in top form. My personal favorite track is probably "Bring Love", though I also love your re-recording of "I'm So Cool", one of my favorite tracks from MUSICAL SHAPES. And the closely personal "It takes One To Know Me" and "Stronger" and beautiful. Thank your for sharing your soul and touching mine. Feel the blessing of your talent, and it's blessing in my life and the lives of your fans. Love, -Harold :o)
From: Michael
On: December 04, 2006 @01:32 pm
I have always loved Carlene's voice and guitar moves....."Every Little Thing" is STILL my favorite song and I play it at the bar every night I DJ....Make another album.....I miss your voice/guitar licks.
From: Judd Erickson
On: November 23, 2006 @12:55 pm
I am glad to see that Carlene is still rocking. I got to open a show for her in Atlanta in 1992 and have been a big fan every since.
From: Linda
On: November 20, 2006 @12:42 pm
Hey Carlene! I've been a fan since the late 1980's, love your music. I've never had the chance to see you perform live, would love too when you schedule a tour around Philadelphia, Allentown or Reading, Pa. Best of Luck to you!!
From: G.R. Wint
On: November 18, 2006 @01:32 am
Love your new website! I started listening to your music recently as a result of my great admiration for Your Mom and Johnny. What a lucky lady you are to have inherited the talent of your family. Keep the great music flowing! By the way I have always tried to figure out who you look like since you resemble your mother but not closely.. In looking at your pictures just now I saw one of you and your grandmother Maybelle and I knew at that moment. Thanks for sharing your music with all of us!
From: Timothy J Young
On: November 15, 2006 @08:47 pm
I am so happy to find this website for Carlene. I have been a fan since the early 90's. I can relate to your music. I hope that there is a new album on the horizon. What a talented person your are and thanks for your music, Carlene! Congratulations on your marriage! Love, Tim Young
From: Harold
On: November 12, 2006 @10:00 pm
Hi Carlene! It's so great to have you back and doing well. I wish nothing but the best for you in your life and career. I've loved your music since the first album and the video of "Never Together But Close Sometimes." MUSICAL SHAPES is still my favorite C.C. album, but I have them all and love them all! I just ordered STRONGER, and look forward to hearing your new music. God bless you. Love, Harold
From: bente castenschiold
On: November 12, 2006 @07:00 am
Thank You from the buttom of my heart for a fantastic concert last night. You are so blessed. Yours truly Bente Castenschiold
On: November 11, 2006 @10:19 am
Soooo Goooood Thanks Carlene your fan in France
From: DougLas Brown
On: November 10, 2006 @05:54 pm
Great to see CC back in action. Have always loved the records from Musical Shapes on. Can't wait to see her live (never had the pleasure before). Hope a US club tour will be in the offing through southern California. I was Program Director of a country AM/FM in Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz, CA back in '92/'93 and played the heck outta CC stuff.
From: Chris D. Wildcat
On: November 10, 2006 @04:22 am
Hi Carlene, and thanks for an enjoyable evening at Train(Aarhus,DK). It was nice to hear, that you're still rockin' around, you're such a darling, and what an incredible voice (Joe's a luck guy..). Great to get the chance to talk with you after the show, and 'Stronger' is such a great record. If you eventually release it, it's gonna top the charts, I'm sure. You're always welcome in Denmark - any time! Good luck on you're trip around the globe. PS:I hope the picture's gonna turn out fine! Chris D. Wildcat (a true friend from MySpace) Herning Denmark
From: brian alleyne
On: November 07, 2006 @06:04 pm
well hi fan club I just want to say this a great site ,I,ve allways liked carlene,s music and look forward to getting her new cd. hope you can sell me copy I,m in hamilton,ontario canada.
From: Larry Smith
On: November 06, 2006 @10:08 am
Thank the higher power she's back,healthy and happy. I was horrified to see what she was going through, but understood, having lost my father, grandfather, grandmother in 3 months when I was 19yrs old. The strong come out of it (as she and I did) but some don't; and its tragic they don't get the help they need. Please come back to Austin, haven't seen you since that cold night at Liberty Lunch in the early 90s. You have been sorely missed. Best of luck from now on. Be strong. Larry Smith Austin Texas
From: Bent
On: November 05, 2006 @06:56 am
It was great to meet Carlene at the Country Caravan show in Odense, Denmark nov 3. What a wonderful show. I want to thank Carlene for the nice long talk we had and for signing all my booklets. It was a great night, a night to remember. Thank you so much Carlene for coming my way -Bent
From: treblephone
On: October 27, 2006 @01:07 pm
So glad to see this site, and can't wait to hear the new music!
From: Silke
On: October 20, 2006 @01:34 pm
maybee nowbody can read this, becouse i´m an 24 year old fan from germany, and i just want to say: ich bin über den film "walk the line" zuerst auf johnny cash und june carter aufmerksam geworden. die geschichte hat mich sehr fasziniert, so sehr das ich den film nun bereits 5 mal angesehen habe. ich habe mich inzwischen sehr mit der ganzen "legende" der cash und carter familie beschäftigt. ich habe die musik aller sehr in mein herz geschlossen und hoffe darauf das carlene irgendwann in deutschland ein konzert geben wird... dann werde ich da sein. liebe grüße an alle die das lesen können... silke
From: REY
On: October 16, 2006 @10:34 am
From: Bent
On: October 12, 2006 @03:10 am
Denmark tour Oct. 26 - Nov 11 Tour dates: Friday, den 27. okt. Crazy Horse Country Club,Horsens Saturday, den 28. okt. Club West, Overlade/Farsoe Wednesday, den 1. nov. Soenderborghus, Soenderborg Thursday, den 2. nov. (open) Friday, den 3. nov. Tarup Center, Odense Free admission Saturday, den 4. nov. Medborgerhuset, Hvidovre Thursday, den 9. nov. TRAIN, Aarhus Fredag, den 10. nov. Vendelbohus, Hjoerring Saturday, den 11. nov. Nr. Soeby Hallen, Hoejslev, Skive
From: brian alleyne
On: October 11, 2006 @10:36 am
i love this ladies music ,I wish she was coming to canada for a concert I know for sure I will be there .
From: alun williams
On: October 07, 2006 @03:50 pm
glad your back carlene.Hope to get your new cd isit available anywhere in the uk hope you have sent a copy to radio 2 in uk
From: Joel
On: October 07, 2006 @02:12 am
I am so glad Carlene is coming back. I just got the new CD the other day and I am in love!
From: Diane Karlsson
On: October 05, 2006 @03:17 pm
Hello! I´m glad that I found this page, Carlene Carter is my big idol!! And I love to dance to "Every Little Thing"
From: pierre le cornec
On: October 03, 2006 @04:24 pm
hi carlene! the new cd is incredible! I received it only yesterday, and have already listened to it several times... i love the feeling behind, and the depth to, the songs... thank you!!! one suggestion: more, please!
From: wally desjarlais
On: October 03, 2006 @02:28 pm
I recieved my copy of Carlene's cd "Stronger" and I love it. I hope you all enjoy the new music as much as I do. Great music Carlene. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Jeff Miller
On: October 03, 2006 @06:47 am
I heard her on T.V. some years ago and loved the songs she sang. I went out and got it (I Fell In Love)and loved every song on it. by the way "Happy Birthday" Carlene.
From: Paul Smith
On: September 28, 2006 @08:38 am
Happy birthday Carlene, will u b visiting England at all?
From: Jeff Johnson
On: September 27, 2006 @06:48 pm
Hi Carlene... Super Happy Birthday!!! Can't wait to receive your new cd. "Musical Shapes" is my all time favorite. Even my teenage son likes it. Hope you come to Portland, Oregon soon.
From: lynn winters
On: September 27, 2006 @07:14 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! I am so happy that you have a new cd out! I was very fortunate to have seen you at The Birchmere a few years back. You are a class act! Hope to see you back in the D.C. area very soon!! Your music has meant so much to me. THANK YOU! A longtime fan, Lynn
From: Patsy Elmore
On: September 27, 2006 @06:41 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Beautiful Lady!! I am SO PROUD of you and hope you have a WHOLE WEEK of good things on your birthday week!!
From: Rob Reichers
On: September 27, 2006 @06:27 am
Happy birthday Carlene ! Look forward to your new release--been a huge fan since musical Shapes (one of my all-time favorite albums) I will be playing your new release on my radio program "Mystery Train" when it comes out-- Best wishes, and its great to hear you are recording again ! Rob Reichers WJZF-FM Standish, Maine www.wjzf.org (world wide broadcasting)
From: Lori Hunter
On: September 27, 2006 @03:52 am
Hi Carlene! I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!! I hope it's the start of a wonderful year for you. I received your new "Stronger" CD the other day from your fantastic fan club president, Brad, and I think it's absolutely great! I hope one of these days you get a chance to perform here in California. We're a bit far away from Nashville, but we still love your music! Take care, and bless you and your loved ones. Lori :-)
From: Pamela Leather
On: September 26, 2006 @08:01 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carlene and many more
From: Shannon
On: September 26, 2006 @06:54 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene!! Hope you had a great one!!
From: Rob
On: September 26, 2006 @05:22 pm
Happy Birthday C.C.! hope it's a Great one! and many, many more! and just so you know, in March you old me that we're older then dirt. I like to think of it as bottles of wine and we're a great vintage too! enjoyed your new cd very much and glad to see you and your music on the road again..welcome back, and enjoy your 51 years young b-day!
From: James W Swift
On: September 26, 2006 @05:03 pm
Happy Birthday!!! It is great to have you recording again. I hope this birthday finds you happy. Your music has brought happiness to many.
From: paul
On: September 26, 2006 @04:27 pm
happy birthday to you
From: Rose Matlak
On: September 26, 2006 @03:22 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! I love your music and am so thrilled about the new cd! I know your mother and dad are smiling down on you today. Enjoy your day!
From: pierre le cornec
On: September 26, 2006 @02:58 pm
wow! happy birthday to you!! I have just ordered your new cd, and can't wait to hear it... keep a'twangin', babe!
From: Roar Sorensen
On: September 26, 2006 @01:50 pm
Happy birthday Carlene! "Long may you run"....
From: Mark White
On: September 26, 2006 @01:36 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene!!! It's great to hear your voice again! Thanks for hangin' in there!
From: summer
On: September 26, 2006 @01:30 pm
happy birthday carlene hope you have a very happy day love musical shapes and i fell in love and little acts of treason
From: John Runco
On: September 26, 2006 @01:27 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARLENE!!!!!!! It's great to be 51, I was on May 24,2006.
From: Lotti Hutmacher
On: September 26, 2006 @12:59 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene I wish you all the best for the future. We like to see you more in Switzerland - ist this possible ??? many Greetings from Bern, Schwitzerland Lotti Hutmacher Country & Western Club Bern www.cwcb.ch / www.countrynight.ch
From: Tiff Prendergast
On: September 26, 2006 @12:30 pm
Happy b-day Carlene! I luv Every Little Thing! Have a great b-day! Good luck w/your new album!!! :)
From: Steinar Sandvik, Norway
On: September 26, 2006 @12:04 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARLENE. I'm really enjoying your music, and so are many of my friends. When you were here in Norway I stayed in another part of the country which I'm really sorry for. Thank you for all the fine music. Steinar
From: Inge
On: September 26, 2006 @11:26 am
Happy Birthday, Carlene. Thank your for the great music.
From: Lynn
On: September 26, 2006 @11:13 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! Your music never fails to brighten my day. Thank you for that. Have a great day!
From: Suzy Flory
On: September 26, 2006 @11:00 am
Happy Birthday, Carlene! Your beautiful voice and brilliant songs are such a blessing for all of us out here. Thanks for hanging in there through good times & bad - this will be the best year yet! Love the new CD. Suzy Flory
On: September 26, 2006 @10:59 am
From: Dennis L. Baxter
On: September 26, 2006 @10:03 am
Just wanted to wish Carlene a very, very "H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y" . . . It is so great to see her back on the scene again . . . I will always try to catch her shows when I am in Nashville. (I will also try to catch the shows when I am in California too) . . .(ha ha) . . . Just seems that we get more of an opportunity to see her in Nashville . . . Keep up the great work for he next fifty years . . . (you owe it to your fans) . . . Happy Birthday!!!
From: JOhn Schofield
On: September 26, 2006 @09:01 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (and congrads on the wedding!) I hope this year brings you more happiness and joy. Can't wait for the new album!! John
From: wally desjarlais
On: September 26, 2006 @08:28 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! Wishing you many more great years and many more great years of singing. I'm looking forward to hearing the new cd. Enjoy! From your fan in Canada! wally
From: Trish Giannascoli
On: September 26, 2006 @08:26 am
Dear Carlene, Best wishes for the happiest of birthdays. Love Trish
From: Bill Thompson
On: September 26, 2006 @08:22 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! Thanks for all the great songs you've given us and continue to give us. The energy and sense of humor that you bring to your performances make them so special for your audiences. I wish you many more years of health and happiness. God Bless You and keep the music coming!
From: Phil White
On: September 26, 2006 @08:21 am
Happy Birthday! Carlene I bought your first album because of the Brinsleys were on it, and all the rest because I love your music. Thanks for so much great music. Phil
From: emma robertson
On: September 26, 2006 @08:13 am
hi carlene happy birthday,have a wonderful day,take care and goodluck with everything
From: Chris R Jackson
On: September 26, 2006 @07:56 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLENE AND WISH YOU GOOD LUCK HEALTH & HAPPINESS IN ALL YOU DO. Your latest cd is 'brilliant' thanks for the pre-release copy.. We are really looking forward to having you on the Americana International Festival (Europe's #1 American Lifestyle Event) next July in the UK.
From: Mike Del Vecchio
On: September 26, 2006 @07:56 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! The new record sounds good -- keep on tourin'. Hope to catch your shows. ....Mike
From: Bent
On: September 26, 2006 @07:25 am
Happy Birthday dear Carlene Wishing you a wonderful day. Can't wait to meet you in Odense Nov 3 at the 'Tarup Center' -Bent
From: Mark Sundberg
On: September 26, 2006 @07:17 am
Happy Birthday Carlene! Thank you for all of the wonderful songs you have given to all of your many fans. We all look forward to many more! Have a wondeful birthday Carlene!
From: James Hochban
On: September 26, 2006 @07:11 am
Happy Birthday Carlene, all the best to you on this day and good luck with your new CD YOU'RE THE BEST James
From: Carol
On: September 26, 2006 @06:55 am
Happy Birthday CC! I am looking forward to the new CD. We need some new CC Music. I wish you great success! Carol
From: marg mason
On: September 26, 2006 @06:51 am
happy birthday carlene,have a good one, love you ,marg
From: Gazza
On: September 25, 2006 @07:33 pm
Happy Birthday Carlene! Just got the new album in the mail today. In all honesty, I'm knocked out by how good it is. Its great to see you back doing what you do best. You've been greatly missed. Was great to meet you when you played Belfast in 1997. Hope to see you back here supporting this new album in the near future Gazza, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
From: Dan
On: September 20, 2006 @07:21 pm
Hi Carlene!!! So, my Stronger album just arrived, and girl, you are rockin' like hell! I'm So Cool '06 is absolutely your next hit. Don't make us wait another 11 years for a new album, huh?!? Anyway, break a leg at your show tonight; I'm so jealous that I'm stuck in Pittsburgh tonight! All the best, and rock on! XOXOXOX Dan.
From: cem
On: September 19, 2006 @08:29 am
hi.my name is cem .l m from türkey.
From: Joe Breen
On: September 17, 2006 @12:24 am
Hey, Brad! Start sellin' those CD's!!! : ) J & C
From: summer
On: September 16, 2006 @07:24 am
ron jol strawberry wine is not carlene but deana carter totally not related to carlene at all
From: Dennis L. Baxter
On: September 15, 2006 @01:57 pm
Just wanted to say I was fortunate enough to catch Carlene's show at the Nashville Palace last month. It was so nice to actually see her live after following her career since the Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds days. I wish her well and look forward to seeing and hearing more from her. Thanks for keeping your legacy alive . . .
From: Ron Jol
On: September 15, 2006 @10:56 am
I just have one of your cd's "Strawberry Wine" but I just love it.
From: KC
On: September 04, 2006 @07:18 pm
Call me the odd-man out, or someone with acquired tastes, but of all hit's this subtle siren has ever blessed us with was something I heard at the right time in my life: "I Couldn't Say No". Don't get me wrong, the lyrics carried very little weight to any circumstances I was enduring at the time, and that time was the "coming-of-age" era. I heard that song, on of all things, a walkman radio, in the backseat of a Subaru station wagon, my family heading for a visit to California. For some reason, the melody, the exchange between the two voices, it was all so powerful, like a found a form of lyrical 'chi'. My sister got a copy of "Song Hits" magazine on that trip, with Hall & Oates on the cover. Halfway through the magazine, I noticed "I Couldn't Say No" lyrics with Carlene Carter and Robert Ellis Oral named underneath. As I read I heard the tune again. And with a measly FM radio in the middle of Oregon, or between Bakersfield and Los Angeles, the tune wasn't heard often enough. So I swapped sis my Vuarnet knock-off shades for that section, for those lyrics. The song is like a shot of youth when I listen to it. Great, heavenly wavelengths each time course through my mind, and I'm all of 14-15 again. Thank you Carlene Carter. KC
From: dominique zapata
On: September 04, 2006 @05:29 pm
i love your music
From: patrick
On: September 01, 2006 @09:25 pm
is carlene coming to california,and where can I get a photo.lkove love letters.thanks patrick
From: shannon
On: August 30, 2006 @02:49 pm
congrats on you new grandon Carlene! I saw his pictures on myspace, he's beautful, you granddaughter too!
From: sharon winden
On: August 23, 2006 @10:18 am
carlene your my super favorite. of course being a sr. citizen i so remember your mom and maybelle and jonny
From: Carianne
On: August 20, 2006 @01:52 pm
Hey Carlene! My sister and I are probably gonna see you at the Nashville Palace! I'm REALLY excited. I always wanted to see the whole Carter/Cash family in concert. Adn when I heard you were gonna be at the Nashville Palace I new I had to go. Thanks
From: Shannon
On: August 20, 2006 @01:09 pm
hey carlene. me and my sister are probably going to come to your show at the nashville palace but we dont know how much tickets are. )`: but i hope tht we can come!!
From: astrid
On: August 13, 2006 @01:25 pm
thak`s for a super performents on lida in stockholm sweden. i did´t know so mutch about you before but know i will only say that i´m a big fan of you and your band ofcours. i will hope you will be back same day.thaks again. lots of love from me astrid and my man lasse.
From: Debbie Davis
On: August 12, 2006 @10:06 pm
Carlene--I loved you in Wildwood Flowers--even if you did drag me on stage! I just ordered you 2 double CD's--I had most of them on vinyl--but will love having them on CD's. I hope to see 'ya soon in Nashville or H'ville!
From: Mark
On: August 08, 2006 @07:04 pm
Thank you for the wonderful music you have made, I just love "Little Love Letters" and wish you all the best. I would love to see you appear in person-any plans to come to Minnesota? I will be in the front row!
From: Kathy
On: August 02, 2006 @07:15 pm
I became interested in your and your family's music as a result of watching "Walk The Line". I wish you could come to Florida. I love "The Sweetest Thing". You are extremely talented and Reba is boring compared to you!
From: Johnny Gray
On: August 01, 2006 @04:11 pm
I love your music, i am from orkney in scotland it would be great if you could come and visit or play here, My fav song of yours is every little thing, i cant wait to here your new stuff glad to here you are back on your feet
From: Lena G. Miller
On: July 28, 2006 @07:54 am
I am impress with her skills on the guitar. I really like her lyrics. I want to learn to play some of her songs such as "First Kiss".
On: July 24, 2006 @10:16 am
I love your voice D.B
From: sharon winden
On: July 18, 2006 @04:38 am
carlene I think your music is truly awesome. i am from wa state. my darling grandaughter kata who is 11 loves your music. god bless. sharon winden
From: Tore
On: July 16, 2006 @12:43 pm
Hi Carlene, I'm Tore from Norway. I just want to say it's so great to have you back again. Best wishes. Love you! Tore
From: Monica
On: July 13, 2006 @01:11 pm
Hi Carlene:-D I am a 17 year old girl from Norway, and I have to say I really LOVE your music..My mom is a big fan of you so i have heard your music for many years..and I really like it..and last weekend on Vinstra I finally got to see you live..that was a BIG exoerience..And I really hope that you will come back to norway sometime..I will be on front row..hehe.. I wish you all the best.. and Good luck:-D
From: sharon winden
On: July 13, 2006 @02:49 am
I am a sr. lady with a huge family. in my old age i am wakeing up to good people and good music. love your site and your music.
From: Kathy
On: July 12, 2006 @07:10 pm
I have been a fan since the late 70s. It's great to see CC looking so good all these years later. Carlene's always resembled her great mother, but even more so now. Looking forward to more good thinks from her.
From: Sandy Watt, Waves Radio, Aberdeen, Scotland
On: July 10, 2006 @02:30 pm
Great to meet up with you before the show at Iterlaken. Tremendous show you had the house jumping
From: Marcel
On: July 02, 2006 @10:28 am
Great performance yesterday night in Interlaken !!!! Referring to "Birgit from Germany"'s message, i think all she says applies !!
From: Birgit
On: July 02, 2006 @06:02 am
Hi Carlene, I enjoyed your performence in Interlaken / Switzerland last night so much. It was so great to see you again. You are looking so good, your sound is perfect and I love your new CD " STRONGER " . A great album. I like the sound and also your songs. The lyrics are fantastic and to hear you playing the piano was great. The show was unique. A great mixture of songs from your earlier albums and songs like RING OF FIRE and JACKSON with your husband combined with the songs from " Stronger ". Thank you so much for the great saturday night in Interlaken. I'm so HAPPY... Hope to meet you again. Much love Birgit from Germany
From: James
On: July 01, 2006 @08:09 pm
I became a fan when I first saw you doing "I Fell in Love" I thought you were the hottest thing since fire.
From: john Cross
On: June 23, 2006 @06:44 pm
I became a fan of carlene through her aunt, anita carter. she told me about the musical shapes album and said, "you really should get a copy - it's weired!"
From: Katie
On: June 20, 2006 @05:27 pm
Hi Carlene! It's gonna be so fun to see and hear you sing on friday 3oth of june in lida country festival. Gonn be in the first row and listen. Pls sing Every little thing. Best wishes Katie from stockholm/sweden
From: Mark Laytin
On: June 18, 2006 @06:08 am
Dear Carlene: Hooray, you are back! I found out too late that you had played a club date in Philly. It would have been the perfect birthday present to myself. In the last decade, I took my own journey 'through the desert of doubt.' I made it back, and I'm so glad you did too. There's a heartful of love for you out here. And Carlene, it's going to be easy...easy from now on. Always, Mark
From: pierre le cornec
On: June 12, 2006 @07:26 pm
god... what incredible music you have created over the years.. your cds bring instant joy. selfishly I ask you to please keep recording... love, pierre le cornec
From: Ernie Balysky
On: June 11, 2006 @02:13 am
Hi- Carlene, I hope you personally get this e-mail. I just finished watching "Walk the Line" for the 3rd time - Awesome -and yes we thought it was time to give a little back to your Mom and Johnny as they Loved the out doors and frequently visited our Fly-in Fishing Lodge at Costigan Lake in Northern Saskatchewan Canada. We thought it would be appropriate, to preserve the Cabin that your Mom and Johnny visited. I would like you to visit our new website at www.wolfpackadventures.ca Carlene - I grew up with the music from you and your family -You are truely an inspiration. On behalf of myself and Wolf Pack Adventures Ltd, "We welcome you to Costigan Lake" Yours truly, Ernie Balysky You may reply to this email or thru our website. Thanks & God Bless !!
From: Jenny
On: May 31, 2006 @11:35 am
Hello! At the moment I'm listening to the song It Takes One To Know Me from the new J. Cash-CD "Personal File". It's a great song and I would like to learn how to play it on guitar! So Carlene made a wonderful present for us (hope I can speak for others as well) and not only for Johnny's birthday. Best regards, Jenny
From: V. DePlonty, (father: Jesse Stump)
On: May 27, 2006 @09:45 pm
Carlene, my father built several 16-string harp guitars. We have one in our possession. One, as far as we know, was made for Eddy Peabody. In the last couple of weeks I was informed by a friend, who was watching TV, that Johnny Cashs' daughter was playing a similar one. I know you're hounded by fans, but I am very curious to find out if you might have been playing the one made by my father. Could you please let me know...I'd really appreciate it. And if you'd like, I could send along a picture of the one I have. If it is the one I think it is, I'd be very happy to share the history and information about the instrument. Regards, V. DePlonty
From: steve
On: May 26, 2006 @05:40 pm
Hi Carlene! Glad to see you're making music again. I've been a fan of yours since I saw you singing "I Fell in Love" in your red suit on CMT. I think that outfit you wore should be on display at at the Contry Music Hall of Fame. I loved the way you dressed in the fringe jackets and Manuel jackets when you appeared on TV and the rockabilly vibe in your music. Keep making great music, C.C.! Love, Steve
From: Tomas Karlsson
On: May 08, 2006 @05:23 pm
Hello Carlene. Im from sweden. Glad your back. Have been missing you. where have you been? Sorry my spelling. Just read that you have get merried. I whish you al luck. Are you comming to sweden something? Hope you do!!!! Take cere. Love. Tomas.
From: Rose Matlak
On: May 07, 2006 @08:17 am
Dear Carlene, I just love the "Walk The Line" movie about your mother and step-dad. What an inspirational movie! Your Mother was an incredible woman. I remember my parents watching them while I was growing up on the "Johnny Cash Show." I am 46 and have just recently bought your CD'S which I LOVE!! Please keep recording and performing! I would LOVE to see your show sometime. I would have loved to see "Wildwood flowers" with you portraying your mother. I will keep in touch with your website to see if I can catch you performing anywhere :-) You were so blessed with an incredible family. God Bless you and your family, Rose
From: Walter Egan
On: May 03, 2006 @07:53 am
Hi Carlene, What a shame about Eddie T. Hope you are well, and that we might work together sometime. I am the new guitarist for Burrito Deluxe now :)walter (mr magnet and steel)
From: Karen Turner
On: April 26, 2006 @09:52 am
Carlene, iwas very happy to hear you were recently married congrats. i wish the to of you much happiness. i exepct to see a new cd out soon. thanks for the enjoyment your music and your families {Carter Family most of all}, igrew up listening to the Cater Family and jonny cash. your very talented,God bless. karen turner
From: richard otten
On: April 25, 2006 @01:21 pm
i like the music of carlene. i"m living in hollad a small country on the otherside of the ocean. i heard carlene from the first time with the the circle will be onbroken. i want listen more of her voice. now i found since a couple of months. the result is 5 compact discs thati can listen in my truck and at home. i hope she comes a time to holland and also she makes a new album. send me a phograph from carlene with sign is possible. greetings richard from holland
From: les jones
On: April 23, 2006 @04:29 am
what a joy it was to dig out 'little love letters' cd and listen to 'world of miracles' again.dont spose your coming over to spain at any time carlene? Les
From: Manny
On: April 20, 2006 @11:07 pm
For Dan Davis, looking for "I Couldn't Say No" by C.C. & Robert Ellis Orral. There's a compilation CD called "The Lost 45's of the 70s & 80s Volume Two". The song is on that CD. It's probably out of print but maybe Amazon has it. Good luck.
From: Manny
On: April 20, 2006 @11:01 pm
Dear Carlene- I'm so thrilled you're BACK. I saw you at the Paradise in Boston in 1980, the Channel a few years later and at the Ventura Theater maybe ten or twelve years ago. They were three of my favorite shows ever! Hope you'll be coming out to play in LA soon and making some new music. You're the best.
From: Dan Asher
On: April 19, 2006 @11:57 pm
One of the most fun shows I've ever seen - Carlene Carter at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. Dave Edmunds was in the audience and joined her for 'Baby, Ride Easy". I even sent 2 LPs (her first 2 records) to a guy in Texas (I'm in Virginia) so he could record them onto CDs for me. I'm hoping for a new album!!!
From: Dan
On: April 17, 2006 @05:32 pm
Does anyone have lyrics for Carlene's self-titled album and Blue Nun? I can't find them anywhere, and Blue Nun is near impossible to decipher (e.g. 300 pounds of hongry). Let me know if you have any links! Thanks
From: Rob
On: April 10, 2006 @02:15 am
When i found out Carlene was back and she was going to be in New Jersey, three hours away from Coventry Ct. i didn't hesitate to go. And not only was it a fantastic show but i also got to chat with her briefly before the show. Unfortunately in all the excitement i forgot to welcome her back and that she was greatly missed!!..Welcome back Carlene!! hope to meet you again. Rob
From: Robert Hall
On: April 08, 2006 @07:45 pm
So glad to see Carlene BACK!..and MARRIED!!..what a shock!.. I saw Carlene at least twice in concert,once with Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan in Agawam MA in 1996,and once at "Indian Ranch" in Webster MA in 1994,and I got to speak to her briefly after that show..my friend who also attented said "I met Carlene!!--I can die happy now!"..sadly,he DID pass away from a heart problem only 2 months later..we both loved Carlene and her music a lot..she was nice to us and signed autographs and posed for photos,really made us happy!.. I have been a fan since the early 90's when I first saw her on TNN.."Unbreakable Heart","Every Little Thing",and "One Love" were favorites of mine.. I was upset to hear Carlene had become addicted,and I prayed for her recovery..I'm so glad she is back,and married,and wish her all the best!--and looking forward to new music and perhaps a concert near me??... Bob..
From: ricky poszich
On: April 03, 2006 @09:11 pm
What A Woman!!! Im in love!!!!
From: Dan Davis
On: March 25, 2006 @09:14 pm
I am trying to find a CD that has the song that Carlene and Robert Ellis Orall did in the early 80's--the song is "I Couldn't Say No"--Can anyone help? THANKS
From: Mike Del Vecchio
On: March 21, 2006 @11:00 pm
Congratulations on your wedding; that's wonderful news. Please play again in North Jersey. Was a big fan in the vinyl days and I can't wait to see a live show.
From: Dan!!!
On: March 20, 2006 @08:16 pm
Hey Carlene!!! I just got home to Pittsburgh from Philadelphia where you rocked the Tin Angel! I wanted to formally thank you for signing my albums. The shrine is under construction. Ha Ha! You were incredible, and I'm still reeling. Thanks for an awesome show.
From: J.P. Biancofiore
On: March 20, 2006 @04:19 pm
Been a fan for a long time. Your voice is incredible, your looks even better, and i am sure your personality overshadows your talent and beauty. Love always...J.P. (Toronto, Canada)
On: March 20, 2006 @12:10 pm
From: Tommy Maguire
On: March 20, 2006 @11:20 am
Carlene is back! Saw the gracious Miss Carter last night in Philly with the 2 Marks and Chris. Perfect night. The band were a brilliant compliment to Carlene's wonderful voice and glorious stage presence. Can't wait for bigger tours and new material. The world needs Carlene now more than they ever did. Love you Carlene, thanks for the hospitality and the hug! If you ever want to bet in contact with Brian, drop me a line.
From: Rob
On: March 19, 2006 @11:17 pm
I was lucky to not only to see Carlene Carter perform last night in NJ but to meet her prior to the show as well. Glad she's back on track...was a long time and very much loved and missed...looking forward to new music and shows.
From: Jeff
On: March 19, 2006 @09:22 pm
Just back from seeing Carlene at the Tin Angel in Philly - a wonderful show w/a great band. Carlene sounded incredible; and Chris Casello on guitar was a wonder to behold. The new songs were excellent - looking forward to hearing them on CD - and the older songs ("Cry, Cry, Cry," "Too Drunk to Remember," and "I Fell in Love") were a delight. "Ring of Fire" sent shivers down my back. And Closing w/"Me and the Wildwood Rose" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" was a nice touch.
From: L. Guevara
On: March 18, 2006 @02:35 pm
I watched Walk the line the other nite and in one of the scenes I heard carlene mentioned and it hit me I havent heard any of Carlenes music for a long time so I got out what I had and played I fell in love and little love letters back to back and what a feeling that was!! Hope there is some new stuff on the horizon. Carlene you are totally awesome!!
From: emma robertson
On: March 17, 2006 @12:58 pm
hi carlene what a beautiful website,ilove ur mum n dad and johnny they are fantastic just like u,wish u all the best in ur marraige lots of love emma xx
From: Lee Abernathy
On: March 16, 2006 @04:05 am
I LOVE your music!-I'm looking forward to a new album/tour whenever that should happen.....You rock!
From: Suzy Flory
On: March 13, 2006 @06:56 pm
Hi - I just wanted to thank you for how incredibly gracious and kind you were to me when I was an awkward young girl (17/18/19 ...which would make the years '79, 80 etc.). I didn't have much of a home except 'the road' and you were one of the few women who were kind to me and actually talked to me like I had a brain in my head.I'm now a college professor and well-published poet...turned out okay, I guess. You never know who you touch in your life, and I thought you shoud know just how much your small gestures of kindness meant to me at a time when I was so lost and often...god only knows how insufferable. I was so sorry to hear about Rosie but am glad your mom& step-dad have been finally given a portion of their due. Maybe now it's your turn. Also congratulations on your marriage. You'll never know how many little ways you made me believe in myself , not to mention how the inspiration and sheer fun of your music ("Easy from Now On","Love is a 4 Letter Verb," "I Once Knew Love," "Cry, "Madness,"), which I've purchased over& over as the vinyl wore out, kept me going. Of course, I'm forgetting to mention the intro to David J.(an invaluable sweetheart). I saw you the other night in a video w/ Martin Belmont (who I also adored) and waxed a bit nostalgic. . . Best, Suzy Flory
From: Debbie Smith
On: March 13, 2006 @12:56 pm
Dear Carlene, I wanted to write you and let you know that when I was a little girl my dad always listened to your mom and Johnny Cash. When I was little I just thought that it was the "Oldies". But now watching the movies about 200 times I have come to admire everything that your mother and father did for the world & music. I had not idea that you were also a singer just like your mother. I send you all the love and support. Thanks for read a little letter from a stay at home mom in Nicholasville Kentucky. Would love to see you in Kentucky or Tennessee Love Debbie Smith
From: Tim
On: March 13, 2006 @07:01 am
Hi, congratulations on the marriage, best wishes for the future. Talking of which will we be seeing you in London anytime soon? All the best Tim
From: Jay Bartlett
On: March 08, 2006 @06:55 am
Hi Carlene, So glad things are going well for you. A show in Boston a few years ago still resonates. Please come back. You are special.
From: Albert Reyes
On: March 08, 2006 @02:46 am
Hi Carlene, I'm a big fan and I can't get enough of your music. I wish you well and hope there's more music to come. Remember: If your heart is right you can't go wrong. God Bell.........
From: Dan Pounds
On: March 06, 2006 @11:13 am
Hey Carlene!!! I am so glad I took off work today and happened across your fan club! I've been your biggest fan for about 13 years now! I hope this means we can expect a new album soon!!! Luv ya!
On: March 01, 2006 @07:56 pm
I saw Johnny and June Carter-Cash while my father was stationed in Gtmo Bay, Cuba. I have pictures of John Carter Cash and I believe his nephew. A very awesome show and all the luck to his family
From: Pat Gammons
On: March 01, 2006 @05:32 pm
Congradulations!! Hope things are wonderful for you. You are a great friend
From: Saimon
On: February 28, 2006 @04:10 pm
Carlene, all the best from Finland! Hope to see you soon!
From: Bill French
On: February 27, 2006 @11:51 pm
All the press Roseanne Cash has been getting for her fine album reminded me of an old song I used to love... "Alabama Morning"... I couldn't remember which one of the step-sisters did the song... but now I know, thanks to this web-site!! You sing like an angel, Carlene!
From: keith brocking
On: February 26, 2006 @03:35 pm
hi carlene , love you and your music , can,t believe you,ve got remarried I thought I was next , keep happy ,love keith ,london u.k
From: jennifer abt
On: February 21, 2006 @03:46 pm
Carlene's new husband is in fact Joe BREEN, her co-star from the Wildwood show. Congratulations to both of you!
From: russell butler
On: February 20, 2006 @07:24 pm
Still love you Carlene. Last time I saw you was at the Mean Fiddler here in the UK. Come back soon
From: Patsy
On: February 11, 2006 @03:42 pm
Carlene, I love you and am so PROUD of you!! Wish I could see you in NYC!! I have friends there and one of them just MIGHT be able to come see you!! He is my "son" and I want you to get to meet him... You take care of yourself and I was so HAPPY to see you are Mrs. Brown!! !!!!!
From: Ian Hawkins
On: February 11, 2006 @09:01 am
Bought a second hand Roadshow pinball a few years back and became hooked on Every Little Thing it's theme tune. Hunted Amazon for your records and am a convert. Look forward one day to making it to a gig.
From: Ian
On: February 10, 2006 @09:27 am
Carlene, Congratulations on the wedding. I truly hope this is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life, and hope that you both are happy and healthy for many years to come. BTW, you looked beautiful in the photos from the Jamaica Observer! All the best to you both. Now...get into the studio and come out with a typically Carter-brilliant new disc!
From: Bill Wiggill
On: February 07, 2006 @01:53 pm
cannot find Carlene's music in south africa anywhere.help
From: anneB_2001
On: February 06, 2006 @11:06 pm
Carry the torch baby, your doing good!
From: Dwight Wudel
On: February 01, 2006 @01:59 pm
Calene.. I think your music is awesome and being 20 years old and trying to get your friends to listen to oldies isnt easy, but I am going to make them love your music as much as i do....Your Music Will Live Forever!! Keep Rocking Dwight (huge fan!!!)
From: Chelle Bridgford
On: February 01, 2006 @09:34 am
Hi Carlene! Hubby found your web site for me, and I am very glad to know you are still alive and kickin'! I know hubby listens to you when he is on the road (his favorite tape), and of course I listen here at home! Hope to see you again sometime (we have met a few times with your critters) and say hey! Hubby complains that he often can't find your music in truck stops. He is rebuilding his music collection after being burglarized, and you are first on his list! Keep up the good work, woman!
From: David Casey
On: January 30, 2006 @10:45 am
Carlene, I gotta meet you before I die. You totally rock and your performance at the Wildflowers Show as your mom was stunning. Switzerland may be too tough a trip to make, but if you tour any where here in the Western Hemisphere, I will break a leg to see and hear you again live. It is so great to have you back! Much Love, David (Daffy---a big big fan :) )
From: Bent Kristensen
On: January 30, 2006 @05:07 am
Dear Carlene. It's so good to see you out on the road again. You know you have many fans in Europe and we have missed you. You have signed up for the festival in Vinstra, Norway in July and you can look forward for that, they love you up there as we do all over Europe. Could you imagine also to sign up for the country festival in Silkeborg, Denmark in August? We would love to see you as one of our main artists and I would love to meet you again Take care my dear and all the best in the future Bent
From: Donna Blizzard
On: January 26, 2006 @11:47 am
Hello Carlene, I just saw "Walk the Line" and cried thru out the film. My in-laws were in Israel in the 70's filming their TV show for TBN when your step dad was there. Your mom and Johnny had a huge religious impact on peoples lives because of their faith in God. Sometimes people forget just how much these two stars loved God. I read in an old Christianity Today online interview with Johnny that your grandmother Maybelle was a strong Christian and it was her stregnth and Junes prayers that helped pull Johnny through the drug detox. The film does not go there with the impact prayer and faith made on his recovery. My prayers are on you and your family. I am sorry for your loss. Keep your eyes fixed on the faith of your family and you will always find success, peace, and stregnth. Mom and step dad are not gone...just away. Their prayers are still on you today. God loves you so much and so do I. I would love to see you in concert! Donna Blizzard, Austin, Tx
From: Gregg Wright Osborn
On: January 26, 2006 @02:16 am
Hey, CC! My wife Laurel and I are fans from Tacoma, Washington--we loved your Bumbershoot performance, opening for Dwight Yoakam in (I believe)1992. Noting your birthdate, Laurel and I shared our first kiss on your 25th birthday--we'll be married twenty years this March (with four children to help us celebrate.) My mother and stepfather had the good fortune to catch you in your musical tribute to your mom last July during their visit to Nashville. I was excited to learn they did, and so glad to see you back sharing your talents. You've been missed--not just by me, and I hope you know that. All the best wishes to you, and if it's not too late, happy 2006! Most Sincerely, Gregg Wright Osborn
From: Patrick
On: January 15, 2006 @09:10 pm
Carlene--this is your hour and you've got the power! Thanks for all the great music throughout the years and I look forward to what's next. Any chance of a tour?
From: James from London
On: January 14, 2006 @01:11 pm
I saw Carlene at The Forum in London...years ago and she was great. Little Love Letters is still one of my favourite albums of all time and I just wanted to say that Carlene rocks!!! Keep going girl, we love ya'.
From: steven
On: January 12, 2006 @06:34 pm
Rock on, Carlene! I loved the suit jackets you used to wear onstage! You looked cute in them. I think the red one from "I Fell in Love" video should be put in on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame. I also love your music and love to watch your videos.
From: christer jacobsson
On: January 11, 2006 @10:30 am
carlene you ar the best
From: Terry Ott
On: January 10, 2006 @03:08 pm
Carlene, You're the best and I hope for the opportunity to meet you or talk with you on the phone. Best Wishes Terry
From: Michael
On: January 06, 2006 @07:12 pm
Great to see Carlene Carter back in full swing again. She is a national treasure and she remains the Queen of Country Music, by right of birth and pedigree and more importantly, by divine right of the most awesome God-given talent. I've loved her music forever and I feel "Easy from Now On," is the greatest song ever written. Rock on, Carlene! And welcome back! :)
From: wally desjarlais
On: January 03, 2006 @04:22 pm
I've always been a fan of Carlene Carter and great to see that there is an actual official website dedicated to her. I'm really hoping that she put's out another cd. The great music that I first got hooked on back in the early 1990's.
From: Olivier Marais
On: December 31, 2005 @09:19 am
I'm a french fan of Carlene since a long time now. I always remembered one morning receiving by mail a photo with some word of Carlene just for me ! wonderful lady, really hope a new cd !
From: Bruce Krohn
On: December 31, 2005 @07:33 am
Always felt Carlene is perhaps the greatest female Country Artist of all time. You can hear her soul pour out when you sing. You can't fake that. She is the one genuine gem left in Country Music. What an awesome lady!
From: Paul Okarma
On: December 19, 2005 @11:41 am
Wow! I'm a huge Danni Leigh fan, too, and CC and Danni are both together in Switzerland next year! Hmm ... my wife works for a Swiss company. That would make a good time for a trip over. :)
From: Paul Okarma
On: December 19, 2005 @11:37 am
I second the "please visit Massachusetts soon" comment below.
From: kim and gord leggat
On: December 18, 2005 @02:07 pm
we are so in love with carlene, raised our kids on her, and everytime i play unbreakable heart, the tears just flow it's so beautiful. god bless you and your strength to pull through it all...we wish you every good fortune in the future. hugs, kim and gord leggat
From: Bob Hutt
On: December 14, 2005 @01:48 pm
Carlene is the Greatest
From: keith larson
On: December 10, 2005 @07:26 pm
for those fans of carlene's who are interested, there is a downloadable podcast of her appearance on WBT radio in Charlotte this past friday. go to wbt.com and on the upper left click on wbt podcasts. an "IPOD" is not required. it is the second hour (10:00am) of the show... she was a terrific guest.
From: Thomas
On: December 10, 2005 @12:20 pm
Hi Carlene, I am relieved hearing that you are fine. After 2004 I was not so sure what would have been the next news alert. It is wonderful that you managed to return to the stage after all that you've been through. Best wishes from Germany!
From: Ian
On: December 08, 2005 @05:45 pm
Carlene, your fans are SO proud and happy to see you back. We've been worried sick but knew you'd pull through. You look wonderful and congratulations on the success of the stage show about the Carter Girls. Now, we can't wait until you put out a new album. Whatever you do, we are so glad to have you back and healthy. You are one of the great entertainers in the biz. God Bless and keep you.
From: Andrew Siegel
On: December 08, 2005 @07:48 am
It was great to see Carlene on Larry King Live on Wednesday December 7th, talking about her mom and Johnny. I have been a Carlene fan for many years. She's a great talent, and i look forward to more great music from her for years to come. Andrew Siegel
From: Brendan T
On: December 08, 2005 @12:36 am
I Love Carlene!!! I hope she Puts out a new CD Soon!!!! Thanks!!!!
From: Mike Gregory
On: November 25, 2005 @05:29 am
What a great website! Carlene we have missed you. I'm so glad to see you back at work on new music. I'm honored to see my photos here. Thanks Brad!
From: gina
On: November 22, 2005 @10:09 am
you rock..can't wait to see and hear you..
From: David O.
On: November 22, 2005 @08:25 am
We love you in Massachusetts, Carlene. Come on up for a visit soon!!

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